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  1. Well it has been bugging since tyhe last update. It doesn't shield everyone, including myself.
  2. Thinking on it a toggle would indeed be better than a mod. Toggle off, go into a map. Volt! Argh. Menu > Options > Gameplay > Buffs Off Then back to playing. A Mod can't be popped on and off while in the map.
  3. Just a QoL mod for warframes. That slot right next to auras. Pop it in and only your own buffs will work on you. Heals will work fine but no more Volt Spam that is cast every 7s sending you flying because your melee combo has a lunge in it that is normally fine but super charged launches you 50 meters. The sudden speed boost sending you flying into the void as you completely miss the jump. Yea there are quite a few buffs that I don't mind at all but... put them on one side of a scale against volt speed buffs and *shomph* they're sent flying comapred to the SON OF A ***** everytime i get hit by Volt spam. Then I bail and try to find a mission group without one.
  4. If that actually did taunt... no I would not gripe at all about it.
  5. I just got to know. What is up with the Lockdown, no damage, fan wiggle part of the basic combo. It's like Attack, Attack, Attack, Pause to take damage, Attack, Attack, Attack, Pause to take damage.. I've let the gunsen gather dust because of it. I check it out sometimes to see if they got rid of it. Why?! I have used every melee weapon and cannot think of a single weapon with this feature of ULTIMATE ANNOY PLAYER that the Slicing Feather has.
  6. When they remove the freeze your pet setup so you can have any pet at anytime. Can you please, please, please, please, please give us the option to let our pets wander about the orbiter? =P Not just the currently active one.
  7. What is up with the weapon and warframe choices? I keep seeing the same few repeating over and over and Occasionally an oddball. However I draw the line at seeing Gara was the warframe choice 3 times in a row. 5 pm Gara, 6 Pm gara, 7 pm Gara. BAH!
  8. The ghouls are loose! What would happen if there was a timer and it hit 0. Stage 2 oh no! The ghouls are attacking the gate directly. You have to get out there and defend it before it gives way. Stage 3 The gate is down, they are in cetus. Drop in and hold back the Grineer ghouls while the residents escape. Stage 4 From Strata relay. Dive down into Cetus, push back the ghouls and grineer, hold them off as the gate is rebuilt. Exterminate those in cetus then at the gate keep more from entering while npcs use resources to rebuild part of the gate.
  9. I could say alot but I enjoy playing her except for one thing bugging me. The bloody cape. I am not a cape person, I'd remove it if it was a Syndana like Khora's 4 handles. Instead it's a cape that clips through just about every Syndana. I just want to take the bloody thing OFF.
  10. If there are more than one wisp in the mission, with different str buffs. Once you have a buff running over the same buff Reservior the one currently active is refreshed, even if the buff you ran over is Stronger than the one you have. I could understand a weaker buff refreshing the stronger but not being able to have your own buff because the other Wisp has massive AoE for their Reservior is really annoying and I don't think that's how it is supposed to work..
  11. I think it's how low the damage is. Multiple hits of low damage.
  12. They could just make autoblock a melee feature that doesn't require an actual melee block. A % chance based on your melee weapon for a shield of warframe power to spring into being, reinforcing normal shields, working like a normal block but not interupting normal play. Then the rumored 100% block tied directly into melee blocking combined with the shield.
  13. I figured how much the change effected me after the 6th time I logged in for a sortie and just said screw it, then logged back out. I just logged for the daily reward.
  14. I enjoyed melee. Run through a map, slashing, smashing, stabbing, blocking WHEN I WANT. If I rightclick while meleeing I go right to weapon. There is no option for blocking so I can use seperate buttons to aim a gun and block when I want. I don't mind the instant switch. I do mind the difficulty in making combos and charge attacks when coming under fire (which is like 80% of the time) I can't even turn off auto block. Just add two controls to the options. Turn off quick switch to right mouse button activation. If I am holding a gun I will aim, If I am holding a sword I will block. Second option: Deactivate Auto-Block yes/no
  15. I run 5 Khora. I plan to put it on each of her prime varients. Why 5? A different Lens for each frame. =P As it is I have only 2 empty slots while running al 3 Umbra mods. Of course one of the slots is Exilus. I really do dream of the future shiny Khora and Venari Prime varient.
  16. Just a quick skim and saw alot of people with my opinion but I will state it anyway. Remove Auto block. They are my warframes. I want full control of all it's abilities. If autoblock is to be a thing, make it a mod.
  17. AutoBorker Removed. Left click and Melee button can switch, Right click should not switch at all. Instead it will aim for weapons and block for melee. These are my ideas of a QOL fix.
  18. First off, I haven't read previous posts so if someone else mentioned this. Okay. Weapon switching and Auto block. I use aimglide while meleeing to just briefly overjump something. Switching to the aiming sights of my primary weapon is really annoying. Throwing off my awareness of the enemies around me or jumping over my intended landing point because it's not within the viewfinder. Auto Blocking is MASSIVELY annoying. Trying to charge attack while under fire is impossible because it forces the block, trying to do a quickjump only to find myself gliding through the air because the block also triggered aimglide at a bad time overjumping a small platform and falling into a pit. It won't stop blocking unless I attack as well so it's completely out of my control. 😕
  19. I really wish they had made this warframe instead of stealing a few ideas from it and making Nidus.
  20. Kinda hoping today myself, then I can brag about it coming on my b-day. 😋
  21. Be kinda could if it happened on the 6th. I have a bday then.
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