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  1. I don't play Saryn, but I'm not at all impressed when grouping with the new Saryn.


    I don't play Excalibur either, but when he was reworked it was like 'wow i like grouping with this warframe'


    The new Saryn seems slow and clumbsy.  It seems like she can AOE damage over time stuff which instantly then dies to somebody with better frontloaded aoe damage before the second tick kicks in.  She also runs really really slow, which shows when you crank up her speed with +++++power strength jet stream and it still looks like she runs slower I do without the buff even on...


    When old Saryn joined the group I generally assumed that unless they were really bad, they would probably account for most of the dps/kills.


    When new Saryn joins the group, I generally go "meh" to myself and wish she was one of the cool kids like Trinity or Nova...

  2. if people didnt buy plat or prime access, warframe would not exist.  So supporting the game is good...to a point.  I have no problem buying a potato or a few hundred plat when the coupons are good.  Maybe somebody can shed some light on this, but I do not feel at all like i'm doing the game any good when I farm 5 ash bps, sell them for 500ish total plat and then use that plat to buy something directly from another player.  I guess they had to get the plat from *somewhere* so maybe it's indirectly doing some good but meh @ some of the excessive values on mods like the OP says.  Sometimes I get the feeling like the plat doesn't leave the economy like it does when you buy from the in-game market.  It would be neat to see metrics of how much plat enters and leaves the Warframe economy on a day by day basis.


    I *really* wish i knew how people get the 75% coupon once every 2 weeks, because I get it maybe once every 2-3 months if i'm lucky.


    It would be nice if some of these events would come back around for those of us who might have had to travel out of town or something while they were in progress.  I havent seen a tac-alert on the PC in good while.  I wouldn't even mind doing some of the older ones over again as some of them were kinda fun.


    this game *really* needs an auction house.  The current trade channel system is barbaric and harkens back to the days of sitting in the East Commons tunnel shouting "WTS TOLANS VAMBRACES!" in Everquest from the 90's.  I find it kind of amazing that Tenno do not communicate with eachother through walkie talkies or rotary phones.

  3. I absolutely hate grouping with Limbo.  I wont leave the group or anything like some people do, but i'de rather group with 3 Mesas than have 1 Limbo in the group.


    Any change that makes Limbo more group friendly AND gets rid of the aweful headache inducing rift effect would be most welcome :)

  4. Night form can be a lot of fun.  I think it looks alot cooler too.


    Sleeping foes with max range and a high power pool can be pretty effective, much like an old school crowd control class in games like EQ/DAOC.  If you 2-3 castings of sleep can shut down a pretty big group of monsters if you hit the correct targets on each cast, and then if you get a good long range melee like an orthos prime or Scoliac you can kill them all for big bonus damage as long as you arent in finsher range.  it's almost like your own personal ghetto bladestorm.


    The problem is Maim is just soo much more effective for the effort it takes to use.

  5. Lazy people that seem to have no idea that thers actually movement in the game that, ya know, enables them to just WALK outside of her range to get theyr kills.

    The range is rly the only thing that works for her. Dmg-bad. Dmg type-bad. DPS-horrible. But the range makes it quite effectice (on low-midlvl enemys.)

    But yea, that's what it comes down to.

    Pro trick: cover ANY spawn location (frickin move) or use ash (and aim waaay to the back) to outnumber a mesa with ease.


    Not  that I'm singling out your post, but it's a good example of what Mesa does to the dynamic of a typical group.  This doesnt really promote quality teamwork which is the core problem with Mesa.


    Mesa is like the tall kid the coach tells all the derpy short kids to pass the ball to as soon as they get it.  Sure it's great to have such a player on your team if you want to score, but its boring for everybody else.


    Having your other killy frames split off to cover spawn points essentially nullifys the entire point of grouping up.  It's also bad for Aura coverage, experience and drops.  While Mesa does synergize extremely well with certain frames, she synergizes soo extremely poorly with other frames that it is a huge problem.


