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  1. Why is shopping for the weapon your trying to farm still a pain in the butt? You run the same capture 100s of times only to see a weapon you don't want on the larva over and over and over again. Please just give us a way to go after certain weapons without having to buy Liches and Sisters off other players. Well rolled weapons and Ephemera will still sell. or at the very least pleas divide the weapons into sectors on the star chart so the table is not so crowded.
  2. the real problem is warframe has over complicated it's damage system and most of the time the fix is just make the enemies tankyer and the players deal less damage. Kind of wish they would take a serious look at the damage of the game and re balence it so that Dr for enemies never goes so high that the player is doing .01% damage to an enemy.
  3. The problem with gas is it is weaker than the sum of its parts. I lacks the armor negation and mild cc of heat and the shield bypassing power of toxin while being weaker at dealing damage then both of them. And to top it all off the aoe is tiny and both Corpus and Grineer health are risistant to it making it only useful against trash tier infested that die in one hit anyway. Sure you can technically group enemies to make the gas stack faster but it will still do less damage then raw heat or toxin because of enemy damage resistances.
  4. Blast deals more damage to Grineer machines and the corrosive effect lowers armor making the blast damage more effective. Both corrosive and blast deal bonus damage to fossilized infested and the blast status is decent crowd control for the infested hoards. Radiaton and viral work well together for similar reasons but gas and magnetic have no synergy what so ever.
  5. Radiation is fine. If anything needs attention It's the magnetic and gas combo an how it makes no freaking sense. Unlike Radiation/viral or corrosive/blast the combo has no synergy what so ever. Magnetic needs some kind of rework similar to viral and I wish they would make gas more than just aoe toxin but crap, like why are toxin and heat good against flesh but gas, the combo of the two, isn't? I see plenty of people run radiation. I don't see anybody running gas or magnetic and certainly not both.
  6. I miss when the enemy design was more than just shoot/Melee it till it dies. I wish instead of doing what they are with the Nemesis enemies they would make the fights be more unique. Like even a fight with some of the old bosses like Kril or Ruk are more interesting then fighting a Lich or sister. Imagine that as you gather murmurs you gain knowledge on how to beat them so when ever they show up and you don't know how to kill them yet it's a lot more intense. Then once you learn the secret trick kicking their butt would feel much more satisfying.
  7. Honestly DE should just stop making more things walls of damage absorbing meat. if we have put in the effort to make a one shot build for something let us one shot stuff.
  8. Oh yeah I remember that. But I was more thinking along the lines of a spectating mentor program. where the mentor would spectate with VC and rewards would be distributed when the student reached certain milestones. So it would be more of a one on one sort of thing.
  9. New player's need direction and the tutorial does not leave you with any. Having played with a bunch of people who just started recently I can say for certain many new players would benefit from someone telling them were to go and what to do instead of fumbling around aimlessly getting bored of the game and leaving it.
  10. Short answer: No. Long answer: Warframe is not a gatcha game. IF you spend real money on Warframe it gets you immediate things not more currency for the slot machine. Genshin's Pity system exists to ensure that people will be more likely to play the slot machine because even if you don't get something you are working towards something so you will be more likely to spend more money than just give up. In Warframe if you can't get something to drop you either buy it or trade for it. A pity system would ruin the market for certain drops since you are not limited on your drops. Hardcore players would abuse a pity and flood the market with cheap stuff making rivens the only way to make money.
  11. So after seeing this video I have been thinking DE should add a mentor system to the game. https://youtu.be/iutAnzTT9W0 I think it would be a good Way to help with some of the aimlessness new player feel once they complete the tutorial. Add incentives for Both mentor and student and You would make it much easier for new players to get a handle on some of the more complicated aspects of the game. EDIT: Let me be clear I have been playing the game for a few years and have a decently high MR (29 but I am too lazy to level more stuff for mastery ATM) so this is more coming form a position of reasonable experience of the game. EDIT2: I notice a lot of posts seem to think I am saying that new players don't have any direction when what I really mean is that that the players are hit with so much right off the back after the tutorial that they have no idea what to do first and end up getting overwhelmed. I speak form experience as I have interacted with a lot of new players that had recently started playing that had no idea what they should be doing outside of clearing mission nodes. Also this system would be an optional system like many other mentor systems in games are. IF you are still confused I recommend you watch the vid I linked of someone new playing the game and giving there reactions and first impression and you might get a better idea of where I am coming from.
  12. It will likely be a farmable drop at a later date as that is what they did with the Athodai. Also it was mentioned during the stream but if you had not relinked your twitch account since i think it was February of this year you would not be able to clam the drops. once you do twitch will recognize the linked account and automatically send it to the linked account when you re open twitch. That may have only been during the drop period however.
  13. The complaints are rather valid as in most cases it's nice if frames abilities would do more than just damage. A good comparison is Lavos Vs Yareli, Lavos has good scaling damage and good utility for his abilities so people generally thought he was a decent frame, while Yareli has low fixed damage and wonky mecanics resulting in players writing her off as a trash tier frame. It is IN DE'S BEST INTREST to make frames, designed to do damage, capable of killing lvl 100 steel path enemies with damage oriented abilities.
  14. Raid as in many other mmo's were more for community players. Playing a public raid is always a wash But playing a well organized raid with a group of well coordinated friends can be an absolute blast! The problem came from the fact that since the loss of the dark sector skirmishing the game has had little to no reason for you to communicate or cooperate with your clan or alliance members on much. Leaving it up to the communities themselves to pick up the slack. The raids were the last vestige of something large scale for these communities to do with more than four members at a time, and because of that they are sorely missed. I myself used to be part of a big community until recently and I can tell you there was nothing more fun than teaching new members how to run the raids. It is those fond memories that make certain people keep nagging the devs to bring raids back.
  15. It was a rather stupid idea to put the corpus Lich melee weapons behind something that has nothing to do with them let alone throw it into a mission type received rather poorly and cram more into an already crowded drop pool.
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