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  1. I am a Solo Player always has been for 3000 hours. Making it longer is not the same as making it more difficult. Also some tips: You can make Demo units stay in place with proboscis cernos. Also heavy-only crit Stropha kills them easily, dont treat them like other enemies and dont use slash procs.
  2. I am a big fan of this game mode but I have cleared all star chart missions both normal and SP. What I do every day is just Nightwave and incursions. But to just kill 1 Demolitionist in Disruption incursions feel too short. Please make it longer maybe 2.
  3. First time this has happened to me today, I went solo with Trinity Prime and Stropha as I do everyday. But funny enough I had 4 charged lures and 2 uncharged which I was preparing for the next Eidolon. But i killed the Gantulyst instead with my Stropha and it dropped no item at all.
  4. I put red vitus emblem on some of my frames and on navigation menu it would show default colour instead which is light blue, even worse sometimes the sigil i put on front of the warframe will go light blue as well
  5. Just seeing the feedback forum, I realize there are many threads about buffing guns and from seeing devstream 152 yesterday, I think DE heard us. Good to know that SP and endurance players are being heard.
  6. OK, fair enough. I never knew that DE said they wouldnt balance things around endurance. I know double damage is not good enough if we are talking endgame. If I use Eclipse I do like 5x damage not just double. Guns do acceptable damage in Steel Path. I was just saying double damage because it is modest. If I say 5x damage weekend, it would be too outrageous, wouldnt it? Like I said above, I have played solo to 9999 and thats why I know the gap between melee and guns are too huge
  7. The game is not too hard. Let me clarify. Someone above asked me what i consider endgame, that would be steel path and steel path endurance, mainly survival. The problem is the gap between melee and guns are to huge. with melee slash weapons like kronen prime you can solo survival up to 9999, which i do use playing solo up to 9999, so this is not about begging for the game to be easier. The problem is melee can slash so many enemies at once and bypass armor with slash procs, primed with condition overload, etc. With conventional guns you have to shoot enemies one by one and the damage is
  8. Just like there are double affinity weekends, I propose double damage weekends for guns just to see how they compare to normal damage of melee weapons. See what the community thinks afterwards.
  9. I have been playing this game for 5 years and let's be honest here, in every pub game there is always that ONE guy that is outside of the Roar range. He is not going to be buffed for the whole duration of your Roar. Also lately I have been playing Wukong with Narrowminded and I cast Roar for my twin just after I summon him and he sometimes runs away to chase some enemy so fast that he misses the buff. This change will not in anyway make us overpowered, it is just a Quality of Life improvement.
  10. This has happened only since Octavia Prime release. Half the time, the first cloudwalker you cast in a mission can not be broken with melee attack, even if the melee weapon is equipped right before you cast the ability.
  11. Whether the pets are too squishy is a whole different topic though. Also there are workarounds to make them tankier, Inaros with link health and armor is the most obvious. Heavy only melee like Stropha with lifestrike also fully heals your pet in 1 hit with just link health without primed packed leader. Also, the panzer still shoots quills while invisible so all invisible frames make them unkillable too and the vulp still does its job. I can go on and on, but this is another topic entirely. I respectfully ask that we stay on topic, because i rely heavily on Panzer for endurance runs even
  12. So this is going to be a long one. I have come across players that crossbreed their Vulpaphylas that have different antigens and mutagens. For example: 1 panzer with Adra and another with Elsa mutagens. The resulting breed will actually say that it has both. There is even a player that has 1 pet that has all 4 antigens and all 4 mutagens. For the antigens, it does work and the resulting breed will have all 4 polarities when born, but no one knows how the mutagen stacking works. Do they stack additively? multiplicatively? or not at all. Even though it does say when you are about to equip your p
  13. Today was the first time this happened ever to me. I was playing Wukong Prime and Panzer. I went to the daily steel path incursion mission: sabotage on Void. It was not a serious run since I was trying to do the nightwave daily task which told me to mark 5 resources so I let the enemies hit me as I tried to mark things and I died a lot. To my surprise, by the end of the mission, I relaized that my Panzer had died for good, It just said "DEAD" in red just like Sentinels dying permanently. Also, I tried replicating the death in Simulacrum and incursion missions after that and I could not ma
  14. lets say I put kiteer sekhara on my wukong prime and i make it red. The celestial twin would have the default blue colour. So i tried the only other emblem that can have custom colors, the vitus emblem. With the vitus emblem the real wukong and the twin would have the same red custom colour. So this bug only happens with the kiteer sekhara
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