    The premesis of Ash outnumbering, which I assume translates to doing more damage, Mesa is also a flawed concept because a good % of Ash's damage is wasted on overkills.  It's a lot like shooting a target with 500 health for 100k damage.  It's big damage numerically, but it's not as productive as somebody who does 1000 damage to 10 targets with 500 health at the same time.  Logically, if Ash really killed faster than Mesa, then this thread would be about Ash.


    People hate on Mesa because you end up with 3 choices:


    1)  Bring a frame that plays well with Mesa.  This is all well and good as long as you don't mind playing such a frame, but begs the question of why should the entire group revolve around Mesa?


    2)  Go Rambo and camp out of Mesa's range.  This promotes anti-teamwork.


    3)  Sit around and be unproductive/bored until the map ends.  This is also bad for obvious reasons.


    Mesa actually needs a buff to the way she synergizes with other warframes, and more utility in endgame missions / mobile missions.  Part of that buff involves adjusting peacemaker to make it more useful in both of these kinds of missions, while at the same time allowing Mesa to work with other frames as a team in lower level content.

  6. 10% and 10 mod points make this a somewhat underpowered aura,


    It should have 2 more levels, max out at 15% run speed and add the standard 14 points that most other auras add.


    Why is this aura soo weak compared to others, and why does it only get 3 ranks?  Surely 15% run speed cannot be all that powerful considering the tradeoff of not being able to use corrisive projection or a similar aura.

  7. Maybe not but if we scale back mesa's range to a short range 20m instead of LOS I think it will make a big difference. This'll force mesa to use stretch+overextended to increase her range which results in loss of power strength and being affected by narrowminded's range reduction.


    Loss of power strength and damage is not really what Mesa needs.


    As a damage frame, Mesa really ought to do great damage.  Apparently, part of Mesa's current problem is she does not do enough damage to satisfy the people who think 400 wave T4D missions constitute the only gameplay that matters.  Heaven forbid we offend the elite 0.5% of the playerbase, so lets look at the real problem:


    What does Mesa need?


    Mesa needs the ability to do great damage in such a way that promotes teamwork.  Currently, if you are most damage frames in a reasonable group with Mesa, the only way to contribute is to be a non team player and kill stuff before it gets in range of Mesa.  While Mesa does synergize well currently with a few frames, she synergizes soo poorly with other frames that they are either forced to go Rambo (poor teamwork) out of her range/LOS, or sit around and pick off the one or two enemies that get close enough (unproductive/boring).


    Why is this so?


    The current implementation of peacemaker is really at fault for this.  For the majority of game content, this ability allows the mesa to kill the entire map by holding the left mouse button.  When this becomes no longer feasible at high levels, Mesa loses her luster because she has no real purpose at this point.  This also pigeon holes Mesa into being really good on some maps, and really bad on others.


    How do we fix this?


    Who knows, lots of people have thrown out ideas ranging from really bad to really good.  What we do know is in order for it to work, it has to meet the following requirements:


    1)  Mesa should be useful at ALL stages of gameplay and ALL maps.


    2)  Mesa should promote teamwork instead of discourage it.


    I would address these problems in the following way:


    Step 1:  Greatly Increase the damage or change the damage type to finisher damage similar to Ash's bladestorm.  This would help give Mesa more staying power in super high level missions.


    Step 2:  Utilize the alt fire ability to split peacemaker into two modes with the following changes:


    - Mesa can now move normally with peacemaker activated.


    -  Peacemaker acts like regular dual pistols when fired normally.  It never has to reload as long as the Mesa has power.  It has no fall off.  It retains the firing speed boost per hit that it currently has.  The Mesa can run and move normally while shooting this way.  Shots must be aimed.


    -  Alt fire with peacemaker acts like it currently does, but starts with a 15m range.  Each alt fire kill will add 1m "gun kata" range buff to the next attack working like the melee combo counter and maxing out at the current range.  If nothing is killed using alt-fire for a second or two, the range bonus falls off.  While shooting this way, the Mesa is immobile.


