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  1. Vetala shoulders look kinda ok on Protea. Leg armor fits many frames, but I yet have to find frame that fits Vetala chest...
  2. Not true, at least for two rivens above limit. Once I did sortie while having max rivens, was getting messages I'm above cap, then did Lotus alert for riven. I had two rivens above cap then. They were not deleted for a couple of days till i unveiled them and dissolved for endo.
  3. Can you share the build? I m curious about 'overclocked' Big fan of Kuva Quartakk myself:-)
  4. +1. I use synth mod bonus and some fun melee (heavy attack Keratinos lately) to attack with for a couple seconds when magazine gets low.
  5. There's Red Veil operatives spawning after a certain number of squads is saved, also some Grineer Maniacs. Those generally need to die, especially if OPs trying for more then one rotation. I remember having trouble with them when i was just a noobie. It was before melee 3.0 though, now everything dies after pressing circle a couple times.
  6. Try Gamma palette if you have it for Oberon Feyarch skin, less saturated colours look better on him imo. For Frost deluxe, Squall helmet looks good with white and light colours in general.
  7. I'd add 'loses 10% avoidance every (3?5?)seconds no enemy afflicted by any Nyx ability is killed. Gain 2?3?4% avoidance for each kill. I think this would encourage active play. A kind of aggro gauge, maybe? I' drop the need for augment, though. Hate it when i need to slot an augment to get basic functionality for an ability. I very much like changes you propose for Nyx, those would make her play much better and more fun. Like a psionic frame she's supposed to be. What' s your take on upgrading Absorb? It's iconic, but clunky and weak.
  8. Good choice of mods upgraded, those will serve you well till late game. It' s ok to melt duplicate mods for endo, i would leave at least one unranked copy of each, though. Will help you level new stuff a little easier. For solo mr farming with benefits i recommend Gabi on Ceres. That mission gives you extra 25k credits on completion, double that if it's you first mission of the day. Used to be my best source of income till i could do Index. Also Orokin Cells drop there. People answering gave you a lot of good advice, i agree with most of it. I'd like to add a couple things: Go
  9. Furax wraith with amalgam furax body count. Even better with launcher primary. Also, high riven disposition.
  10. They could add 'simulacrum tokens' used to start simulacrum missions. 1 added as an extra reward for 1st daily mission completion:-)
  11. Agreed. Maybe special unlimited capacity loadout slot could be added, usable and visible only in simulacrum. It doesn't even have to save when leaving to orbiter. (no extra cost for DE, because apperently server space costs) Another thing i'd love to see would be ability to start special 'test missions' from simulacrum (or maybe something like simulacrum control console on orbiter?) This would allow players to start any mission in game, with selectable enemy level. Special unlimited loadout slot would apply on this mission. No rewards, affinity, focus or loot can be gained except ammo,
  12. Take Diriga sentinel with its specific attack precept maxed. arm it with strong long range weapon--dethrifle or helstrum. It will delete mobs before they can attack you or call backup.
  13. Grendel. Just look closely at all the details on his neck, back and helmets. Honorable mentions would be Protea with her animated visor, Harrow battle cleric aesthetics, Nidus night Hunter, Ash Koga, Ivara basic, Prime and Deluxe, Hydroid, Mesa and Titania Prime. Some frames look good only with specific colours and/or helmets (eg. older Nova deluxe- awesome skin with ugliest helmet ever)
  14. Unless that weapon does forced slash proc on some attacks, like nikanas/2h nikanas/scythes do on heavy attacks.
  15. Use Protea if you have her. Dispensary (3rd ability) restores all ammo, even for archguns. I have both Imperator Vandal and Grattler equiped with Gravimags, potatoed and with multiple forma. Imperator shreds all applicable content--archwing missions, Railjack, ground missions till Sortie 3 level, Profit Taker. Grattler has lower range and sustained dps, but is much more fun to use on ground missions. Aoe stagger sux though, unless you use status immune frame.
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