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  1. Now the real question is what will happen to the warframe server owned by the infamous tobiah?
  2. well i got the plat, and if you want i can run a couple of heiracon to get you those credits that you need.
  3. any chances for dual payments? only have like 300p on me xD
  4. my lord yes, just need to make it symmetrical and it'll be perfect how much do i owe for this masterpiece.
  5. Very nice. however would like to change the diamond to something more of an fractal Ice crystal of sort. does not necessarily have to be diamond shaped, but it can take form of a snowflake.
  6. sorry about that, life kinda hit me. i can pay the advance tomorrow around 1200 mst if thats alright
  7. Yup. Also you a fan of elder scrolls? Noticed the shield was an elven shield
  8. Clan/Alliance Name: Ice Warlocks Preferred Payment Type: Platinum Design Details: A combinations of your previous works if that is alright. Ice themed colors (as if the entire color pallet was from warframe ice pallet, replacing the yellow colors with similar shade of blue). Use just the shield from the 1st image (removing the blue insignia on top of the shield), then use the second image as the background behind the shield. Then use the third image on top of shield, the main body of the third at the center of the shield (if it is possible can you remove the star from the third image and replace it with a diamond shaped ice). Very particular on symmetry so before finalizing, just copy the left half of the emblem and paste it over the right side. Links to reference images: Additional Comments: hope to see you soon!
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