    -  Add a ability mod which adds 0.1 punchthrough for each kill in either mode caping out at ~2.0 or so with the same fall off timer as the melee combo counter


    These changes would stop Mesa from crowding out many other damage frames while at the same time give Mesa more general freedom to excel at mobilie missions - at least from the way im looking at it.  I'm no Mesa expert though.


    One important thing to note that even with changes that make Mesa a more team friendly frame, the problem will not be solved because people will switch to other frames/combos for their farm groups.  That's an entirely different issue which Mesa is a convenient scapegoat for.  Mesa is not the only frame who can kill the entire map with an ability.

  8. Grakata Gunblade - Because 3 Grakatas is not enough.


    Rapier / Thrusting sword - Lots of forward moving lunges (like Homing Fang) / Puncture damage.


    Spear / Trident - Puncture damage + Throwing


    Nailboard - Crude but effective


    Shrink Ray - self explanitory

  9. Gmag was rapidly becoming a must-have frame for any group because people would rather text and farm vs play the game and farm.  Each to thier own on this.  I certaintly dont miss the recruitment spam where every 3rd line was LF GMAG FOR _______



    Not that nerfing Gmag solved the core problem at all or anything, but a bandaid is better than nothing.


    Mesa's problem currently is that she is basically the tall kid on the team the coach (or Lotus?) tells the other derpy kids to just pass the ball to.  When everybody grows up in wave 400 of T4D, it evens out supposedly.  You can outdo peacemaker with a little bit of craftyness, but it becomes an anti-teamwork effort at that point which is bad.  For example, if i want to outdamage mesa on ODD with Zephyr, I can simply fly up to a specific ledge with a great view and spawn kill everything with a Kulstar before the mesa can see/shoot them.  This is all well and good, but it's not teamwork and then I become the ball-hog.


    Mesa should do great damage, but synergize better with other frames.  Nerfing mesa would accomplish about as much as nerfing Gmag did, which is basically a mild inconvenience to those who prefer to text and farm.

  10. Well to be fair, insuinating that I do not know what im saying because you played the game longer is rather insulting.  I'de suggest not to dish it out if you cannot take it in return.  You remind me of engineers I work with who say they have been doing things for 30+ years which makes them automatically right and yet wonder why their crap gets recalled.  Time played does not validate your argument and never will.  But we can hug and makeup now. 



    Turbulence: This is the power that could be used to add a bit of player request.


    1) For the duration of Turbulence, Zephyr can levitate, moving at her current speed, only a bit above ground, making her immune to knockdowns, tar attacks, and other floor based attacks. Controls could be assigned to raise or lower her, like jump to raise her up, or something. 


    2) While Melee Blocking, turbulence could be a bit more focused, adding more player control to the effects of turbulence, or even "catching" and "collecting" projectiles, like the shield from TitanFall.



    First of all, Zephyr does not need knockdown immunity and there are plenty of readily available ways to get this.  This is currently one of the few ways you can actually die while using Turbulence aside from wandering into a good melee strike by accident.  To expand on this, if you want immunity to ground based traps simply fly over them.  These changes would not help anything and therefore are unproductive.


    Furthermore holding block while airborne (this automatically assumes you have a melee weapon out since you cant block with a ranged weapon) initiates an aim glide which you an already steer with very good percision by tapping slide as needed.  This would also be redundant and not helpful.


    Another thing to consider, since you are using "block" to steer is that melee does not handle the veriticle axis well at all which would force you to hover down before actually doing anything (or slam attack i guess - again redundant with aim glide)


    Pure flight is not all its cracked up to be.  I've spent hours and hours and hours experiementing with "flying" builds for Zephyr and while you can come pretty close, you're always more valuable to your team while on the ground.  It's a case where the grass looks greener but really isn't.  I do agree it would be mad cool to be able to hover around and whatnot, but the utility just isn't there.


