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  1. Yeah, I know about personal quarters, got the room chock full of floofs, fish and ayatans. I want to know which decorations can serve as shelves. Nothing I try gets me even close to servicable effect...
  2. I've seen many YT videos of orbiter decorations, most of which featured stuff neatly placed on shelfes. How do I get those shelfes? I've looked through all decorations options, can't find any. Please help? 🙂
  3. Nice idea:-) This is different then Kuva Liches, aproprietly Corpus themed. I've some questions, though: 1. How do we find TITAN'S ship? Is it always visible, or do we need any extra steps? I imagine special Bursa (or new unit) spawning in every mission TITAN influences. Hacking it reveals special spy mission, completing which while undetected reveals TITAN's location/give clues. Detection means more missions required or less clues gained. Maybe other missions, like Interception or Disruption, with special modifiers? In my oppinion player shouldn't be able to just grind TITANs in a single day, without suffering just a little from it's influence on missions. Just so finally defeating it would feel special. 2. How do I get my TITAN Arca Titron/Opticor? 🙂 Kuva Liches drop special weapons, Corpus counterpart wouldn't be complete without that sorely needed way to get favourite Corpus weapons in TITAN versions:-)
  4. Nice. Lots of time portals and shortcuts i didn't notice. Thx mate, gonna try it tomorrow:-)
  5. I've got Blood Rush, it's just my completionist side that needs to be able to perfect that last mission. I've done two vaults on two separate tries, it's the one with mirrors requiring wall latching that eludes me. Thank you so much for making the video:-)
  6. Yes please, write the guide. It's the only spy mission i still don' know how to do. Especially wall latch one.. Please, let me bask in your knowledge:-)
  7. For corpus spy missions try Limbo. Lasers won't trigger alarms when in rift. Use enemy radar of any kind, medium to high ability range. If there are no enemies visible on radar/map cast and deactivate your ulti to instantly destroy all cameras in range. I used limbo on normal corpus spy missions to farm Ivara, learning all possible vaults in the process. Grineer missions are trickier with Limbo because of drones which will sound the alarm the second they see you. Shade sentinel or better, invisidog (Huras Kubrow) might help, but i just use Ivara. One exception to Limbo owns corpus spy rule is Jupiter. Large open spaces, lots of enemies including nulifiers make him suboptimal. I recomend Ivara or Loki for those, preferably paired with moa equipped with hacking mod.
  8. Viral on Acceltra really worth it? In a full crit build with riven and Hunter munitions there's no place for any amount of status. You could swap vigilante armaments and an elemental for two elements +status, bumping proc chance to maybe 20% with multishot, but losing lots of damage... And viral would still compete with IPS, giving a viral proc maybe every full clip or so.... I use Acceltra with pretty standard crit build, no riven, still instantly kills everything up to 1h kuva, 15 Rounds disruption. I'm considering dropping toxin for Heavy Calliber, any thoughts on that?
  9. There are 40+ warframes in the game, most abilities are reused with some change among them. Rhino stomp and Bastille, Vortex and Larva would be good examples. Similiar, but not the same. I love how Vauban looks (especially prime version) and his premise as an engineer frame. I also remember times when he was top tier (around the time DE ditched stamina bars). Nowadays I don't play him much, newer and reworked frames are mostly stronger and more fun to play. My idea of rework is making him viable in todays meta, including high level runs, while retaining his identity and rewarding smart play, thinking ahead. I welcome your input and criticizm, it made me rethink my ideas and put more thought into something that would otherwise be only passing distraction. I fully intend to create a new thread with my own idea of Vauban rework and I invite you to share your thoughts.
  10. Right now Vauban is no match for Frost, Gara and Limbo in defence missions and is also paper thin. My idea of rework is making him viable, especially in defence (I believe this should thematicaly be his strong suit), with minimal changes to his abilities. Upon further consideration, my previous idea was too difficult to manage (nuke frames in team, or trigger happy catchmoon/fulmin/zaw wielders would make it never work for longer then split second) New idea: enemies killed while suspended in Bastille supercharge it, decreasing enemy projectile speed and damage to all allies inside up to a cap (think Moa precept Stasis Field). This way it would still increase survivability inside Bastille, while not being too OP, and not requiring premade squads to work. Edit: What started as a simple, spur of the moment answer, evolved in my mind to almost complete idea of the rework. So, to not derail op's thread any further I'll just create my own.
  11. Fast and easy way to make Vauban work: 1. Uncharged Tesla works like charged Tesla, while charged Tesla throws 5+ shocky balls in a loose grouping. Possibly augment is integrated in skill. 2. Minelayer places multiple mines in a cone, remove bounce pad (or better: make the pads always face away from the point ability was cast with much stronger ragdoll and more damage from collisions. Also affects allies only when they slide into pad) 3. Bastille redirects enemy projectiles into targets suspended. Ability to detonate by holding the button, dealing strong ragdoll in large area outside the Wall. Enemies suspended are launched as projectiles aiming at closest targets, dealing damage and exploding for percentage of their max health. 4. Vortex has more range, stronger pull, deals more damage for each enemy caught in this instance of Vortex. I believe those change would make Vauban much more fun to play, with some uses to his first 2 currently useless skills, while he wouldn't be overpowered. And with strategic use of Bastille, endurance runs might be possible.
  12. They should make plat platform bound. Xanadium plat for Xbox, PolySilver plat for Ps4, no idea for Switch and PC names. You could see your balance for all platforms, but only be able to use ex. ps4 plat when playing on ps4. That way console market won't be instantly destroyed by influx of cheap and abundant PC platinum. I think it would also help DE maintain their profits. Don't know about Tennogen, though. I believe PC players would want to buy the skins for platinum, so huge amounts of rivens, mods and prime parts would appear on console markets. I wouldn't want all those things to also be platform bound, but I believe it's the most rational thing to do... Concerning updates, they should remain as they are now. PC got cool bugs and exploits to discover, consoles got far less updates, but more polished. And if things acquired on PC aren't there yet on consoles, you can't use them untill they are released. Would love if we could use platform specific skins everywhere, though.
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