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  1. Faction: Cephalon

    Brief Description:  This weapon is a prototype Cephalon weapon based on nebulae (Glaive). At resting position the glaive is 'holstered' on the Warframe's right arm, part of the weapon connected to the gauntlet. When in action the Glaive will expand in response to increased kinetic energy, causing it to flare out; the gauntlet is how the weapon is thrown and brought back to the user. The weapon would have Magnetic damage and Slash damage without channeling. If you channel while attacking the very first enemy hit will send out 3m large irradiating pulse.

    Original Artwork: Glaive Thing

    I decided to try giving art a try...


  2. Hi there [DE]Taylor I've come here with a bit of an odd bug or maybe glitch that I've noticed when doing infested missions with my new Adarza Kavat. On Apollodorus where I still frequently go to level things up, there are Toxic Ancients and various other Toxic enemies as you may know, but for some reason, if my Kavat is in the toxin cloud for 1 to 3 seconds it'll die instantly. Go from full HP to needing to be revived in a split second. I find this especially odd because you get Kavat genes from the Derelict which is filled to the brim with Infested enemies which is generally where the Toxic effect comes from. Is this actually a bug or is this planned?

  3. Small update: I have yet to actually find the same exact tileset as that one, I've found a similar one but it only held one ship. I'm continuing to look to see if this was a one time issue or if there's actually a Power Cell there.

  4. First off I must say this is not a major bug, it's just a rather small one that is simply silly. It's something I had some fun with, joking around and saying "Praise the Cell!" and such. I just thought it would be proper to inform you all of this little bug.  (Power Cell companion please? :P)

    Image 1 : Image 2 : Image 3

    Here they are. I hope the tile set I found it on is clear enough with those three images. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum section, I read the guidelines and such but couldn't figure out where it would go.

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