    I do not play Titanfall so I cannot comment much on your collecting projectile ideas, but I can comment that deflecting 100% of ranged projectiles and a very high % of hitscan projectiles with no limitations is plenty powerful enough.  I'de hate to see what would happen if you can actually do something with them (and would it really matter anyway as these would do miniscule damage at best)?


    Sooo everybody wants to merge tailwind and divebomb.  That's a given.  I dont think anybody would disagree.


    Tornadoes also need a rework.  They are like a box of chocolates as in you don't quite know what you are going to get when you cast them. No issues with your suggestion here.  There are lots of other good ones out there too.


    Whatever replaces divebomb as ability 2 should give Zephyr more group appeal.  A strong debuff, form of CC, buff whatever.  Again, no real issues with your suggestion.  There's a lot of other good ones out there too.


    Lets back up though just a minute and ask the real questions about your Turbulence suggestion - How would this help your team?  What would this suggesstion do to make me want to invite Zephyr into my T4 defense group?


    The main problem with Zephyr currently encounters is that she just does not add the same consistent value to teams as other warframes.  Ash/Mesa/Sayrn will do more damage, Trinity/Nyx/Frost will provide better support.  This leaves Zephyr's roll in the group as... well I dont know so i'm just going to get a frame that I can count on when im forming my l33t team of Tenno.  People tend to like to remove the "player" variable whenever possible from thier groups which is something Zephyr is heavily dependant on and this hurts the warframe a lot which is sad.  I can say I'm going to bring a Zephyr to your group and account for ~40% of your dps when being frame checked and people just don't believe it so they don't invite.


    The difference between your suggested rework with regards to Turbulence is that and 4G3NT's is that your's doesn't add this value, it just makes it better for the Zephyr which is not needed.  4G3NT's rework increases the conistency of the ability and the value that it adds to the rest of the team.  Making a borderline OP to self abillty more useful to yourself is just not a good idea for a rework, and this is why I disagree with you.  Cheers!

  11. Yeah, except that it is not a buff. It is a rework. 


    DE said that the standard is Excaliburs results from his rework. 


    You seem to think that, in your expansive...five months?... of playing the game, that you have figured out some great secret to playing with Turbulence that everybody else is missing, but I promise you: we all know what she is capable of.  


    In fact, Turbulence will largely remain the same, with the exception of having a minor feature that is very common among warframe powers. Remaining immune to KD and floor powers is a diminutive buff, considering there are so many powers out there that cause total immunity to all status. It's really not that big of a deal, and it would do well to bring her up to the level that Excalibur sits on, after his upcoming nerf.


    This is the point of these upcoming reworks: Expanding the utility of each power, in a way that will make each and every power have undeniable backing by the Tenno.


    Actually I do have a way of using Turbulence that you are quite obviously missing, or you wouldnt be making such garbage suggestions.  Do you even Zephyr?  I have my doubts.  Do you know what Aim Glide is?  Maybe in your expansive playtime you should learn how to use it so you can stop polluting the forums with trashy suggestions about a warframe you doubtfully know how to play.  Or maybe just go back to Mesa if it's more your easy-mode style.


    4G3NT_OR4NG3 actually has the best well thought out idea for it that i've seen to date.  Kudos!

  12. Hi there!  I play Zephyr, Zephyr and only Zephyr.


    Turbulence does work vs Bombard, although this seems to be a bit more recent and undocumented.  It sometimes just slams the rocket into the ground or into a column next to you.  Generally it causes the rocket to veer off course a bit and lose its homing.  It is not as dramatic of a bounce as the projectile pellets most corrupted / corpus units use.


