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  1. Archguns do single target and wide area, just depends on the weapon. Corvas and Velocitus are definitely single target, while the larkspur is very much a multi-target weapon. They're still underpowered compared to everything else
  2. Unlikely. Phoenix renewal actually stops you from going down, as opposed to instantly reviving you. In arbitrations, there is no down state, just a capsule
  3. I will admit, I did miss that snippet. However, a veteran player will immediately point them towards trade chat to help with their efforts
  4. I agree with this, but I also agree with OP's POV. Therefore, I thought of a compromise: the room is free to access, but only Nidus can hear Helminth. Even the operator can't hear our resident chair-haunter without having his master equipped
  5. I would disagree. The impression I get from this is "it's going to be a heavy time investment, but it'll be damn worth it, and the vets will help me out when I need it"
  6. Honestly, Saryn's spores are the only issue with her kit imo, the rest is fairly well balanced. Infinite duration, scaling damage, no LoS checks... actually, there's your (admittedly very low effort) fix right there, just add an LoS requirement to spores
  7. That too, yeah. But that's a whole other kettle of fish, one that DE already have some ideas on I think. Regardless, my point still stands
  8. That's why the want it; Saryn is kind of overpowered There's a reason a max range/moderately high strength build is called a genocide build... or is that just me?
  9. Yeah, would be nice. If they wanted to keep the whole "locked until nidus" thing then just keep it locked until nidus opens it for the first time Also early cyst removal plz de when
  10. Shawzin. I love just practicing my playing or learning a song
  11. I'd prefer a blacklist to a whitelist, or at least a toggle. Just so I can get rid of everything riven-related
  12. I want to say mag, because I do love her, she holds a special place in my heart as my first and anything to make her better would be amazing, particularly in the survivability department, but... Beyond updating pull with the hold-to-cast shown in the cinematic trailer and changing magnetize so you can dispel it at will (and then update the augment that does that to reliably disarm enemies as opposed to the 50% chance that feels like 30%) I can't really think of much to change about her. Her 4 could certainly use improving, but I'm stumped as to ideas, and her 3 is fairly balanced, all things considered
  13. It would help if you read the entire discussion before latching onto one out-of-context comment. I never said anything about archguns as a whole, I'm talking about the relative balance between different archguns, which personally I believe should be solved before looking at archguns as a whole If you want my opinion on archguns, I think they're underpowered solely because our regular gear is beyond overpowered, to the point where I feel like I'm holding a handheld version of something that's meant for glassing planets. If DE buff the mods to rifle levels (particularly rubedo-lined barrel and the crit mods) then they'd probably be just fine, or at the very least it'd be a step in the right direction
  14. "This incredibly good survivability buff isn't that good because of a specific counter to that buff" with respect, no. CP shouldn't be basically mandatory for high-level play
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