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  1. I do not want the invigorations system. Our lategame play would be dominated by what buffs most enable us to hyper-focus damage output, and then all things untouched by buffs would feel anemic and underwhelming. This system would immediately and permanently break all forms of leaderboards - whichever clan can coordinate enough people with The Good RNG just gets to win above all others. Raids would similarly find themselves shaken heavily for balance when implemented, and I can imagine this doing some very unfair things to boss fights and eidolon hunts. Just imagine another event like scarlet spear : 'OK equinox you get 200% power, wukong you get 200% primary crit for your bramma bot to enjoy, protea can enjoy this duration buff for her turrets, and Chroma, don't worry, we got you range. Hold on, why is this one clan team blowing everyone else's scores completely out of the water?' Do not implement this. This is a bad idea. I am mad about my nearly-complete collection of subsumed helminth abilities not retroactively applying XP, but the invigorations system seems like a blow to balance that the game would never truly recover from.
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