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  1. MaidGalaxy

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.10

    This isn't going to increase the overall use of this mod, for a couple reasons: A : It still scales off the base value of the frame (not the rank 30 health values), which may themselves have really low base health. B : It still scales additively with (Umbral) Vitality, meaning the amount of health it gives is really low, compared to the amount of health you're already getting. C :The amount of health it gives is too low for endgame content, essentially meaningless, considering how fast enemies can chew through your health. D : Dead enemies are still the most effective way of keeping your health high and corrosive projection is still the best option to make sure that is the case. My personal suggestion to address those issues would be, to give Physique either an increase to the base health values of the frame, meaning mods, health per level etc. can scale off that increased value or just give it a flat out, additive increase in health, which scales of nothing else, but makes it at least somewhat useful on frames that don't already swim in large health bars. Whatever the optimal solution may be, just bumping up the percentages on the mod with the way it currently works, is not going to give it any more use than it had before.
  2. MaidGalaxy

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.5

    The following statement is not quite accurate: As seen in the following screenshots: Pre 23.10: Post Hotfix 23.10.5 The presence of the shoulder lump, which is attached to the ceno pauldrons, was not a thing pre 23.10 as seen with the screenshots above.
  3. MaidGalaxy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    Question 1: Question 2: Question 3: Question 4:
  4. MaidGalaxy

    QOL Update 23.2.0 Tomorrow!

    Speaking of cosmetics that are gonna get added, when can we expect old man suumbaat's ayatan to be obtainable?
  5. Well, DE has always been upping the level of how much different deluxe skins are to the mainframe and with Nidus deluxe, a really well-anticipated skin, that also is thematically different enough from the mainframe to justify such an ability overhaul, it would be the perfect time to show us another masterwork of DE magic. When you see this: Then the first thing that pops to mind isn't really this: Nidus deluxe is more elegant, ghastly, uses a lot more bone surfaces and a significant amount more shiny armor, which overall simply doesn't go with the infested theme that Nidus abilities all use.
  6. The only thing I clould find so far was a thing that hints to something similar, still trying to find the exact quote, but can't promise that I do (because of how many devstreams / interviews there simply are). Will give another answer, in case I find the exact quote on the thing.
  7. Except, it was answered. If Warframe would have stayed with the "release a new weapon every two weeks" model, it would most likely have died, so they made content that is new and refreshing, but not necessarily what we would have expected.
  8. Even if black energy would hide the energy entirely, there are still bones inside those arms that are probably unaffected by energy color.
  9. Will the skin come with updated ability visuals? Asking this, because, in my opinion, the currently fleshy and infested looks of Nidus abilities don't really fit well with the more sleek, bone-y and shiny looks of Nidus deluxe. Specifically, the, let's call them "Helminth hair", is nowhere to be found on the nidus deluxe, but is a key component to the looks of Nidus 4. Don't get me wrong, the skin looks nice, so do Nidus ability visuals, but I have my doubts that those 2, relatively different themes go together all that well.
  10. MaidGalaxy

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    With the Djinn mod and the Vazarin nerf changes fixes, here's a suggestion: Give Vazarin's Mending soul (at max rank) a mechanic where it regenerates instant revive charges over time up to a maximum of 4 stored instant revive charges stored.
  11. Here's my submission: Submission requested neutral shots: Non submission relevant captura shots:
  12. MaidGalaxy

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.14.0

    Farewell, mighty bus.
  13. MaidGalaxy

    Where is Update 22.14.0?!

    "to those that play closer attention" quite ironic, because pay attention to this: A Kuva fountain with dispenser attached to it. Kuva in liquid form. All Kuva fortress unites could carry a flask of it with them (for whatever reason they may decide to explain that with ingame). so this: ...and... ... is false. Following to that: This is a version of the Kuva guardian, that had a kuva flask attached to it's halberd, while this version doesn't exist ingame, the model does exist (it was both used in the image above and in the original the war within trailer) and could be (re)introduced into the game. Those could drop a decent amount of kuva, concidering that it's an entire flask per unite. Conclusion: the Kuva fortess unites very well could carry kuva with them, because it's found there in abundance from all their kuva siphoning they do around the system.
  14. MaidGalaxy

    Where is Update 22.14.0?!

    The classic argument of "just play a different game" is not helping out in any discussion, neither does generalizing the admittedly small portion of the community that runs raids regularly with the even smaller but vocal portion of that part of the community that is indeed displaying toxic behaviour (which you did in your initial post before the current one, even if not intended), at which point I have to agree, that it won't help neither them nor DE, other than expressing their distaste for the current changes in an unproductive manner. But with that being said, it is just not the right move to make, to essentially neglect the needs of the people who did enjoy a niche aspect of the game, who together spend probably spend decades worth of time playing the aspect of the game they truly loved, even if others did not. Just removing it without an outlook into the future surely is a paining experience, because god knows when raids actually make a return at all. For all the small part of the community currently knows, it may or may not take longer than the dark sector rework did, which, as a reminder, took nearly 3 years by now. Without a new thing to tend their wounds with and spend some time at in the game, those player may even consider leaving the game, some of which are loyal tenno, people with several prime accesses obtained, uncountable hours spend helping other player and the one or the other founder even and that, regardless of what you personally may think, is a tragedy which shouldn't happen.
  15. MaidGalaxy

    Where is Update 22.14.0?!

    like the mechanics showcased in the dark sector rework?