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  1. Zenurick is awful now

    Energy regeneration is one of the only things I used from my focus trees. This change makes Zenurick basically useless. Regeneration is better than increasing the return on orbs. Why? Orbs require actual kills. For long fights against something like an Eidolon orbs are scarce while constant regeneration would be more managable. Furthermore the probability of an orb to drop makes energy now spike and can determrimentally effect dps. This could possibly be remedied by increasing the energy orb drop rate, however it still requires kills. Can we please have regeneration back. I'm sure I'm not the only one who HATES Zenurick now.
  2. Option to Disable Lotus Popups

    That's the Operator though, I already have her disabled so she stopped making strange random comments during gameplay. I want LOTUS disabled, completely different person.
  3. Option to Disable Lotus Popups

    The only option I see is to change the volume of Ordis. I'm talking about those annoying windows that constantly pop on Excavator missions like Hieracon. I will post screenshot of them. I did one quick mission on Hieracon to 100, and in that brief 5 minute period Lotus popped up about 10 times. That's extremely annoying. https://www.dropbox.com/preview/Screenshots/Screenshot 2017-09-30 22.02.06.png
  4. While Lotus audio messages are important, her popups can be extremely distracting. Especially when her window overlaps important information like the Excavator health and shields. Please create a way to disable the pops from appearing on screen. It's still nice to hear her messages about excavator complete or excavator destroyed so don't remove those, only remove the visual window that comes up and gets in the way.
  5. Syndicate offerings charged again

    Gotcha, I hope so.
  6. Steel Meridian (General Rank Bug)

    Also I would greatly recommend leveling your syndicate to rank 5, then building and selling the weapons on trade. That's how I make my platinum. Most weapons sell between 30 and 50p depending on the buyer. I always start at 50 and wait for their counter and usually if its 35-40 I accept. If I'm desperate to sell I accept 30p. Never lower though. Also to help level them faster, buy the sigils from your syndicate, they carry rank bonus. You can make up to %15 extra by wearing the right sigil. Also on your syndicate missions, they always have 8 medals to find. You can find them easier if you make a build with LOOT DETECTOR on. I recommend making a Nezha so you'll be invincible and sprint fast. Basically run around and find the medals by seeing the white squares on the map. Each one gives you 500 if its common, 1k for uncommon, and 5k for rare. That means you get a minimum of 4k per mission if you collect them all. If you do the missions which are allied you get 1/2 reward to your main syndicate as well. That means you can make about 60,000 rep per day. Every 2 days you can roughly buy a weapon and sell it for plat.
  7. Steel Meridian (General Rank Bug)

    You have to actually build the Saryn Prime part, not just have the BP. It is looking to remove the part from the inventory. Because you haven't built it yet, it doesn't see it. This goes for all syndicates. ALWAYS build the part that is required to move up a rank (forma, orokin reactor, orokin catalyst, etc)
  8. Syndicate offerings charged again

    I originally leveled Perrin Sequence and New Loka to rank 5. After doing some research I read that these are a 1 time unlock. So I chose to level Steel Meridian and Red Veil. The problem I'm having is that now I'm re-ranking Perrin from rank -2. So far it has asked me to sacrifice to get out of ranks -2, and -1, which I expected because those are my first time unlocking the negative ranks. However, I'm now at rank 0 and the next title option is still there. Does this mean I will continue being charged for each rank as I move up to 5 like the first time? This is a bug because it should only require that I have the necessary experience, then allow me to hit the next title button and continue to the next rank. Please adjust this as it will be very costly to re-rank this. Has anyone else re-ranked a syndicate from rank -2 after initially leveling it to rank 5? Did it ask you to make a sacrifice over again?
  9. So interesting day. The player, whom we won't name but is like the villain Voldemort from Harry Potter (a children's book) decided to throw a fit because a Frost Snow Globe was used to defend an Excavator. After a long discussion, it seemed he wasn't trolling, but was actually that stupid. Not understanding the slowed effects, why would anyone with half a brain choose not to use a bubble to protect a defensive position on purpose. He was mad because "can't shoot inward" which is pretty much an idiot response. Am I alone in this reasoning? Or is he just a special kind of stupid? It should be noted that my Frost is using Overextended so my range is 235%. That gives him plenty of room while also protecting teammates and the Excavator.
  10. do meso s5 relics exist?

    Had 11 of them from farming IO on Jupiter. Turned them all to rare in hope of getting Sayrn Prime Neuro. Ended up getting two rare, and the rest all common. The neuro is uncommon and required for final rank Steel Meridian :(
  11. As a fellow developer I want to make an Android app which will query Warframe's API and capture the JSON data for things like Alerts, Invasions, Sorties, Baro, etc. After some searching I could not find any site where they actual API is listed. Does DE have a dev site with documentation on their API so that we devs could create wonderful apps for Warframe? If a public API is available please link it in this thread. Also, what are the various endpoints? I want to make the app use Async Tasks to refresh multiple datapoints via a background thread query directly to a specific endpoint on your servers. I'm guessing it will look something like http://www.developer.warframe.com/Invasions?api_key=*************** Thanks.
  12. A new way to mark Syndicate Medallions

    Or then you get the people who start the mission then go afk because no matter what they will get the reward.
  13. When running Syndicate Missions it would be helpful if a single player could mark multiple medallions. When you are searching for medallions it helps to be able to mark one, move to the next, mark that one, and move on. Currently when you mark one medallion the waypoint to the previous medallion is erased. There should be a way to save this point. A solution to this problem would be to treat medallions like Ayatan stars. Once the player picks up the medallion, it becomes a viewable mark for everyone else in the party. That marker stays there until they pick it up. New players should also see these markers as they join game. This method would eliminate the senseless need to mark every medallion, then remark them when the wp disappears.
  14. When a player joins a syndicate mission already in progress they lose the chance to pickup all the medallions. The medallions that were already picked up by the group are not shown for incoming players. This hinders players who join late. Instead when a player joins a syndicate mission all 8 spawn points which have medallions should be reset for that player. This gives them the opportunity to pick them up, and then catch up with the group.
  15. Option to Disable Earth additional LOD

    Perhaps this is more decreasing the physics and animation of the objects. Lighting, texture maps, particle effects. What I was trying to refer to is the fact that the objects now require significantly more calculations and as a result the number of calculations for a give distance are much higher than before. This would cause a performance drop. Example: let's say a LOD of 100m from the player a given space might normally require 100 flops to complete all the operations for the calculations of the obects. Now because of the enhanced details they take 250 flops. In this case a user may want to disable added graphics features to maintain less resouce drain on their system.