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  1. No it doesn’t either console updates have significantly slowed since Nintendo switch was added to the lineup
  2. The new transfer system was only made cause of the Nintendo switch controversy and nothing else. It is a terrible replacement for the system we’ve had for years
  3. Console tennogen is basically dead cause of Nintendo switch so yeah
  4. I understand that all of it will come but by the time we get tennogen 14 tennogen 25 will be done
  5. So I’m gonna talk about it. The big elephant in the room for all console players right now. The console tennogen round. Tldr, its abysmal this round. Two Syandanas 2 weapons and Only one skin?????? As someone who regularly buys tennogen this is a terrible round. Even the last round, which was also terrible imo, had 3 skins. For reference tennogen bundle xxv(the last bundle basically before the switch controversy) had 11 ITEMS. 4 of which were skins. The fact that tennogen round 14 still isnt all on console is insane, that round came out November 2018. The Nintendo Switch has really been a detriment to tennogen and I believe everyone can agree, it genuinely sucks that future console tennogen will basically be worthless.
  6. Legit all because of mf switch players and it just irritates the hell outta me. This was all caused by that dumb Nintendo Switch controversy. Honestly didn’t mind seeing Warframe on the switch but the fact that it negatively affects tennogen on ps4 and xbone is really dumb
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