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  1. By default, you get 1K standing per run. Each dose of either serum used in the mixing process will add an extra 250 standing, bringing the total to 3K. Phylaxis will increase the enemy level, Serum will spawn a hemocyte So, basically, yes
  2. Update: it's everything. Every energy colour, every emisssive. And it's on every single frame and weapon, every companion, every attachment, even the sugatras. I know this is a low priority fix, due to the current crash bug, but please, once you've fixed that, fix this
  3. Had a crash solo as Ivvy yesterday, no Wisp, no distortion Just now had the textbook screen distortion followed by crash. Managed to get a clip of it just before the crash happened, but my xbox didn't save it because of the, well, crash. Looks like stretched textures Out of interest, has anyone who's had the issue reinstalled yet for the smaller game size? If not, then that could be the fix
  4. In short, the energy colours on certain parts of the Warframe are reversed in their function. (Secondary colours functioning as primaries) Bug does not extend to coloured hud elements (i.e. Ivara's circular gauge on firing a quiver arrow, Harrow's custom elements from his 2, 3 and 4). Might also be emissives affected, but I can't really tell without zooming in on one of the lights on my frames. Currently I've spotted the following elements are affected: (note that these are all on the Warframe, but this bug may also be present on weapons and companions) Main Warframe energy Syndana energy Sigil energy (Also if you could let the cursor go to the primary/secondary colour boxes when we use the dpad, that'd greatly reduce frustration during customisation. Thank you!) Aside from that, great update so far, looking forward to playing some more 🙂
  5. And here I thought this was going to be an actually useful post, referencing how half the energies (and probably also the emissives) on the Warframe (main frame, syndana and sigils, I believe, could be more) are reversed in what they do, or how the fact that the cursor basically only let's you auto-select the primary colour and you have to be really fiddly with the thumbtack to select the secondary colour But nope, it's just "now I have to recustomise everything because you added shiny new customisation options, this sucks". C'mon dude, it's not that hard. Either take an hour to lovingly go over each of your weapons, warframes and companions, lovingly admiring them while you update them, or just update them as you use them Personally, I prefer the former, but I also have far too much free time on my hands. Though I am loving the new customisation, even if it's a little arduous to actually do
  6. I can understand that. Suppose it wouldn't be too hard to implement, either, just a little time consuming
  7. Or just don't let people who you don't trust have the necessary permissions to mess with your clan. I only ever let 2 or 3 people manage anything important in the clan and it works fine
  8. Xbox got the same thing. I feel like it's a bug considering that we've got the companion poster as well, which came out with PAI. Hope it gets fixed soon, especially as primed pack leader is about as useful as primed sure footed... Update: fixed in a hurry, that's good. And I guess the extra primed mod isn't a bad thing.
  9. Wait, the devs actually read certain parts of the forum? I was unaware of this... May I ask which parts?
  10. Most stores sell nerfs in the toy section Besides that, if you don't like it just play solo or with friends. I don't like the mirageulor strat either, but my solution works fine
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