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  1. A few years ago on hydron, I was a bit tired and talking to some friends so my reactions weren't exactly on point. We finish wave 5 and a banshee starts popping her sound quake. The extract/fight screen pops up, and it takes me a few seconds to push the button to continue. The banshee at this point is about 1/4 drained of their energy, despite having no resonating quake (I think this might've been before the augment existed even). Despite the small loss of energy, they blame me for it, telling me I just cost them however much energy, followed by a swift mute and quit. Certainly one of the more
  2. Also just realised I don't have my Medjay Predasite from a few days ago, or the Pharaoh I got earlier today.
  3. So, went out and found a weakened Crescent Vulpaphyla, brought it in and everything, then proceeded to continue with my iso vault bounty. Got back to the necralisk, no Crescent Vulpaphyla to revivify, no tag either. Quite sad, as it was the last one I need to get all 6 Deimos pets
  4. I like this idea. It'll give us a nice way to gear out our necramechs once they're built
  5. In the last devstream they said they were looking at making the necramech available in any mission. Sure, it might not be able to walk through a few doors, but for defence missions or if you get into a bit of a bad scrape, it's nice to be able to drop your mech down and go "alright. My turn"
  6. Also, since the first hotfix, noticed necramechs walking around up top, allied to me. But for some reason they were also jamming my powers when I used spoiler mode. Also kinda sad I can't use them for myself. I think the wrecks are being replaced with active mechs
  7. The reactive crystals aren't needed to loot the vault. You only have to trip the one at the vault door, protect the floating power bot, then input the code. I believe that killing enemies within the energy field causes the pillar to drop resources. A lot of resources, because it's infested, so a lot of enemies. Might only be if you kill them with your operator
  8. During the final mission of the Heart of Deimos quest, the tutorial popups show incorrect button combinations for certain actions. Dodge, for instance, is labelled as LS, when it's actually LB. In addition, charge is described as "tap LS then hold LS" when in actuality it's "dodge forward while sprinting" Finally, when utilising necramechs out on the cambion drift, using their 4 will put them into a state of being unable to do anything. They will be unable to shoot, use abilities or leave the necramech until it is killed
  9. I've only just listened to it properly today, been busy with life and other distractions, but I have to say it. The soundtrack for deadlock protocol is beautiful. That's it. That's all, really. Beautiful music
  10. Warframe trusts you to put an object between yourself and your enemy's bullets, lasers, rockets and various other death dealing devices without having to glue your backside to it. Cover systems work in games that are built around them, but why hide in cover when you can just jump behind your enemy and cut them into small chunks with your sword? As far as stealth is concerned, you never needed a cover system in dishonored for stealth to work. Personally, I think warframe's stealth could use some work, but not like this. A cover system in Warframe is anathema to the game's core gameplay. If
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