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  1. raven2k01

    Unable to activate vehicle

    So the reason this happens is most likely due to how you disable all actions once a player is at extraction point. You should check the code to make sure only that player is disabled, not the entire party. I believe what's happening is that a global disable is being initialized when 1 player extracts, instead of only that player's extraction flag being set. Check the extraction status of each player in the debug, you should see the problem instantly 🙂
  2. raven2k01

    Unable to activate vehicle

    In Fortuna, if any player is sitting at the extraction point, all other players are unable to use their vehicles. It disables the ability to use both the Archwing and the K-Drive.
  3. raven2k01

    Kela De Thaym Sortie needs revamp

    There is so much wrong with that fight. From finding just one competent team, to hitting all the trigger switches while constantly being interrupted with the balls oh and lets not forget about instant death orbital strikes which also go on during the trigger parts(even though they should only be brief and then phase out, but hey that would be good development). This fight literally makes any gamer want to rage quit.
  4. Someone told me the solution to this problem is to build all the parts from the plains. At that point you will get the BP from Konzu. I will try that and post results.
  5. Did not receive the Revenant Blueprint after completing mission on Cetus. - Obtained Rank 2 with Quills - Purchased Mask from Nakak - Went into the Plains at night and saw a white pool. - Interacted with pool of energy while in Operator wearing mask. - Dialogue for story came up, and completed but nothing happened after - Exited the Plains to complete quest, did not receive reward. Went back several times at night and there was no longer a pool of energy in the lake.
  6. raven2k01

    Warframe Builder

    Just create a system like Facebook where users can click a "Like" button. Those builds with the highest number of likes would appear at the top. From a programming standpoint do the following. Create a Like button. When the user clicks the button, check that username against a SQL Database for that item. If the username is found, take no action (users can't like more than once). If the username is NOT found, then increment the likes counter for that item. Since this system relies on your new set of converted usernames it doesn't break any personal info rules. It just ensures the person is unique.
  7. raven2k01

    Warframe Builder

    Another option would be to simply implement a voting counter. 1) Create a button when viewing a build that allows a user to like the build. 2) When the like button is pressed, have the server check the name of the logged in user against a database of users who have liked that item. 3) If no match is found, then insert that username to the SQL database and increment the popularity counter variable for that item. 4) If a match was found, then that user has already liked the item and cannot like it again. Thus take no action. Again, this logic could be similar to most social media constructs. If you have any questions on how to do this please feel free to ask me as I am an Android Developer and have worked on plenty of social media apps.
  8. raven2k01

    Warframe Builder

    It's a real shame that you are removing popularity. Most of my builds are best in slot builds. Others won't know they exist now and that hurts them. Why not just create a way when the accounts are converted that the new popularity is associated with that person's new username? You could do this based on the secret code which would still allow anonymity.