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  1. Just had this happen to me, and upon emergency extraction for being out of mission area, my nvidia driver crashed. No clue what caused it cause i joined on someone mid mission and finished it just fine before going in with someone else with this issue. edit: My experimental flight is disabled, I'm guessing if just one squad member has it enabled it will wig out on anyone in mission
  2. you can turn off the high dynamic range setting above adaptive too to greatly reduce the effect (also prevents the odd color over-saturation of stacking effects), but this also makes the game look pretty bad :/
  3. Saw the mod changes and got my hopes up for maybe the pure status mods got changed too. Made myself sad. 90% status chance mods please? 15/30% is worthless except in some very fringe, niche cases. Cases where a riven is a straight better option always.
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