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  1. 8 minutes ago, Kajin_Style said:

    I'll have to hop in and look once this cache is optimized but it all looks like an increase. What they break!! 😧


    37 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    while also changing the Chromatic Blade and Reactive Storm Augments to stack in the same manner other Status Mods do.

    aka, it is no longer a flat status increase (old version: base chance 10%, chromatic blade adds 50 = 10%->60%), but a percentage increase (new version: base chance 15%, chromatic blade multiplies that by 300% = 15%->45%). (example doesn't include strength mods since it's not relevant to the explanation)

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Voltage said:

    Thank you for the hotfix.

    Still no refund for investments into Arcane crafting. Players were refunded the last time when Arcane costs were reduced as per Hotfix 22.3.4 on November 16th, 2017.

    Arcane blueprints are now removed and hundreds of Eidolon gems, Breath of the Eidolon, hours, missed Eidolon cycles to fish, etc. have been lost. Loc-pins cost essentially nothing and those were refunded, why not these?

    i've seen you post this a couple times now. you really need to get over this my man. loc pins were refunded because they were an item that you had and then lost.


    there is no reason for the arcanes to be refunded. you still have them. they are not gone. you don't lose anything from this.

    more notably the fix you refer to was from  what appears to have been a typo in the costs (assuming a mistake on DE's part  for the oxium/cryotic back then rather than malice). it's a completely different thing. this isn't "the costs are changing" (let alone "the costs are changing because of a mistake on our part"), it's "we are removing the cost going forward". Cetus Arcanes just went free to play.

    i get that they were expensive, i have like seven or eight sets of cetus arcanes that were built before this change, but honestly... who cares? people who put in that farm have had access to the cetus arcanes for years. that's what your farm bought you. doesn't seem so bad to me.

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  3. I understand Phase 1 skip being fixed but can we at least get some other time reduction for the fight instead? Or a boost to ephemera drop chances? It's tedious enough as it is. It wasn't hard and still isn't hard and won't become hard through this change.

  4. Seriously?


    I mean, I knew a nerf was coming. And that's fine, Gara is a bit over the top. But did you really think this through, DE?

    You removed the dual requirement of health and timer from Frost's snow globe for a reason. Did you learn nothing from how bad it was when snow globe was limited by both? Sure, nerf to gara, I get it and it's kinda necessary. But this just breaks the high level defence use for Gara. Why not tune her damage? Why not limit just by health? Why force the opening of gaps in the shield, forcing a recast, effectively making Vitrify's health be reduced to whatever the health of one segment is? Who thought it was a good idea?


    Sure, sure, we can do and endlessly stacking infinite damage to any enemy in the game. That's not a problem at all. Sortie Vay Hek? Sortie Lephantis? Who cares, I can just aggressively breakdance in their general direction and they get onehit. Great.

    But oh wait! Oh no! Gara has something roghly equal to snow globe with different upsides and downsides? Nerf bat to the face. MAKE IT USELESS, STAT.

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