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  1. By the way if you really want this fight to be a joke give your Inaros 2 arcane guardians or 2 arcane grace. The armor or 48% health over time makes them practically invincible when combined with a 400 instant heal from 2 magus elevates. Also use the Imperial Vandal and make it radioactive so that it turns the legs to butter. Rad is the Profit's weakness btw.
  2. Also i dont see many people taking out the Alert turrets. If you keep the stars down you down get overwhelmed. THe party should be naturally doing this or assign one person to do this.
  3. After some careful thought I realize I had the wrong Magus equip for the fight. The fight is actually very simple as is. I used Inaros with 2x Magus Elevate so every time I used Transference I got 400 HP back. I could spam as necessary. It was a joke to beat.
  4. I will check that tommorow. It could be that the syndicate tab is now what is intended to list the name of the target. I think it would also be great if they just simply update the profile pic UX to have a TextBox with the name of the target in the lower corner. That would make so much sense. As a dev I never display just the image of an object without subtext explaining the basic details, at least the name. It's just good design principles.
  5. Ya I get that, content is better. It would be nice on their downtime to implement more things like this though. I feel like they've been experimenting alot with this lately. All those games you can buy from Cephalon that are like Mortal Kombat and Gradius. Now the water gun pvp fight. This would be a great addition if they spent some resources making it happen. I think they could turn profit too as they could make parts for players to buy that affect how they fight in the races and battle arenas. That means more plat spent which nets them revenue for their time. As a dev, I'd do this as IAPs tend to be the best way to net revenue these days.
  6. The K-Drive has lots of potential if used for PvP mini games. Here are some ideas Kdrive Mario Kart Racing: Have players bring customized Kdrives to a huge world even where they could compete for top places. During the races they could use specially designed Kdrive compatible guns, and pickup powerups along the track to both help and hinder players. Ranking would give standing allowing the purchase of Kdrive weapons and other enhancements geared to the Kdrive tournament games. Kdrive Blitz Ball: If you have ever played Final Fantasy X, Blitz Ball is an enjoyable arena based soccer game where players pass the ball across the field until they are in range of shooting it into a goalpost. As they pass the ball they can use innate special abilities to hinder others or boost surrounding allies (shocking stuns, increased speed, etc). You could adapt them to a huge arena where everyone had to do this while on KDrives and make the tournaments 4x4 battle arenas. Maybe even make a crazy version that brings 16 v 16.
  7. Favorites have been officially added, once you choose the loadout click on the star and it will go to the front of your sorted list. Thanks again DE.
  8. Thank you DE, logged in today and saw the remade Loadout screen... Much better than before with sortable. Just one comment, it would be nice if you added favorites to a database so they would be at the front of the grid.
  9. The Sortie Mission today in the Plains of Eidolon bugged. While escorting the Drone it went into the Tent where you select additional missions. Once inside it's pathing AI stopped. It did not try to wander around and leave the tent. It actually pathed into the tent and got stuck. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mr1vjso2bkuu32u/screenshot 2019-08-06 23.14.25.png?dl=0
  10. When hunting down a Synthesis Target you should show both the profile pic and name of the Target. Currently you only show the Target's profile pic and the rewards. This makes the player have to ask Cephalon to remind them what the NAME of the target it. When you are reminded of the Target you are given a Progress and NAME of the target. You need to change this so the Target's name is shown when they first decide to hunt for the Target. See screenshot for reference. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y323hq4jpsasuz3/screenshot 2019-08-03 00.20.09.png?dl=0
  11. The constant swarm of enemies makes the Profit Taker fight incredibly difficult. Like Eidolon fights, the fight should only be against the party and the boss. Don't constantly spawn enemies into the fight. Maybe have a few just to reload the Arch Gun. But the focus should be on that actual boss.
  12. I noticed recently that you can no longer save builds or look them up. The usual buttons in the upper left that allow you to save or search for builds when you select a primary weapon for example are missing. Not sure if this is intentional or not, I believe this is a bug. I made sure I'm logged into my account, and can see my builds that are already made. I am unable to save any new builds, or when creating a build I'm unable to look up other people's builds.
  13. I was wondering what the best loadouts are to kill the Profit Taker. Currently I'm using Inaros for survivability, a Vectis Prime for ranged sniping. My Arch Gun is Velocitus for the opticor like charged damage.
  14. When changing loadouts you should be able to customize the order of the list. You should be able to drag an item in the list up or down and rearrange the order of the list. You may also want to add options to sort alphabetically in ascending or descending order. This will make it much easier to find the loadout you want to change to instead of the random mess it is now. Screenshot for reference https://www.dropbox.com/s/qe0nkuz6x8gm5ff/screenshot%202019-07-25%2002.25.06.png?dl=0
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