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  1. It would be really cool if you made a mini game like Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers. People could join / party and face off against CPU or each other. Tournaments could be created with Leaderboards, and event item rewards.
  2. raven2k01

    Revenant BP Workaround

    If you arent given the BP after completing the task Nakak sends you on there is a workaround. Go to Konzo and do the normal bounties and notice the other parts are listed. Collect and build all 3 parts then return to Konzo to get the BP. My quest was bugged too, and I didnt get the BP after interacting with the energy pool in the lake. This fixed it.
  3. Someone told me the solution to this problem is to build all the parts from the plains. At that point you will get the BP from Konzu. I will try that and post results.
  4. Did not receive the Revenant Blueprint after completing mission on Cetus. - Obtained Rank 2 with Quills - Purchased Mask from Nakak - Went into the Plains at night and saw a white pool. - Interacted with pool of energy while in Operator wearing mask. - Dialogue for story came up, and completed but nothing happened after - Exited the Plains to complete quest, did not receive reward. Went back several times at night and there was no longer a pool of energy in the lake.
  5. raven2k01

    Bug - True Punishment no crit on Exalted Blade

    Okay so the 40% crit only happens while you channel. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/True_Punishment
  6. The melee mod True Punishment is supposed to increase CRIT chance by 40% but decrease melee channeling. On Excal Umbra I see the channeling decrease on my Exalted Blade. However crit does not increase by 40% as it should, no change in Crit Chance is recorded at all. Not sure if this is just text aren't being updated, or the mod is bugged and doesn't increase the crit chance
  7. Just build a freakin Auction House like literally every other MMO on the planet. Scrolling through walls of text wastes time and is a horrible way of trading.
  8. raven2k01

    Hotfix caused game to crash constantly

    By the way, you can look on Down Detector and see many people were having issues on 7/19 as well. http://downdetector.com/status/warframe
  9. Why is it every time you guys do a hotfix it seems the game becomes extremely unstable??? Yesterday my game ran perfectly. After the update it now crashes after login. I know, you will ask me to try the usual generic fixes which have nothing to do with the real issue, but I will list what I have already tried. - Verifying Game Cache / Optimizing Game Cache - Updating latest Nvdia Graphics Drivers - Uninstalling / Reinstalling game , I even went to the AppData/Local folder and deleted the reference to the user profile - Disabling all options from the launcher ( DirectX 10, 11, 64 bit, Fullscreen, etc) At this point I feel like uninstalling this game and never looking back. This happens so much when you update a part of me wonders how much you actually play test patches before they go live. If you want I can show you links to numerous threads, including warframe forum threads where users complain about this exact issue and NEVER have been given a resolution. They just "close the ticket" as if they don't care. This really needs to be resolved though. It shouldn't happen this often.
  10. The Warframe Launcher currently lacks the option in the UI to disable sound. This is a simple checkbox that should be added allowing users to choose whether or not they want the launcher to play sound when it is first loaded. Please add this feature.
  11. Change Loadout should have an option to "Sort Loadouts" which will sort alphbetically in ascending/descending order. You should be able to "Favorite" loadouts by clicking on a Star icon by their name. This would place the loadout at the top of the list (alphabetically). The Change Loadout view should have the options to view by Grid or by List. As you have seen with the new UI changes to the rest of the game, Grids to present items in more easier read way.
  12. raven2k01

    UI - Unable to unlock other Focus Trees

    So basically I have to buy or craft lens for that school, then use those points unlock it?
  13. UI - Unable to unlock other Focus Trees Per the screenshot I currently have 55,069 focus points. I have Zenurick unlocked, but when I try to spend the points to unlock other trees nothing happens. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5oe804za3xc1ayv/Screenshot 2018-06-08 12.20.12.png?dl=0
  14. When you dissolve a Riven Mod, you should get a portion of Kuva. Also that Kuva should be a percentage of the Kuva that went into rolling it if it has been rolled multiple times. That would give Riven mods which have been rolled multiple times with no success some return value.
  15. I currently have a focus pool of 76 and am trying to increase it to 78. When I click on the focus button it increases. However, when I try to save the changes I get an error "Could not increase pool" Is there a reason I can't increase? I am MR 22 if that matters.