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  1. How many rooms do you already have in your dojo? AFAIK, the total number of rooms you can build is currently capped at 100.
  2. I'm hoping for Hibiki references.
  3. Releasing Vauban Prime early would be quite fitting, since the original was also added to the game while the big update was being delayed.
  4. I can't find any mention of this in patch notes, but Shrapnel Rounds is now rankless: It's also usable on Vaykor version.
  5. wheel theme secondary character goes fast heat powers similar default colours a total show-off Nezha is basically Mach as a warframe. Except wheel-throwing, that's Sanzo's schtick.
  6. That oversized shoulder guard reminds me of Gai's visor.
  7. I am patiently awaiting level 100 Hyena Th. Because some sorties just want to watch Tenno burn.
  8. Could someone make a PARTY HARD gif of a Razorback and an Isolator stomping? I'm not good at this.
  10. The next warframe is going to be an archer... that has a coverless Ghost Driver on her face? KAIGAN! ROBIN HOOD!
  11. >farms oxium on the reactor alert to build grattler >already got over 600 >servers crash >gets thrown back to login screen >can't login in time to have another try at getting reactor, let alone oxium Well played.
  12. Looks like WF servers are down. Happy Kaixa Day everyone!