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  1. pls can the devs fix this revenant frame laser i get 2nd crash all that time and others frame are still crash too on game with the ability can still crash on it are you guys have too it crash with that revenant frame or others issue with crash i think for me its only crash with revenant frame with that ability attack. ?
  2. if im enter the plains and orb vallis and they do complete the bounty reward and i see not see that icon return name of icon extraction on orb vallis and plains can you fix this pls its so long ago that there no extraction icon can see this
  3. im hope you will get fixing the loading screen on game because if you do play the game warframe thus you will the players unplayable for the time thus get the loading screen freeze this fixing first thing I need that only loading screen for in game freeze fixing and pls after the cert need to know for the loading screen fixing and freeze too but you need fixing asap for the loading screen freeze OK DE
  4. @(NSW)Hermy will the loading screen fix for more speed loading if you enter the mission something wrong on loading screen this may not so speed loading screen and on login screen has not too speed loading screen and there are not many players wanna playing on 4 matchmaking but there are also need fix with matchmaking for more players wanna playing i see there nothing on 4 matchmaking playing only 2 players playing in mission but i need that fixing all 2 for loading screen on login and matchmaking more players wanna play and that should unplayable for not many players want to matchmaking we need that fix on it is that correct @(NSW)Hermy for framerate that you say and me i would to say for loading screen speed on login and mission on it and matchmaking for more players playing on switch i see only 2 players playing with me not 4 players on matchmaking on mission im picking relics for unlocking and there players want to left and there are also not many players want to matchmaking i see only 2 players not 4 players we need after the cert on update yet for many fixing and we need all fixing do for matchmaking and loading screen on login and on mission too it and framerate that @(NSW)Hermy say this we need this all for it
  5. they say today why do you post fake news that its only mar 13 2019 today is nintendo switch stream
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