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  1. Does it come up with a message or anything? Have you tried restarting the game?
  2. They have said they want cross save, so it's going to happen eventually. I'm in the same boat as you, and personally I'm waiting for the opportunity, because going back on years of work and what would be tens of thousands of plat on primes, event weapons and other such items, not even counting the rivens... Yeah, I'll happily wait a few months or even a couple more years
  3. Destiny has a core problem of if you don't buy the dlc you get left behind, some things previously accessible to you are now locked off until you buy the dlc. The problem plagued the first, it still plagues the second and it's a large part of why I stopped playing it. That, and boring af grinds and forcing me to grind pvp for a weapon when I'd rather stick to pve
  4. Yeah, no, that's not how it works. Can't sell your cosmetics back for plat, gotta buy new plat
  5. Back up one sec. I'm entirely with you on if op tried to scam the devs, then they should pay the money owed... but did op actually try and scam the devs? From what I read, he just got some platinum from his friend without knowing his friend was trading bad plat. If I've missed something, please point it out
  6. No, it would be game breaking. It would invalidate any other melee build due to its ridiculous damage output. Hybrid builds are a tradeoff, not the best for light attacks, but not putting out a lot of heavy attacks, they're a good middle ground. Your proposed efficiency change would invalidate at the very least other heavy attack builds and hybrid builds, lowering diversity and basically turning it into a must-pick. No thanks
  7. One of the big appeals for light attack builds right now is that when you do use a heavy attack, it hits like a freight train, as opposed to the speeding truck that is the heavy attack builds. Adding 100% efficiency or better to anything would be game breaking. Think about it, imagine if when you cast a warframe power, you gained energy? It'd be broken as hell. Same thing with this, it'd basically make heavy attack builds the sole build worth using, and I personally like diversity
  8. Are you running a riven with negative flight speed? Only thing I can think of
  9. I hope they do, personally. I still use them myself instead of the new system FYI, on the forums it's best to go with a title that's a good brief summarisation of the topic, for instance "Cetus Crafting Blueprints"
  10. Aside from the Zekti stuff, I meant. Thought that didn't need saying
  11. Like I said, I've really never had an issue seeing when my gun is hitting something, so I'm really not sure. If it's only in a dark infested ship, maybe turn up your brightness?
  12. I still like using my operator for croud control. Draw them in with void mode, slam them with an electro-void blast, then hop back into my frame and shred
  13. Well, watch for status procs then. I'll be honest, I've never had an issue seeing when I'm hitting enemies with any weapon, including synapse. I think you're missing my point. The idea of wisp's beam weapon is it's supposed to be the over the top beam weapon, one that is meant to surpass the mundane. If the void portal to the sun looks as badass as every other mundane beam weapon, then it loses part of what makes it special. Also, can you imagine corpus missions if every beam weapon looked as over the top as wisp's? All those flux rifles everywhere, no-one would be able to see a thing
  14. Well it is a lightning gun, you could see if sparks start coming off your enemy. Or it was at least, I can't remember if they've changed it to corrosive As for the comparison to wisp, that's a portal to the sun she's generating. A literal beam of pure solar energy. If every beam weapon looked like that, then it'd lose its visual appeal, y'know?
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