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  1. This Thread is Bait

  2. Void Dash collides with non-collidable objects

    Still not fixed as of
  3. Instant "Abandoned Objective" bounty failure

    I've tried reproducing this bug in differing circumstances. It seems to be unrelated to Void Dash, you just need to enter the circle as the operator and then transfer your warframe to you. It also seems to only ever trigger near the edge of the mission area - if you're closer to its center while you transfer back, the bounty proceeds normally. The distance at which you leave your warframe outside doesn't seem to matter.
  4. Void Dash collides with non-collidable objects

    Still not fixed as of 22.0.9.
  5. Bounty assassin targets getting through the map

    I've experienced a similar thing, but instead of falling through the map, the target flew through the sky's ceiling (due to stepping on a geyser) and respawned somewhere below the gate to Cetus.
  6. That's nice, but... what's a training amp?
  7. Void Dash sometimes gets stopped by objects which normally can be walked through (both as a warframe and as an operator). I've encountered at least two kinds of these objects while playing in the Plains, big branching bushes and small trees. You can see an example of how they look like on the screenshot (the operator stands exactly where the Void Dash got interrupted).
  8. If you enter the gateway from the Plains' side in Operator mode, you suddenly get teleported to its center and your mission progress screen goes mostly blank, as does the end of mission screen. Upon reviewing my inventory, I found that anything picked up (except fish and gems) is indeed not saved. Here are the screenshots before and after one of my attempts to reproduce this bug:
  9. Drone escort is awful

    That'd require knowing what the job is going to be beforehand, or being able to switch your tools between different jobs. And that's not the case for bounties - initially you only know the final task, and you can't change your warframe while out in the plains.
  10. Favorite/Best Line in Warframe?

    "I regret to inform you THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING." and a number of other Jordas' lines.
  11. New Free Prime With Prime Weapon Bundle!

    Does that work with Prime Video too? My country doesn't have access to Amazon Prime.
  12. [Concept] Synergy augments

    There's 33 warframes already, 34 if we count the upcoming glass one. That means there's going to be at least 595 pairs of (different) warframes. According to the codex, there's currently 369 mods in the game (not counting riven mods). So...
  13. Bug or not? Strange status chance increase

    The status chance mods modify the value per arrow, not the cumulative chance. So with no status mods you get 1 - (1 - 0.054)^4 ≈ 0.2, with one status/damage mod you get 1 - (1 - 0.054 * 1.6)^4 ≈ 0.3 and so on.
  14. What are your reactions when an assassin spawns?

    It depends. If I have some of my usual gear (or if I'm playing with my friends): "You really want to die, don't you?" proceed to oneshot them with Vaykor Hek/maim them to death with Atterax/etc. If I'm leveling some stuff fresh from the foundry alone: "You really want me to die, don't you?.. Too bad!" proceed to abort mission
  15. Bug or not? Strange status chance increase

    The status chance you see in the arsenal is actually the probability that at least one status effect is inflicted per shot. Due to Ballistica Prime firing four arrows per shot, the effective status chance per one arrow is approximately 5.4%.