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  1. Any chance we can get a foundry in the Dojo? I mean, we've already got navigation, arsenal, and basically everything else from our Orbiter, foundry would allow us to basically give an alterative to the orbiter and have the Dojo be a communal home of sorts.
  2. So they are NOT referring to the capacity of members... thank you, thank god!
  3. I've pretty much destroyed everything in my dojo, i have only some Connectors, Reactors, the Hall and the Great Hall, but when i go to destroy the Great Hall i get this message: "Could not queue component for destruction; the capacity provided by this component is necessary." Can you confirm me that i should kick my members to be able to destroy this damn Hall? This is insane... i hope i'm wrong. PS: i cannot build some other Great Hall, i feel quite stuck now 😕
  4. It fails randomly, DE should find a way to save the loot... at least! People leave their group and puts teammates in the migration Russian roulette! So many Ediolon Hunts fked up like this -_-
  5. I was thinking my pc was going to need a change of fresh thermal paste, because it was continuosly crashing after few minutes of gameplay. But it was strange because sometimes i could play for hours wihtout problems. After a couple of days, i noticed sometimes (i don't know when precisely) warframe gets at insane CPU usage with no reason.... sometimes happens on menus, sometimes during the map loading, sometimes inside the orbiter... it's quite random. Here are 2 screenshots, the first with the crazy CPU usage: and the second is in normal conditions, during an intense combat situatuation.
  6. Clan Italiano Moon Raiders recluta giocatori sia nuovi che veterani! *ultimi posti* Il Clan è costituito da circa 100 persone. Clan tempesta livello 10 con tutte le ricerche sbloccate. Il requisito per entrare è solamente la partecipazione in Discord. Il nostro clan è amichevole e ricco di persone esperte e avanzate nel gioco, pronte ad aiutare i nuovi arrivati. Utilizziamo Discord e facciamo parte di un gruppo multigaming chiamato Gaminess, dove sono attivi flussi di notizie, guide e informazioni utili su Warframe e altri giochi. Cortesemente non contattatemi scrivendo qui sotto ma usate il messaggio privato su questo forum, oppure su Discord nellone#6130 (che anche meglio), ciao vi aspettiamo!
  7. nellone

    Vote kick option

    The matchmaking sometimes fills with random people that still need to learn, what do you expect?
  8. I was thinking to a simple tilemap creation, the game modes should stay the same. This will not twist the gameplay and the difficulty. It's a good compromise for the developers to keep the control of the game, and gain a free and incredible work of creativity from the community.
  9. Have you ever seen a good Dojo? How the hell we are still waiting to give the community a chance to win some sort of contest, the 10 best mission maps ... and voilà! We all have a lot of beautiful paces to play! Come on!
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