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    Warframe Builder

    Thanks for the big reply, With all that info, I'm now inclined to believe it was just a server-side bug that appended other people's text to mine, considering how random they seemed and that none of them were inbetween existing text, if that makes any sense. Regardless, I'm not worried anymore. But now I feel stupid for editing out the changes before posting, since I wanted to find out why they happened in the first place. I didn't even check if the Forma polarity edit matched my build's polarities, or someone else's :( If it does happen again, I'll leave it untouched and let you know!
  2. Robotnik

    Warframe Builder

    Hey Stoi, I'm a regular build creator on your website (same name as here, Robotnik) and I love using it! But I've recently had worrying things happen to my account that I've only noticed just recently while updating some builds. In short, I've had strange edits made to some of my builds that I have not done myself. From the edits I've noticed so far, one changed a build's title to a joke title ("Banshee 1 dps build", in case anybody else noticed it as well), another added the warframe's name to the front of the title for no reason, and a description edit added the build's polarities to the top. These are the edits I've noticed so far, and there may be more. Again, I have not made these edits. I reverted the edits I found and changed my account's password immediately, so hopefully I'm ok now (unless this didn't automatically log-out the editor too). But because your website doesn't show build edit dates, I have no way of knowing how long my account might have been compromised for. Adding a last-edited date to builds would be a nice feature for the site in general. I don't know if someone managed to log into my wf-builder account, a screwy admin messing up people's builds, or some website bug let other people make edits to builds they aren't supposed to, but I hope you can look into this so nobody else's accounts have to be at risk like I am.