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  1. Dead End Room

    There is a grineer machine suspended on a chain in the center of the room and a console right next to it. You can see them in your first screenshot. Normally, when the console is interacted with, the machine is lifted up. Consequent interactions result in the machine being lowered back down, lifted up again (shakier this time), lowered back again, and on the fifth interaction the chain breaks. The machine drops onto the floor and breaks it. Though in your screenshot the console seems to be inactive. May be a bug.
  2. That's nice, but... what's a training amp?
  3. New Free Prime With Prime Weapon Bundle!

    Does that work with Prime Video too? My country doesn't have access to Amazon Prime.
  4. The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    Name : Wisoga Faction: Tenno Brief description: Instead of operating like a firearm, this gunblade divides its edges to form a crossbow before shooting. Blades deal mainly slash damage, while arrows deal mostly puncture. Instead of scaling the number of rounds depending on the combo, Wisoga shoots a single arrow per shot, which has scaling critical chance and/or damage. Concept art:
  5. Kamen Rider Thread

  6. Kamen Rider Thread

    I'm hoping for Hibiki references.
  7. April 27: Update Info Thread.

    Releasing Vauban Prime early would be quite fitting, since the original was also added to the game while the big update was being delayed.
  8. Warframe Builder

    I can't find any mention of this in patch notes, but Shrapnel Rounds is now rankless: It's also usable on Vaykor version.
  9. Kamen Rider Thread

    wheel theme secondary character goes fast heat powers similar default colours a total show-off Nezha is basically Mach as a warframe. Except wheel-throwing, that's Sanzo's schtick.
  10. Kamen Rider Thread

    That oversized shoulder guard reminds me of Gai's visor.
  11. Update 18.7.0

    I am patiently awaiting level 100 Hyena Th. Because some sorties just want to watch Tenno burn.
  12. Warmeme

    Could someone make a PARTY HARD gif of a Razorback and an Isolator stomping? I'm not good at this.
  13. Warmeme

  14. Kamen Rider Thread

  15. Kamen Rider Thread

    The next warframe is going to be an archer... that has a coverless Ghost Driver on her face? KAIGAN! ROBIN HOOD!