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  1. yeah I know that DE don't like missions making you sit still but operative defense is just to dumb to keep. at least give us the ability to tell the operative to stay put.
  2. the sporothrix was a gun long awaited by the community and currently has quite a few problems. but having nothing to do with the balance of the gun why is the aim point not in the middle of the reticle? it makes aiming with the thing a nightmare as your eye is drawn to about an inch above the aim point because of the reticles design. if you won't address the whole non explosive weapons' having crazy knockdown problem can we at least fix the scope on this thing so it doesn't suck to aim it.
  3. as it stands right now if I say infuse empower in to slot one of a frame in loadout one I can't put it into say slot three in loadout 2. this is rather annoying that you don't have the ability to chose what abilities to overwrite for each individual loadout. I am sure this was just a design oversight but can it please be adjusted? I don't see any reason that it was not this way from the beginning, but maybe there is some sort of reason behind it? If not DE please fix🙂.
  4. so I noticed the unreal skin for the drakgoon will nerf the kuva variant into a normal one. this is not the case with the ogris and it's kuva variant, so I was wondering if there are other potential bugs with the skins that should be brought to DE's attention.
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