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  1. DE, I love this game, but tbh It's getting at the point where i only log in only for sorties. Questions (Listed by priorities) 0. RETURN ALERTS, KEEP NIGHTWAVE. MAKE THE 2 OF THEM COEXIST. 1. Host Migration. Can we please eliminate this once and for all? It causes heavy problems for many players. I for once cant get any rewards from ESO because of this. Can we please have a fix or something for this? 2a. Arbitration. 10 Minutes is TOO LENGTHY. ESPECIALLY DEFENSE. Added by dumb AI. this makes arbitration (especially after update) LESS APPEALING. PLEASE REVERT BACK, ALONG WITH THE FIX FOR HOST MIGRATION and AIs. Arbitration are harder (consider them T5 Missions), 10 minutes for 1 Vitus and Endo are not rewards, that is only a petty nickle for some of us right now (especially for mod hunters) 2b. New game modes and ENDGAME content with lores and challenge for higher level players? POE and Fortuna ARE NOT ENOUGH! 3. Ember-Vauban-Wukong workshop when 4. Melee 3.0 rebalance and restat 5. COMPANIONS 2.0? That is all, I hope you read this and answer them all (Hopefully...)
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