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  1. So which Operators voice did you choose? [Spoilers]

    Same here. Aren't we supposed to be playing as operators? If I wanted to talk to myself, I'd rather do it myself, lol. Though this setting only turns off generic voice lines, not the ones in quests, so... Owl.
  2. Maroo Ayatan Treasure Mission failure condition

    Me and one of my friends had the same problem. It seems that the mission automatically fails upon the treasure room door closing completely, even if you've actually made it inside or even grabbed the ayatan. So if you manage to get into the treasure room but don't press the circular floor button that stops the door from closing (this can happen, for example, if you immediately bulletjump to the upper floor), the mission fails.
  3. Harrow Part

    It's not tied to mission progress. It has a chance to drop from any fissure-corrupted enemy.
  4. Do you guys/girls think Kela is stupid broken?

    I'm a Loki main and I'm quite sure she can't. In fact, I just refought Kela to check. She didn't fire a single shot at me.
  5. Helminth voice lines bug?

    It is true. I've got infected before completing The Glast Gambit and I've had no idea Helminth even had any voice lines until my friends told me about it. I've recently cured another one of my Warframes with no response from Helminth, so this bug is still around.
  6. The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    Name : Wisoga Faction: Tenno Brief description: Instead of operating like a firearm, this gunblade divides its edges to form a crossbow before shooting. Blades deal mainly slash damage, while arrows deal mostly puncture. Instead of scaling the number of rounds depending on the combo, Wisoga shoots a single arrow per shot, which has scaling critical chance and/or damage. Concept art:
  7. [Update 20] Bug Report Megathread

    It's probably less of a bug and more of an oversight, but song names in chats are unfiltered (other than by default profanity filter on song creation). So it's possible to name a song, for example, "WTS SOMA P RECEIVER 15P", and freely post the link to it in any chat without getting detected by the kickbot.
  8. Kamen Rider Thread

  9. Kamen Rider Thread

    I'm hoping for Hibiki references.
  10. April 27: Update Info Thread.

    Releasing Vauban Prime early would be quite fitting, since the original was also added to the game while the big update was being delayed.
  11. Warframe Builder

    I can't find any mention of this in patch notes, but Shrapnel Rounds is now rankless: It's also usable on Vaykor version.
  12. Kamen Rider Thread

    wheel theme secondary character goes fast heat powers similar default colours a total show-off Nezha is basically Mach as a warframe. Except wheel-throwing, that's Sanzo's schtick.
  13. Kamen Rider Thread

    That oversized shoulder guard reminds me of Gai's visor.
  14. Update 18.7.0

    I am patiently awaiting level 100 Hyena Th. Because some sorties just want to watch Tenno burn.