    These threads about buffing Zephyr while at the same time changing Turbulence are absolutely mortifiying.  This is one of few abilities that is absolutely perfect the way it is.  Your proposal would break it and result in a nerf later down the road.  Zephyr does not need immunity to knockdown.  Zephyr also does not need immunity to floor traps.  You can also already levitate a few feet off the ground while moving forward.  If you disagree, PLEASE look me up in game (PC) and I will happily show/teach you how to use turbulence to its fullest potential

  13. since there is an alt fire, split it into two modes with the 5 following changes:


    #1)  Increase damage or change the damage to finisher type so people stop whining about it being useless in 9000000 waves of T4D/I/S


    #2)  Enable full movement speed unless alt firing (read on)


    #3)  Regular fire makes it work like dual pistols.  This requires aiming.  They never reload and firing speed increases as per the current increase.  Infinite range.  No dropoff on damage 


    #4)  The alt fire works the way it does now, except the range is hardcapped at 15m.


    #5)   Add an ability mod that works as follows:


    Adds a combo counter to peacemaker kills.  Each kill adds 0.1 punchthrough to Normal fire shots, and 1.0 range to alt fire shots.  Stacks 15 times.  If there are no kills within x amount of seconds, the buff falls off and must be built back up again.  The result of 15 stacks would be 1.5 punchthrough on regular shots, and 30m range on the alt fire gun dance. 


    mesa would be more free to move around, and do more overall damage to damage resistant targets while not being able to clear the entire map from one spot.

  14. for most practical infinite missions that dont involve going 9 zillion trillion waves/minutes, which happens to be most of the content in the game, mesa just out performs everybody productivity-wise provided the energy is available.


    There are a lot of faulty arguments like ash with bladestorm does higher dps which can be true, therefore making it more useful.  The problem lies in that doing 100k damage to a monster with 50 health is no different than doing 50 damage to the same monster in terms of productivity which is why frames like Ash often have high damage % but lesser kill numbers than other frames.


    Missions like exterminates and captures are all well and good to compare to, but you can run a lot of capure missions in < 5 minutes where as a common defense run will last at least 20 waves.  For this to be a good valid comparison, capture missions would have to scale up and be infinite which could happen if another harder capture target spawned after the first capture and you were awarded based on how many you captured before extracting.  Your T3C 4 targets would then approximately = T3D 20 waves.


    It would be fine then having mesa outperform other frames in defense with the exception of the fact that there's 0 effort, 0 skill, and almost 0 risk associated with this due to the afk-playstyle the frame promotes.

  15. This ability is fine.  It's not OP.  It's not borderline OP.  You can still die quite easily with turbulence up.


    Zephyr offers almost nothing to groups that other frames cannot duplicate aside from fun factor.  Ruining turbulence with these lame half-thought out suggestions would kill the frame completely.

  16. You actualy can control your aim glide, which to my experience thus far makes Zephyr fantastic post parkour 2.0 for air maneuveraility.


    The way to accomplish this is to tap slide while holding the aim glide to adjust your momentum.  You cannot turn 180 degrees on a dime, but you can aim glide through corridors and around corners with ease.  The original ability to jump-strafe in the air is completely obsolete using this because it offers greater distance, speed, and control.  Increasing your movement speed via mods makes this by far one of the easiest ways to travel around maps.


    With some good movement mods and practice, you should be able to jump from the back left stairs of a defense mission, turn 90 degrees, and land all they at the end of the tree row near the double stairs with a single glide.

  17. The only thing wrong with dual Grakatas is that you cannot currently melee things with them which is CLEARLY a bug will someday be fixed.  All other weapons suck compared to Grakata.  Grakata brings pain to your foes.  More Grakata = More pain.  Use only Grakata.  Accept no substitute.


    Do not waste time comparing unworthy peasant weapons to Grakata.  You can always bring more Grakata should you encounter King Kong, Batman, Godzilla, Catdog and Barney all in the same defense wave.  Other weapons will fail you, and Barney will knaw on your bones.  Don't let Barney knaw on your bones, use Grakata!

  18. only numbskulls try to categorize stuff as so.


    Certain frames have to work harder than others such as Zephyr/Equinox vs Mesa/Mag.  If your team's Zephyr is little more than an oxygen thief, then they are going to suck more than the same oxygen thief playing a Mesa or Excalibur.  If your team's Zephyr is a try-hard, they will adapt and excel in any situation.

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