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  1. Zenurick is awful now

    Energy regeneration is one of the only things I used from my focus trees. This change makes Zenurick basically useless. Regeneration is better than increasing the return on orbs. Why? Orbs require actual kills. For long fights against something like an Eidolon orbs are scarce while constant regeneration would be more managable. Furthermore the probability of an orb to drop makes energy now spike and can determrimentally effect dps. This could possibly be remedied by increasing the energy orb drop rate, however it still requires kills. Can we please have regeneration back. I'm sure I'm not the only one who HATES Zenurick now.
  2. Advice for a strong mesa build.

    You should be stacking Power Strength to max Peacemaker dps. You also has decent duration, which will slow the drain of Peacemaker. 200% Power Strength 160% Efficiency 145% Range 97.5% Duration This build has high enough duration that you have long buffs and dont waste too much energy while in Peacemaker mode. The 200 strength does crazy damage, while keeping good energy efficiency. Range helps with your buffs, and causes Peacemaker to reach more targets. Here is my build http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Mesa/t_30_3322300020_2-7-10-4-6-5-5-4-5-6-5-5-21-8-5-55-1-2-411-2-10-479-3-10-481-0-10-615-9-5_481-7-55-4-411-8-479-7-5-5-6-11-4-9-2-12-21-14-615-9_0/en/1-0-31/0