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  1. The relighting is nice! Those textures are not... Let's hope they get addressed next 🙂
  2. Which shows you didn't read it, since your comment is invalidated multiple times by disclaimers I've put throughout the thread: A : B : C : As well as my complaints not going towards how awful or not the frame is to use, my complaints went majorly towards her design integrity, as seen with the very first line of the thread: Also, I'm not asking for that either, at least not directly. As previously stated: It's about her visual representation. If her 1 was, let's say, a bunch of hands sticking out of the ground and her 3 would make those hands do something to cause the wave of damage to happen and her 4 wasn't a "portal to the sun" and instead a channeling of unnatural energies or something the likes, then it would have fit in just fine. Even with the portal theme, her passive, 1, 2 and 3 don't fit the portal theme, with the flower theme, her passive and 2 don't fit the flower theme, support theme, her 3 and 4 aren't support abilities, wisp theme, her 1, 3 and 4 don't fit the wisp theme, while visually, everything about the frame is shouting "imma ghost, be spooked". The frame tries to be so many things at once instead of following a single theme and if you haven't noticed before, most of the popular frames follow a single theme consistently, be it Excalibur, the guy who is by name and gameplay all about hitting things with his sword, Mesa, where everything in her kit is about being a gunslinger or Ivara, where everything about her kit is centered around being the robin hood of Warframe.
  3. Let me start out with the following: This isn't about her potential gameplay, it's about the presentation of her abilities in regards to what the frame is trying to be artistically, additionally, this will be really ranty and obviously all based on my opinion, so be warned. TL;DR at the bottom So, Wisp's abilities, the ghost frame, have been showcased on Devstream today and I've got to say, I'm terribly disappointed in what most of her kit's design ended up being like. Starting out with... Wisp's Passive: While this is certainly one of her more ghostly aspects, how exactly is invisibility while airborne specifically fitting the theme of ghosts and apparitions. Invisibility in itself can be linked to them by the classic trope of ghosts being able to turn invisible at will or mostly staying invisible altogether, but that's the point: *they are capable of constantly being invisible whenever they please*. I'm not saying we should get another frame with a "tap ability and turn invisible" type of deal, but it certainly should trigger in a manner that is more intended and should make the player feel like they're haunting their targets, instead of being a glorified game of peek-a-boo. Wisp's first ability, Reservoir: Ok now, the Invisibility is pretty ghostly, but how exactly are flowers related to ghosts? Isn't Wisp the ghost frame, with her name being a reference to will-o-wisps, you'd expect her kit to deceive and misguide unites, instead, she plants buffing flowers as if Wisp is the botanist frame, Oberon's best friend. Nothing about this ability is playing into her name's origin or visuals and feels like it was meant for another frame entirely since buffing allies nor flowers are things that really go in line with what the frame visually tries to be. Wisp's second ability, Light: Surprise, but, nothing to complain about here. This ability is perfectly fitting into her kit and the will-o-wisp theme, which is light that deceives the viewer or in this case, makes the enemies think it's Wisp herself. While I personally think that a fear CC would have been fitting the theme more, some form of utility had to be added, otherwise, the ability would have been underperforming. Wisp's third ability, Radial Effects (because it wasn't named): Ok, this plays into her first ability, which, as I've already established, isn't fitting her theme at all. Not to mention how boring, campy and simplistic the ability is, but that aside, the ability would have made a great fit for a flower/botanist frame, which places down flowers that buff allies, but damage all enemies that dare to get close to them, like a rose with thorns. and finally... Wisp's fourth ability, Sol: What even, a portal to the sun that burns enemies? For a portal frame, a space frame or the previously mentioned flower/botanist frame, this ability would have made sense, but for a ghost? Why is this ability in her kit? Look, for a flower frame, this could have had some great synergy with all it's flower related abilities, where it could empower the flowers placed down already, buff allies struck (because we all have a happy day with the sun being out) and burn enemies hit, a support and damage wombo-combo that has synergies with the flower theme of the frame, but Wisp isn't that frame. Ok DE, I'm not saying the kit is terrible, some aspects certainly need some work (like the lackluster 3) but this is the correct kit for the wrong frame and I'm more than just flabbergasted that this kit made it into this frame, considering a previous statement made by you, related to Garuda, where you have the ideas but not the time. If you do have the ideas, then how come there were no ideas to find to create a proper ghost frame that follows through with the theme given to it, because to me, as an outside viewer with no background information on her development outside of what you yourselves provide during the Devstreams, it looks like you ran out of ideas and just had to scrap together and fit in whatever ability ideas you had left, hence the title of this thread. To conclude: You can keep the abilities, use them for another frame later down the line that is centered around them and fits the theme, but Wisp certainly isn't that frame and I really wish she would get a makeover to make her a frame that fits the deceiving, haunting ghost theme that was given to her by her visuals and name. TL;DR:
