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  1. Warframe slots can be earned in-game at a fairly slow rate via the nightwave system, but other than that they usually have to be bought outright with platinum from the market. You should've been given a bit of plat upon signing up for the game, which you can only spend but not trade. With time, you will probably be able to sell relics, rare mods and prime parts for more platinum if you don't want to pay Tencent outright for it.
  2. Please, please let this include roller floofs becoming placable in dojos. My clan and I would love to be able to use our Lunaro Memorial Floofball Arena for a few down-time matches.
  3. Yeah, I don't even have all the necramech mods yet, and I'd already need more than 80 mod capacity to fit them all in. You'd need the forma regardless to get a full suite of mods going for all twelve slots, bud. But hey, maybe you can wait until Deimos Arcana hits and we actually get our hands on more mods and more mechs to check it out.
  4. When did DE say they wouldn't do this? I absolutely do not remember any such promises. Community's proven that without a current cap of 30, even putting a forma in every necramech slot isn't enough to let you use all 12 mod slots with maxed mods. Bringing it to rank 40 allows us the mod capacity necessary to actually use all twelve slots.
  5. Hi there, Saryn monster melee main. Note the war cry in her second slot. Pair this with Naramon's Power Spike, and a strong crit/status build for Shildeg, Gram Prime or any other high crit/status weapon of your choosing, and you have a melee powerhouse. If you want to swap down from hunter adrenaline for rage, you can fit primed flow on there instead. Your goal here is to use spores and toxic lash's guaranteed status procs to max out condition overload before you get in more than a couple swings, war cry to keep your attack speed and armor up, and use magus repair or el
  6. conservation's getting a UI overhaul in a bit. We'll see if it'll help compensate for your inabilities. No mechs or ability swapping for you tho.
  7. Seconded. Sometimes our dojo lands people inside of a staircase, sometimes it doesn't. It'd be great to be able to build 'spawn points' inside our dojos to override the defaults if we wanted to.
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