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  1. If a given loadout's name contains just a single number-like string (with spaces allowed at the beginning and the end of the name), certain fields seem to convert it to a number before displaying it (the hover text is the correct name, which also shows up unaltered if you try to edit it). Here are some examples: Dropped leading and trailing zeroes: Precision errors: Jumps to/from the exponential notation (also with some precision errors along the line):
  2. You'd need to make new sacrifices to go from -2 to -1 rank (varies between syndicates, for Perrins it's an Orokin Reactor) and from -1 to 0 rank (Forma), but you wouldn't need to repeat the sacrifices you've already made, just grind some standing and press some buttons.
  3. And also assuming you want to copy colors from your Warframe to something else. There's currently no way to copy colors from something else to your Warframe, or between two somethings else, or from a Warframe (skin) to another Warframe (skin). Even though syandanas can copy attachment colors, they only copy the customized bits and then grab the rest from the Warframe.
  4. That was my best guess as well. Balla had the same issue ("ball" was getting filtered), but it was fixed by allowing an exception. Shtung is still broken (I had to name my old Zaw "Dokrahm-Stung-E2J" to gild it for Nightwave).
  5. The activation system for kingpins (or, as they are known now, kuva liches) seems to be favouring damage-oriented Warframes. Killing by abilities doesn't sound that good when you prefer playing as a support... or Loki.
  6. Same. This giveaway seemed interesting... and then the eligibility conditions hit me like a truck.
  7. The wordfilter is being overly picky again (like it used to do with "Balla" and "assassin"), please fix!
  8. The shortest substring that gets filtered is "sht". My best guess is that the filter assumes it to be a slightly mistyped synonym for excrement, forgetting to check the context (as was the case for words like "assassin" or the aforementioned "Balla"). No, thank you very much. I'd rather name my weapons descriptively than go for "xd xd epic meme 9000" and leave my teammates in the dark about what the heck I have equipped.
  9. This week, again, I could gild one of my Zaws for Nightwave, but I still can't name them by their parts because of overzealous filter.
  10. Yet I still can't even gild some of mine properly. Please fix!
  11. These archived issues with the Raptor fight are still not fixed: Also, the profanity filter is being way too picky (again):
  12. The Ostron/SU standing bug is not related to having an affinity booster active. It happens because the game displays (your current standing)+(standing gained during the mission), forgetting to take into account that in the case of Ostron/SU the latter already gets added to the former with no need to finish the mission. Then, after you extract, you're just shown your current standing (with the new standing added once instead of twice). This behaviour can be observed in your own screenshots --- the difference between preview and actual standing is exactly as much as you've gained.
  13. The main Wisp blueprint can't be sold for credits. Since it's reobtainable, and fairly easy at that, I assume that's a bug.
  14. After destroying a capacitor, respawning at the center platform can get you immediately killed, whether by Ropalolyst's own attacks or those of its adds (which spawn at the same time, sometimes even right next to you). Sometimes you don't even get a chance to react, you're dead the instant you get control back after the cutscene. Unlike falling from the map, which can be avoided by improving your parkour skills, this respawn is inevitable if the fight is to progress, and surviving it contains no element of skill check, just dumb luck. Please consider adding a small invulnerability period after it.
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