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  1. and since ephemiras are based on challenges, the larvling has a 1 % chance to spawn and they only spawn in a rare container that has a 0.1% chance of spawning.
  2. I am not sure if i am picking up what you mean, if you are talking about the weapon element, that depends on what warframe you kill the larvling with as it is not rng. or are you talking about the larvling shooting using the element?
  3. True, I just feel incredibly unlucky lately since the only ephemra i got was one that i bought, been farming liches for a while and haven't gotten one yet and getting a 26% ogris kind of made me take a break from the game because i dont want to dumb time and resources into that until the update drops at least. the reason behind my suggestion is that in a way it lessens the rng but keeps it since we still have to run a mission (most likely adaro) until we get what we want. I dont mind if they keep the same odds, i will keep running adaro until i get my ephemera which would feel rewarding once i actually get it
  4. oh dammit you have a point :c i wish there would be an indicator that this larvling would have an ephemira and if we want the ephemira we will kill it using our warframe which will enable that element. It would make sense for the larvling to have an innate thing that absorbs the damage and turns that element into the ephemra we want
  5. They just showed in the devstream how the Kuva Larvling shows what weapon they will have before we kill them and start the grind for them. I would love if they add if the Larvling has an ephemera or not because that's what some of us are interested in farming. That way, the farm and the rng is still there as well as it removes the chance of us missing an ephemera because we did not know if the Larvling had one. Let me know what you guys think \o/.
  6. 1. I'm totally on-board with the universal vacuum idea don't get me wrong. I talked about it with others before and I don't mind asking for it again. Not having universal Vacuum and honestly as well as universal companion mods bothers me. 2. I feel like the only person who doesn't have a problem with rng on railjack weapons because the weapons were already good in the first place. Honestly it's the only thing keeping me on and playing the game other than intrinsic farm which im nearly rank 9 on gunnery which I'm excited about. if you have mkiii weapons and not doing a lot of damage then there is something wrong going on in all honesty. 3. I do want to see opinions backed up by suggestions rather than just complaints because It is not the most helpful thing to understand and work around. RNG on weapons is made so there is variety on them rather than just straight up meta which would've been figured out in less than a week then we would have another case of 99% of players are using X weapon. I min-max any time I get the chance and after the hotfix for RNG dropped I started switching out and alternating my weapons because I started thinking about more efficient combos to use which is fun in it self for me. I do feel like missions can be shortened and that rewards can somewhat be increased because I don't have too much time to play and i have barely 2-3 days to play and I don't even have the weekend because I have work. 4. Lastly, I didn't say that they are the best, I said that they are one of the best because they do in fact listen for the most part which is something DE has been known to do for the 5 years I've been playing the game. I haven't played many other games that listened to their players as much other than some balance changes for pvp. Of course, no one is perfect and that honestly needs to be addressed more. DE doesn't always listen, but for the most part, I believe they do. P.S This is in no way a hate message of some sort, I am just stating my honest opinion on the matter and I would love to debate this when we get the chance.
  7. DE proves to be one of the greatest dev teams yet! Thank you for listening to the players tips and suggestions!
  8. Thanks for the prime access! There are a couple of things that caught my eye while playing railjack and they go as follows: - People who go inside enemy crewship or sabotage targets have access to tons of containers and lockers that end up only rewarding the people that go there which seems counter intuitive as it defeats the purpose of railjack.. at first I thought the amount of resources were there to compensate for having a player out of the ship while having the other players focus on other stuff but I was surprised when i learned that I was the only one getting the resources.. - Others mentioned some notes about the refining method and not allowing others to use it up until a certain point, what I think would be good is that maybe instead of that, we get a bigger forge capacity in a way or another? (maybe in the commander intrinsic or engineering) that would be helpful in multiple ways as it gives us more room to work with as well as doesn't give the other players as much of a need to refine half way through the mission (it is pretty bad in public as we almost lost a mission at one point because we didn't have any pustrels) - Can we please identify which missions are just for killing and which missions are more about sabotaging/assassination? I've been playing solo recently and I normally just go for the killing missions as sabotage missions tend to take way longer playing solo and assassination missions are normally on higher levels which are harder to solo. P.S I would love to thank everyone who made this update possible, I haven't had this much fun in warframe since god knows when.. I miss working on new things from start to finish and railjack brought that feeling back! Thank you!
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