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  1. keep your eyes peeled during the new prime releases get your hands on new parts and sell them for some mighty fine dosh (price, of course, depends on the day since the release)
  2. and yet if it was me posting such a thing - people would yell about "you just want everything given to you straight away" liches are so immensely mind-numbing, i had an actual outburst when they announced three new kuva weapons
  3. what really bothers me is that there's only one decent hairstyle in the whole game male models are doomed to be freakshows
  4. how long do you think clearing ~90 enemy ships over and over again will keep being fun for
  5. sure, lose 1500+ hours of progress for a shoulder-band what they should allow at MR30 is instant-forma, without the need to level anything, ever
  6. didnt expect such beauty clicking on that title thats how it should've been looking for a couple of years now
  7. you can blame railjack for a trainload of horrors like awful intrinsics gain, or the mode having only a single thing to do, or the rng on parts, but calling it "time consuming"?.. a game which has over 350 pieces of equipment requires time, who wouldve thought
  8. boosters that would only tick away during actual in-mission gameplay would be a better solution but its not in their interest to make such a thing
  9. the most awkward and terrible "crowd-control frame" EVER, cause you know, ragdolling everything is a really good idea. what is this on the floor? is it a stuck-ragdolled living enemy that i should do something about or is it just a dead body? only way to know is to aim on it, and the only way for you to even get the idea to check the body is your enemy radar. absolutely terrible, even worse than playing with limbo.
  10. paracesis was given to you for free, shedu needs to be farmed
  11. not to mention that these mk3 rando-parts have only 2% dropchance ON MISSION COMPLETION i completely gave up on the whole empyrean thing until they make it right, mr28 btw
  12. and again, nothing about intrinsics? nothing about that VITAL mechanic that directly dictates what i can and cant play?
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