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  1. Mine is called Squidder:-) Hunter Munitions viral build for Grineer, Heavy Caliber Toxin for Corpus. Pax Charge in both. Works like a charm on Steel Path:-)
  2. Host need to get to that door, solved problem everytime i encountered it. It happens when host has bad internet connection afaik.
  3. Spammy Mag. Works great, costant waves of armor and shield destruction, overshields all the time, bubbles that don't piss of everybody else in squad, because they last only a couple of seconds before exploding. I never run out of energy, always have abilities ready to cast. Also, Atlas. Lower combo window for 1 doesn't really matter while greatly reduced costs do. Baruuk generates his exalted fuel much faster if you can spam daggers. Grendel can keep enemies in his gut much longer, but his 2 becomes almost useless. Ember is more energy efficient when running with 2 on. Excalibro becomes more s
  4. I did the fight in less then 5 minutes. Titania owns Lephantis, as somebody before me suggested. Fast firing weapons>high damage when his strange damage resistance is concerned. Also, being able to reliably damage scythe head from various angles when airborne helps immensely.
  5. Dude, you're rude. Did you read op's post? They feel kinda newish to the game and modding. Don't expect everybody to sink precious potatos and forma into things they don't really like. Vets can afford to invest in frames or weapons just to see if those can be made to work, but not everybody has dozens of reactors laying around. And BTW... Zephyr is almost immune to gunfire, I easily solo steel path with her. But is also kinda boring, tornadoes are too random, airburst sucked before changes, tailwind is almost unusable except sandbox areas. Your mentor might have mained Zephyr, but
  6. Me too. Primary built for pure toxin owns SP corpus group except Oxium Ospreys. Corrossive or Viral+ Hunter Munitions does the same to Grineer. Both version work fine vs Infested.
  7. And unfortunately one of the most boring (imo), closely behind Octavia.
  8. You mean Mind Controlled enemy counts as a thrall for Revenants abilities?
  9. Atlas. Ignore pesky knockdowns, no stagger from explosions of which archguns have plenty with no need for primed surefooted. Also, you still can 'melee' with his 1 when need arises (additional jump distance and no hard landings if enemies are near your destination) and hard cc enemies in front. And his 2 is useless, easy swap for dispensary.
  10. ISO vaults are really nice alternative to bounties. Especially after last update, when tier progress unlocks forever. You just start tier 3, kill infested for 90 seconds, boink some necramechs, leave vault. Lloyd mobile defence and vault are optional and usually not worth it imo. Unless you want to ignore mining and fishing in Cambion Drift, then vault contents would come useful. And, if you run vaults without leaving cambion drift the doors stay open, allowing ISO vaults farming in a really great pace. Wukong, Octavia, Banshee, Loki, Ivara can all complete the mission in less than a minute.
  11. Keratinos heavy attack status build pwns. Attacks 5 times all around you for multiple super strong slash procs. I use Dispatch Overdrive to move across map spinning like crazy and giggling while red markers on map disappear in my wake. I'm talking Steel Path. Its also easy and fast to get x12 combo with claws on SP, despite Corrupt Charge, for longer claws. As for Quassus - heavy attack shoots multiple 'feathers'. Those have forced bleed proc. (for Quassus, infested warfan has poison i think) Standard crit based heavy attack build kills everything in steel path in one heavy attack. Littl
  12. Interception (arbitrations or steel path) cheese. Requires a teammate to pop nully bubbles and arbitrations drones, though. Specific setup, but no other frame can lock down the map indifenitely.
  13. Did you try getting close to back wall of the orbiter? If i remember correctly, you need to psychicaly install the segment. Try to find the place where the prompt appears and press square.
  14. Auxiliary tab in appearance/attachments. Bonus tip- coat works with other Hydroid skin, looks dope on Hydroid Prime.
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