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  1. Unlike their Cetus counterpart, Onkko's command post, which can be entered from the Cetus scene as well as bought on its own, Fortuna's backroom and Ventkids' clubhouse are currently unavailable in Captura due to context keys not working there. Could this be rectified?
  2. You can restore your Operator's idle animations by equipping a Codex or Synthesis Scanner.
  3. Having to talk to LD as the Operator actually does make some sense. As a vendor, she's a representative of the Quills, selling amps, arcanes and such. And therefore, just like the Quills, she only has business with the Tenno who have already awakened (reminder that TSD/TWW is NOT required for entering the backroom, unlike Onkko's cave). Her uninterruptible speech does become annoying if you're only there for a heist, but that can be fixed by allowing us to teleport directly to the table of Vox Solaris.
  4. Normally any camp's datamass works for any other one, but I've just checked... and apparently I've made an oversight in my attempt to help, as the other camps' terminals seem to be disabled during the mission. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Yes, please. Also, built modular parts should be sellable for credits, just like built warframe parts are. Currently, if one decides against using some parts they've already built, their only options are either to let them needlessly clog up their inventory forever, or pay additional standing, resources and credits to make enough compatible parts to form full sets, combine them into complete items, and only then sell.
  6. Until this issue is not fixed, you could try getting a datamass from another camp (they're technically the same) to bring it back.
  7. Currently, if one crafts some parts and then decides against using them, they can't get rid of them just yet. Only complete modular items are sellable, so if one's stock of unneeded parts is unbalanced (for example, a lot of strikes but no grips, or a lot of braces and scaffolds but barely any prisms), a simple cleanup of inventory can require more farming for resources and standing, the latter of which is effectively timegated. I think we should be able to just sell the excess instead of going through this cumbersome roundabout process.
  8. Considering that their blueprints can be sold for credits, there is no reason why built parts shouldn't be sellable as well.
  9. As I already said, red gives heat, blue gives electricity and green gives toxin, so the first three are impossible. However, purple is mostly a mix of red and blue, so you can have purple heat. For example, there are some reddish purples in the 7-10th rows of the Infested palette.
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