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  1. Scott and Steve have both said, in multiple devstreams, that they have heard that we want it, they understand why they want it, and they're having a lot of trouble figuring out how to get it to work. It remains on their radar, they have said they want to get there someday, and that is all that can be said.
  2. Well, great. DE has left this as unanswered as people asking to have mending dash do scaling heals after the massive nerf it got. Not feeling the 'devs listening to the playerbase' love that we used to get. Kind of disheartening.
  3. Yeah, this would be a nice change. I'd rather one-and-done a vault and be able to leave in under two minutes than have to set off the alarms in each of the other vaults before waiting for the timers to finish and the extract icon to show up.
  4. There's no onboarding experience for railjacks, new players aren't all going to just randomly jump in on that. Beyond that, playing railjack without having your own ship is *extremely* hit or miss. Beyond THAT, the parts only drop on B rotations, which would require new players to stick around on endless modes - AND they only have a 10% drop chance, which could take them dozens of runs, which is extremely unlikely to happen without having their own railjack. And, on top of ALL that, the Neuroptics only drop in the Veil, which boasts enemies far more powerful than new players would be able t
  5. I want to change the capture target noises back to the update 7-10 sounds. The desperate, slightly-too-real screams of a man watching his body being torn apart atom by atom, each modicum of his mortal flesh vanishing into the hand of an unkillable, inhuman, soul-sucking murder machine. The final horrified clamor against a fate chosen by a sinister demon who slaughtered everyone else, but picked an even more terrible fate for him and him alone. For those of you who weren't around, it went something like this :
  6. Yep. I appreciate the changes that meant that prevented clueless morgans from using up all of my ship's missiles, energy and dome charges, but the number of lackwits flopping about on deck making themselves less helpful than my AI crew is pretty rough, and has kept me from playing public on RJ. Turning the free-fly node into a scripted tutorial mode would be a massive help for onboarding players who seem unwilling or incapable of actual teamwork.
  7. Yeah, okay, I've been trying to farm some Vidar weapons, since some of them are actually as good as or better than their zetki counterparts, and it's not been going good! I've had literally hundreds of zetki weapons drop while running missions to just get a few vidars. Lavan are also hard to get hold of, but that's fine, since lavan weapons are all garbage. Conversely, it's been very easy getting vidar and lavan plating, but Zetki plating has been incredibly difficult to get hold of. Which is a shame, because I'm very curious how each plating set builds out for my railjack. Screee
  8. Since the point sailed higher over your head than the average Zephyr main, lemme spell it out for you. Go make a new account. Tell me how long it takes you to kill some eximi VS creating a dojo, building it up to the drydock stage, completing the quest, getting outfitted with enough equipment to take on multiple veil defense rounds, then fully farming oberon from railjack. No friends, no clan. I guarantee the first one will take a few hours and the latter will take you the better part of a week - and that's with you already knowing what you're aiming for and how to do it. new p
  9. As somebody who has an extremely powerful railjack and delighted in taking near any crew of any skill level anywhere they wanted to go for success and glory, yeah, I've gotta agree with OP. Robbing the playerbase of my magnificent galleon and the powers it granted players of all stripes is just a shame, and I hate getting shunted into some random bit of sigma-laden space-flotsam when I could've been bringing a ragtag crew of wide-eyed newbies through the veil and back. I've stuck entirely with friends only and pre-made squads cuz of this change.
  10. The words I've heard most from youtubers picking Warframe up for the first time are 'how do I heal? I need to heal'. Oberon is the best early-game option for that oft-sought healing when so many of the other options aren't yet available. He also serves as a great demonstration of warframe's ability to mix frames into different roles, as Oberon can be built for CC and scaling damage as readily as he can be built for support. Beyond that, he's also excellent for on-boarding new players to the experience of forging warframes, and also goes on to demonstrate that not all frames are found in b
  11. TYPE: Map glitch DESCRIPTION: Blue wormholes on Pluto infrequently place railjack outside of playable space VISUAL: Forgot to take one REPRODUCTION: Drive ship through wormhole on Pluto proxima EXPECTED RESULT: Staying inside of playable bounds (often happens) OBSERVED RESULT: Railjack outside of playable bounds, strange invisible collision polygons prevent traversal through some areas of railjack. REPRODUCTION RATE: One time in eight total attempts.
  12. Looking forward to this! Still quietly hoping that roller floofs will be available for some goofy tenno soccer action, but all of these look pretty neat!
  13. Eugh, more clicking through amazon's garbage UI to get things from DE. I hate Amazon just a little more with every passing day. Sorry you had to be the bearer of bad news on this, Megan.
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