  4. Do you mean like razorback / fomorians? Because we totally found out about that trickery as well.
  5. With the content being episodic, does this mean this is another set of content, which players can permanently miss out on, similar to tac alerts and operations from the past?
  6. This isn't going to increase the overall use of this mod, for a couple reasons: A : It still scales off the base value of the frame (not the rank 30 health values), which may themselves have really low base health. B : It still scales additively with (Umbral) Vitality, meaning the amount of health it gives is really low, compared to the amount of health you're already getting. C :The amount of health it gives is too low for endgame content, essentially meaningless, considering how fast enemies can chew through your health. D : Dead enemies are still the most effective way of keeping your health high and corrosive projection is still the best option to make sure that is the case. My personal suggestion to address those issues would be, to give Physique either an increase to the base health values of the frame, meaning mods, health per level etc. can scale off that increased value or just give it a flat out, additive increase in health, which scales of nothing else, but makes it at least somewhat useful on frames that don't already swim in large health bars. Whatever the optimal solution may be, just bumping up the percentages on the mod with the way it currently works, is not going to give it any more use than it had before.
  7. The following statement is not quite accurate: As seen in the following screenshots: Pre 23.10: Post Hotfix 23.10.5 The presence of the shoulder lump, which is attached to the ceno pauldrons, was not a thing pre 23.10 as seen with the screenshots above.
  8. Question 1: Question 2: Question 3: Question 4:
  9. Speaking of cosmetics that are gonna get added, when can we expect old man suumbaat's ayatan to be obtainable?
  10. Well, DE has always been upping the level of how much different deluxe skins are to the mainframe and with Nidus deluxe, a really well-anticipated skin, that also is thematically different enough from the mainframe to justify such an ability overhaul, it would be the perfect time to show us another masterwork of DE magic. When you see this: Then the first thing that pops to mind isn't really this: Nidus deluxe is more elegant, ghastly, uses a lot more bone surfaces and a significant amount more shiny armor, which overall simply doesn't go with the infested theme that Nidus abilities all use.
  11. The only thing I clould find so far was a thing that hints to something similar, still trying to find the exact quote, but can't promise that I do (because of how many devstreams / interviews there simply are). Will give another answer, in case I find the exact quote on the thing.
  12. Except, it was answered. If Warframe would have stayed with the "release a new weapon every two weeks" model, it would most likely have died, so they made content that is new and refreshing, but not necessarily what we would have expected.
  13. Even if black energy would hide the energy entirely, there are still bones inside those arms that are probably unaffected by energy color.
  14. Will the skin come with updated ability visuals? Asking this, because, in my opinion, the currently fleshy and infested looks of Nidus abilities don't really fit well with the more sleek, bone-y and shiny looks of Nidus deluxe. Specifically, the, let's call them "Helminth hair", is nowhere to be found on the nidus deluxe, but is a key component to the looks of Nidus 4. Don't get me wrong, the skin looks nice, so do Nidus ability visuals, but I have my doubts that those 2, relatively different themes go together all that well.
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