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  1. This issue still exists, its not applying secondary emmisives to body
  2. I feel that Merulina could use some improvement: anti-knockdown mods should be applicable while on it in that they would prevent getting knocked off it when activated (except for faceplanting into a rock or similar? Mostly want it for explosions or other combat-actual effects). Vacuum works, but at reduced radius. Seems due to being higher up off the ground so its effective sphere of influence is as well. Fetch appears to be gone entirely though. Being able to effectively aim-glide while on Merulina would be amazingly helpful, especially in larger areas where you can get air time. Even with saturation bombing type secondaries, hitting targets can be really difficult at speed. I would happily kill any momentum to have some hang time to nail some guys. This could also be applicable all the time while on Merulina maybe? Getting a precise shot with the acceleration is kind of hard in general, forcing a slower speed when aiming could go a long way with that. Riptide feels like it could really capitalize on a larger gather radius, however being the only ability that really needs any range modding it wont see that a whole lot. Having it slam the enemies back down into the floor instead of throwing them out would also be very helpful, as throwing enemies randomly around a room has been a problem on other abilities as well.
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