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  1. 15 is the most efficient amount to bank btw. Also considering time and effort, you do faster credits on low or med risk than high.
  2. they lock the posts for a reason, which is rules that you also breaking. There isnt any scam.
  3. Nope, they slowly increase in level with time, not with points banked.
  4. Thats why you pick em up and bank immediately. No worries about energy drain. Specters wont usually pick em all up and just drop em when theres enough on ground.
  5. Take energy siphon and you also recover energy while inside cataclysm and when rifted. Usually i only need to grab 1-2 energy orbs only. Add in bit of efficiency so your cataclysm is cheap :)
  6. I solo and cheese index with Limbo. He's amazing, stopping enemy from gaining any points at all. Build for dura+range, cast stasis+bubble. Enemies come to you,kill em while they cant do anything. Recast and bank the points. You are also invulnerable while carrying lots of points by simply dashing to rift out. Cant get any easier.
  7. yeah, noticed too that those squares around mining veins are now gone. They were good addition, why was they removed?
  8. Have to admit that these drops are totally worst ever and about useless. All of them are common and easy to get with a single bounty that takes about 5min.And you get like 100+ mother tokens, hundreds of pustulite and ganglion, among other resources that you can instantly trade for even more son and daughter tokens than this bag has. And the stream is for good cause, so put in some actual drops thank you. That way the cause and stream get viewers, these will drive some away. This bag is all trick and no treat. Seems more like Aprils Fools bag. This will raise anger, not awareness. Really cant see any logic in the decision. Change them to floofs and people are happy, or the specters. Or almost anything but most common drops Deimos has. Not good.not good at all. I usually dont even complain about free stuff, but this is just too low.
  9. I just did this riven challenge on my Limbo. Range and dura build, on sedna i found a spot where my bubble kept 3 towers at once. Stasis+bubble wins. Just bullet jump to ignore the hobbled dragon key effect. Though you wont have to move much :)
  10. Just finished it. Almost all missions done while normally playing anyway. Didnt take long. Also you get back the missions you missed on previous weeks,so you can max it out quite fast if start doing it.
  11. You can also use stims, bp bought from dojo, to speed up the drone by 75%
  12. Yeah, K-drive sure makes that part much faster, have to blow the dust off of it and try too. Thanks, for the videos, hope these help people doing PS.
  13. That would be great,more ways for people to use and go fast. I dont even remember when i last touched k-drive... And now i have to for Nightwave :D
  14. Thank you,most appreciated. No, i hate k-drives and would never use it. And im very much used to bullet jumping, even then hitting walls :D Yea i could add in quick keys for the poisons,but i dont care about those seconds. Im wasting time already playing, doesnt matter a second or two more. Melee armor strip looks as fast to do and acceltra works great! That Elytron bomb is nice, just used to zoom fast with itzal myself Good to see other options. Thank you for the vid!
  15. Yeah had my settings bit wrong... Though i rather listen to music than game sounds. Thank you for telling about it, noticed it too after i watched it myself. Have to do better next time! It isnt difficult in my opinion at all. Oberon strips armor fast and flying gets you away from the ground enemies if need to. Any high fire rate weapon works on the heads, it has dmg cap so snipers dont work.
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