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  1. On topic though, I think the best solution right now is to just play solo or with friends. Leeches will abound, sadly, but you won't get leeches if you don't play public.
  2. Prior to the most recent update, my lich would make one or two, maybe 3 quips, with a bit of a pause in between, before getting on with the fighting. Since the new update, however, she just won't. Shut. Up. It's driving me nuts. Immediately after every quip, there's another. Then another. Then another, for as long as I'm fighting her until I either leave her behind or end her existence. Please fix this when possible, as it's driving me somewhat insane whenever she shows up
  3. I thought self damage was removed because, unlike in most games where self damage is reasonably balanced, in Warframe it killed you every single time. That just wasn't fun. Heck, it's the reason I never used explosive weapons before the change; I'd rather take slightly longer killing things than spend half the mission mopping up a puddle that used to be me before I got half a meter too close to a moa, or an osprey dashed in front of me at the last second. It just wasn't fun
  4. Epitaph is void storms on earth, venus and saturn. Nautilus is ice mines on neptune. Both take some time to get
  5. If memory serves, the penta's deployment limit of active grenades is limited by its mag size. The bigger the mag, the more active nades you can have. Now add in tether grenades... Actually, I'm gonna do that when I get mine and give it to a crewmate. See if the boarding parties can do anything when they can't even move Edit: nope, all variants are locked at 5 nades. Maybe carmine could work with a napalm grenade build, just light everything on fire
  6. When I'm on the ship, I feel the same, but when I'm off the ship handling a missile battery or ice mine, I feel like it improves survivability of the ship to have someone flying. Especially with those comet shard things, those are annoying as hell
  7. Just want to know everyone's opinions on this to be honest, as I've had a real hard time debating this. Not sure if the 25% speed boost is worthwhile For context, I only have the pilot fly when I'm off-ship. I know their AI is useless at targeting objectives or crewships, but that's not what I'm interested in here. I just want to know if you think the 25% speed boost from having maxed piloting is worth it or not
  8. Nautilus is a brilliant sentinel, railjack or no. Their gun is literally a glaxion, so most powerful gun for sentinels by far. Cordon is a useful ability with a short cooldown. Auto-omni I can't personally comment on because my engineer is too good to let anything happen to my ship, but from what I hear it's also pretty good as well
  9. Endurance stat on crew isn't improving durability. Possible that no stats are working at the moment. Xbox one
  10. Nice! Anyone know if this fixes the inability to respec your crew competency points? Edit: sadly, it does not fix this one
  11. Reset crew skills button doesn't work for railjack, at least not at the railjack config console. I am up to rank 7 command, but it just ain't working. Xbox one
  12. Loki's powers are either extremely useless or extremely powerful. On the one hand, decoy and switch teleport are both just sort of there (which could easily be fixed by making decoy invincible, and also doing something with switch teleport, idk what). On the other hand, we have invisibility and radial disarm. Which are both perfectly overpowered as far as abilities go, which is fine. I'd sooner like to see another hydroid rework, as to date he's the only warframe I actively avoid playing. Because believe it or not I don't like playing as a puddle for half the mission.
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