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  1. Other guys answering you overcomplicate things. You only need to take two things in consideration- your liches resistance/immunity (mod to avoid) and his iron skin (pause attacking when he casts it) Other than that its not rocket science with Loki. Be invisible, spam melee/silenced weapon with augment till he drops. To be fair, I've never tried to kill lich with Loki, but i wrecked plenty solo with Ivara using no survivability mods. Same strat applies:-)
  2. Yeah, but you need ~400% ability strenght just to have normal walking speed. Which probably means poor range for arrows and short time before energy runs out. Mods like Armored Agility and Amalgam Serration only increase sprint speed, so they dont work with Prowl. There's always roll to jump to airborne roll, which doesn't break Prowl, but it's hard on fingers long term and kinda annoying. You can also shoot some dashwire arrows and sprint on them without breaking Prowl. Good option, but if you want to use it as a default means of transportation you need to have that arrow picked from the quiver at all times. Then jump, aim, shoot arrow, press button to jump on wire, press sprint. I prefer ease and simpicity of nice long dash at the push of a button.
  3. Thats exactly what i use with Ivara. Diggy doggie+ arcane energize means i can be always stealthed and spam Quiver arrows. Sahasa also has finisher mod which makes him hilariously huge when tackling bigger enemies;-) And it works ok- oneshots heavy eximi till sortie 3 (8 forma Sahasa build though...) As for slooow movement when Infiltrate, Lavos Vial Rush subsumed in place of her 2 solves it entirely. It does not break stealth, but damage to enemies alert them.
  4. Nah mate. Orb Valis grind, not fissures;-) Build yourself Catchmoon secondary with most damage/crit parts. Ammo recharge arcane helps, but is not required. Put some forma in it and build for crit chance, crit damage, radiation. Stropha gunblade works even better, but requires mr 10. If you get it, try heavy attack biuld. And when you have chance build your own Voidrig necramech. Its ultimate eats enemy Necramechs. And mechs are fun to play:-) Welcome back, Tenno. Good luck have fun.
  5. Its quite clunky, but solo reviving while oneshotting any enemies is worth the hassle imo. There's a warframe mod lenghtening bleedout duration, i would never even consider using it before Sevagoth release. It can help when not enough enemies are nearby. Also, aim at enemies feet for better chance to actually hit. BTW, anybody knows if shadow revive works in arbitrations?
  6. Use Amesha. Cast 4 for max energy when storm hits you, then when your shields break cast 1. If you take health damage cast 2. Repeat when needed.
  7. Yeah, got exactly the same problem. Only sounds stay custom.
  8. I believe next gen version of Warframe is mostly the same for Xbox Series X and PS5. Playing On PS5 for a couple of months now i can say you'll be astonished by how good the game looks and runs. It's essentially 'high' pc settings, while last gen was low/medium with lower frame rate. Also, loading times... Solo i can run out of Necralisk through the gate with no waiting for the door to open. I m loving next gen version and i think you will too. Have fun:-)
  9. I like your ideas, mate. You have a frame idea for every possible scenario. There's a problem with all your projects, though. They are grossly overpowered. Abilities that combine multiple best features from other frames. Passives stronger than other frames active abilities... I would offer input, but mechanicaly everything needs to change to bring your projects into line power wise with what we have ingame. When asigning abilities, look what official frames have to offer. It's ok to have one ability slightly stronger, but not multiple vastly better. Norik, for example. Passive alone makes him the only frame to do railjack content. Rest of the team is obsolete if he gives that much of the buff to all of railjack stats. Second passive? Why? Actives: Never move from cockpit while auto repairing all damage, also destroying boarding parties. Ability 1 is much better Excaliburs 2 combined with Novas 4, Hildryns 2 and Lokis 4/Mags 3 with augment. You see all this warframe names? On first ability? Even outside his area of expertise, which should be buffing railjack... I know its just concepts, but making them a little less op would probably make more people comments and offer input.
  10. I remember seing operator outfit concept art, but no further mentions from DE... On Zephyr rework video and devstream they said Zephyr Deluxe skin, Landing Craft skin and animations. Are you sure Operator outfit will be in the bundle?
  11. Tengu helmet. I just imagined it, along with perfect colors. Gonna be awesome:-)
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