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  1. raven2k01

    UI - Unable to unlock other Focus Trees

    So basically I have to buy or craft lens for that school, then use those points unlock it?
  2. UI - Unable to unlock other Focus Trees Per the screenshot I currently have 55,069 focus points. I have Zenurick unlocked, but when I try to spend the points to unlock other trees nothing happens. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5oe804za3xc1ayv/Screenshot 2018-06-08 12.20.12.png?dl=0
  3. When you dissolve a Riven Mod, you should get a portion of Kuva. Also that Kuva should be a percentage of the Kuva that went into rolling it if it has been rolled multiple times. That would give Riven mods which have been rolled multiple times with no success some return value.
  4. I currently have a focus pool of 76 and am trying to increase it to 78. When I click on the focus button it increases. However, when I try to save the changes I get an error "Could not increase pool" Is there a reason I can't increase? I am MR 22 if that matters.
  5. raven2k01

    cant increase focus pool

    I am getting this bug too. I have rank 22, and am trying to increase the pool to 78. Is this a limitation of rank?
  6. The game should store the position and layout of the various chat channels. You may want a larger Trade Chat so you can see more items and so it scrolls slower. However Region or Clan don't need to be as large. Please store these variables for each channel so players can customize the size of the chat boxes.
  7. raven2k01

    Warframe Builder

    Just create a system like Facebook where users can click a "Like" button. Those builds with the highest number of likes would appear at the top. From a programming standpoint do the following. Create a Like button. When the user clicks the button, check that username against a SQL Database for that item. If the username is found, take no action (users can't like more than once). If the username is NOT found, then increment the likes counter for that item. Since this system relies on your new set of converted usernames it doesn't break any personal info rules. It just ensures the person is unique.
  8. Logged in today around 5PM PST (server reset). Game started off with Network Not Responding, even though I could see region chat. Then it proceeded to log me out and sent me to login screen. So I logged it, only to have the game crash (Crash ID below). WAR-1771384 What's up with the game lately. I was playing during my lunch break and it was 100% fine.
  9. raven2k01

    DE please increase the khora part drop rates

    Same here, took me 5 solo runs. I run to 20 so practically guarenteed a part.
  10. raven2k01

    CRASH Logitech Gaming Software

    Whenever I have Logitech Gaming Software running in the background for my keyboard Warframe crashes. This might be related to a conflict in allocated resources. Logitech has process threads that handle discord voice services. These may conflict with Warframe's internal voice system. Please look into this. I purposely launched Warframe with the software running in the background to cause the crash. Currently no other software is running in the background to ensure no other factors could be causing this. I've disabled all cloud software, closed all browsers, additional applications, etc.
  11. raven2k01

    Warframe Builder

    Another option would be to simply implement a voting counter. 1) Create a button when viewing a build that allows a user to like the build. 2) When the like button is pressed, have the server check the name of the logged in user against a database of users who have liked that item. 3) If no match is found, then insert that username to the SQL database and increment the popularity counter variable for that item. 4) If a match was found, then that user has already liked the item and cannot like it again. Thus take no action. Again, this logic could be similar to most social media constructs. If you have any questions on how to do this please feel free to ask me as I am an Android Developer and have worked on plenty of social media apps.
  12. raven2k01

    Warframe Builder

    It's a real shame that you are removing popularity. Most of my builds are best in slot builds. Others won't know they exist now and that hurts them. Why not just create a way when the accounts are converted that the new popularity is associated with that person's new username? You could do this based on the secret code which would still allow anonymity.
  13. Here are two of the crash ID's, the first one I didn't copy since I assumed it was a one off. WAR-1764370 WAR-1764372 This is very frustrating... Fix your game. I was on literally 2 hours ago with no crashes.
  14. raven2k01

    A neat trick for Aim Glide Riven

    So I found a really easy way to open Rivens that require a certain number of enemies to be killed by a headshot in one aim glide. - Use Limbo ( CC Build ), with strong sniper rifle like Vulkar Wraith - Gather a bunch of enemies then use Cataclysm to create a Void Rift. - Cast Stasis to freeze them in place - Run around, using aim shoot at their heads ( a few more than required just in case) - Your stasis will hold your headshots all in place - Now double jump into the air and start your aim glide - Press Stasis (limbo 2) to make things move again Notice how all the bullets simultaneously headshot their intended targets? Your riven task should now be completed, ENJOY :)
  15. raven2k01

    BUG - Riven not counting actions

    I have been opening some rivens lately and noticing some issues with not getting credit for doing the required action. Examples: Requirement: Destry 3 Vruush Turrets while in Archwing without dying or becoming downed alone. I entered Cetus solo. I found some Vruush Turrets while in my Elytron Archwing. I killed them with my Opticor. The counter didn't increase. I had to kill several before getting credit for 1 kill. The counter should have incremented every kill. Requirement: Get a headshot from 100m away while invisible. I enter Cetus solo using Loki Prime. I cloak, then make sure the Distance to Targe is at least 100m. I shoot the head and see the headshot crit numbers. It counts if I shoot the front of the head. IT DOES NOT COUNT IF I SHOOT THE HEAD FROM BEHIND. Please fix these bugs. Running the latest version of Warframe on the PC using Steam.