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  1. When my dojo was created things were put in almost completely at random. Me and other admins of my clan would like to rework the floor plans, but to do so currently, we would had to put rooms in destruction mode, wait for the countdowns to hit zero, then move on to the next room and repeat the process. During the time we would be rebuilding the rooms, lab research would be completely inaccessible to those wishing to pick up dojo weapon blueprints. Could there ever be a dojo editor added so that admins could move constructed rooms around for a better layout? Or could warlords, and found warlords, have access to an instant destroy option? And if so a possible queue of rooms destroyed, with an instant rebuild option skipping the wait time of items in the queue. This queue would be cleared if the admin leaves the dojo and the waiting times for those rooms added back to the building requirements
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