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  1. sure, i can see it like a Chroma I think its the reds lol thanks for checking it out XD
  2. Yes. I Know. There's already a new Deluxe Skin for Ash, but I made this even before I knew about it, so here it is just sharing it anyways. Now I can sleep. :p
  3. hey there! thanks for reading and i'm glad that you enjoyed it XD On how Lotus appear in the comic, it is Questo's interpretation of the Lotus in Cyber Space. Since Questo likes to "explore" the AEA (Ancient Earth Archives) styles from the old became part of his interpretation. The music that he plays in one of the pages also reflects the old times. I hope that explains why she looked the way she does XD.
  4. Hello Steve and Scott, Please give Ash the ability to use his Hidden Daggers whenever he has NO Melee. I mean, it feels so ridiculous for him not to be able to pull off his Finisher after a teleport. I mean whats the purpose of him having those hidden if he cant use it in time of need? especially with no melee. that's why its hidden right? even if its not, it's daggers, isn't that like his thing? its like Frost with no ice, Ember with no fire, Excalibro with no sword and Loki with no ... uhm horns? ReeeEeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. great update! XD QUestion tho, is there any plans to take a look at Ash's BS visuals in Fortuna? since the landscape is already white snow, getting into Bladestorm mode just makes the screen super bright white making it hard to see enemies and BS Mark them. As is, BS looks great on screen with the semi-black & white-shadow-realm kinda look is really cool, just in this case it seems to be working againts Fortuna. Hope this can be looked into tq.
  6. Pleasp gib us fortuna with bears and apples.
  7. WARFRAME RONIN : COLD DEAL | PART 1 WARFRAME RONIN : CALIBRATIONS | PART 2 Mobius Division Poster WARFRAME RONIN : ARRIVAL | PART 3 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 More coming ™ :p
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