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  1. This only applies on the first purchase (the button goes into the "already owned" state afterwards), but you can buy as many masks as your resources allow. I now own 10 unsellable Grineer masks. Also, this bug only seems to happen with resource-based purchases; standing-based purchases like fishing spears and mining tools are not doable in bulk. I suspect that Teasonai's kits might be affected by this bug too, but I've purchased them all long ago, which prevents me from testing this hypothesis.
  2. It could make sense if the Vidar version was easier to get. However, my experience points to the contrary - Lavan Last Stands seem to drop much more frequently than Vidars, making the latter into just a measly source of Dirac.
  3. And then some of them seem to be, but actually aren't. For example, the physical conflict width of basic and great halls exceeds one grid cell despite the map making it look okay at a glance.
  4. You should probably get some sleep, because there's no one in here but Loki.
  5. False; destroying barracks neither causes nor requires a reduction in clan size. They are only used to move up, not down.
  6. The space in the dark outline isn't taken up by anything meaningful, it's just empty space around the edges of the room that's not used for traversing the obstacle course. At the same time, this extra space barely makes the Obstacle Course room exceed the width of 5 basic rooms (that the Obstacle Course Architect fits into). It really shows that this room was made before the uniform-size Dojo overhaul. Shaving off this extra bit of space would make the room noticeably smaller (grid-wise) at no functionality lost.
  7. You could just allow yourself to get downed ordinarily instead of parazoning your lich. This despawns the lich without levelling up, and your teammates can revive you if there are any.
  8. Your Lich actually despawns if you get put into bleedout (even if it's done by the Lich themselves, as long as it's a conventional attack and not a failed Mercy), you just don't get any murmurs from that. But at least that keeps them from levelling up.
  9. It should be made more widely known that getting downed by anything except a failed Mercy makes the Lich despawn without levelling up (and also doesn't make you waste a revive unless you're alone). Getting downed in multiplayer isn't such a big deal if you've got teammates who can revive you.
  10. Rebind your primary melee attack key (can be the same key as before, just redo it).
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