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  1. I'll be honest, this is not a question, its a demand. lol Please look into Ash's Bladestorm mechanics again. like currently he is the only WF in the game that needs to reach a certain threshold before he is able to utilize his Ultimate. its sluggish and slow and marking enemies in a horde game like Warframe is insane. I mean I can do it because i'm insane sure, (carpal tunnel syndrome a click away) but that's no excuse to have a mechanic like this in a Warframe. it's just madness. I can say more but it'll be rant. so yeah. Ash. Bladestorm. Revisit. extra please. with cherry on top. Ash: "Oh Look at all these enemies that I've marked! There's a One mark, there's a Two mark, Oh! there's a Three Mark! so much work for what I have no control over!" Mesa: "Pam Peraaam! Pam Peraaam! Pam Peraaam!" Saryn: I farted. Tee Hee. Energy return. sigh.
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