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  1. We already have an electric guitarist frame though.
  2. I'm a Loki main and I'm quite sure she can't. In fact, I just refought Kela to check. She didn't fire a single shot at me.
  3. when you go through over 20 radiant neo v3s and meso n2s and the last one finally drops a vauban prime neuroptics
  4. ...and then the whole team gets mission failure, because the person killed by the Stalker was the key owner.
  5. It is true. I've got infected before completing The Glast Gambit and I've had no idea Helminth even had any voice lines until my friends told me about it. I've recently cured another one of my Warframes with no response from Helminth, so this bug is still around.
  6. I want to believe.
  7. Name : Wisoga Faction: Tenno Brief description: Instead of operating like a firearm, this gunblade divides its edges to form a crossbow before shooting. Blades deal mainly slash damage, while arrows deal mostly puncture. Instead of scaling the number of rounds depending on the combo, Wisoga shoots a single arrow per shot, which has scaling critical chance and/or damage. Concept art:
  8. It's probably less of a bug and more of an oversight, but song names in chats are unfiltered (other than by default profanity filter on song creation). So it's possible to name a song, for example, "WTS SOMA P RECEIVER 15P", and freely post the link to it in any chat without getting detected by the kickbot.
  9. Suda, Arbiters and Meridian (the main one is probably Suda). Partially for ideological reasons, partially for better standing gains (which is a bit ironic, because I would've added Sequence to the list if it didn't hurt my profits).
  10. Already done.
  11. This so much. Also, a button to switch Chroma's pelt (and maybe Nidus' mutation too) off and on in appearance screen (like Equinox's Metamorphosis), for the ease of customization.
  12. Yes, please. And do the same for the dojo drums and bells. Maybe give them a single slider, "instruments" as opposed to "background music".
  13. Actually, there already is an ability that's toggled but drains energy discretely rather than continuously - Nekros' Desecrate. And it was made from regular ability into a discrete-toggled ability for the same reason OP asks to do so with Tempest Barrage and Null Star - to let the players use it passively instead of having to spam the button over and over.
  14. I've seen it, but that was a while ago. Now it's not there.
  15. Ignis Wraith's blueprint is going to be tradable though.