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  1. I love the look of the forums. But I am not allowed to edit my own profile and there are no profile pictures. But I am sure it will get fixed.
  2. Prime treatment? :D Can't wait!
  3. VK4502b

    Spores And Ruin

    Same, I want Saryn Prime so much!
  4. VK4502b

    Spores And Ruin

    Tuesday, in the evening.
  5. VK4502b

    Spores And Ruin

  6. VK4502b

    Spores And Ruin

    They had 2 versions of this teaser.
  7. VK4502b

    Spores And Ruin

    *moans* Saryn Prime!!!
  8. VK4502b

    Last Chance For Rhino Prime In The Void

    Nikana Prime, Spira Prime.
  9. VK4502b

    Last Chance For Rhino Prime In The Void

    Can't wait for the Saryn Prime teaser.
  10. VK4502b

    Coming Soon: Devstream #67!

    When is Saryn Prime coming out? Trinity Prime has been here for a LONG time.
  11. VK4502b

    Hotfix 18.0.3

    Thanks for the fixes. But please fix alt-tab crash/freeze.
  12. VK4502b

    Update 18: The Second Dream

    LOVE YOU DE! Working your &#! off for us, I appreciate it. :D Time to enjoy it!
  13. Valkyr Kubrow 4 Valkyrs 5 Saryns 0 Wukong 2 Mirage' Boltor I tried.