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  1. pay respect for you guys for the hotfix coming on consoles but i have no idea when for consoles for hotfixes coming but the buried debts when will the consoles will be there but i have no idea but you guys for helping me i think for this but do you guys have a idea for the hotfix coming for nintendo switch ? and others consoles too it ? but can you try help me with hotfix or buried debts for nintendo switch ? pls guys when that day coming the hotfix or buried debts for nintendo switch but do you guys think that ps4 and xbox for the same as hotfix for nintendo switch ? but can you try me for talking for the hotfix coming for nintendo switch or buried debts for nintendo switch pls ask me when that hotfix for the nintendo switch ?
  2. when will the hotfix coming for nintendo switch and when will be coming that its so long for this and i will this coming with buried debts from like pc that will be there but i want that hotfix for coming and you guys will be interesting with hotfix or coming on console soon with buried debts ? and i will you guys help for that question for the console soon buried debts will be great for this but i want talk with you guys when will the hotfix coming but i have no idea when that come but i want you guys want help me when will this hotfix for when that days coming but you guys think what will be there but that nintendo switch its unplayable or so but when will be there the hotfix and when will too it with buried debts for nintendo switch and ps4 and xbox for that console but i have no idea for when day come and can you guys ask for me for help what will the nintendo switch will hotfix soon coming out ? pls guys for helping me thx for that question name darthsidious on nintendo switch!
  3. guys and devs i will speak to you for help and devs too and i will ask for you devs when will you fixing R button to out operator not L button hold to R button and i will ask for help for when will fix this R button controller operator out on controller because i will this fix asap for that hotfix coming and that operator buttons R and L that is stupid for that controller and that was annoying for that operator switching back and in frame and that was annoying with that not fun controller and that was unplayable for this for the guys and will you the devs will this fixing asap before the hotfix coming ? and that was annoying for not fun this 😞
  4. i play with only ignis and fire on enemys and there also damage like 2265 damage only and im kill enemys with not more damage because of it there always not more damage that ignis can you devs will this fix or so or is that a bug for fixing ?
  5. i had that too it with gear wheel because if you use button on under then choose the items then they do rare issue with not stop wheel on left and right its actually issue with gear wheel they can't only choose with full left and right choose but i think soon next week im hope the update for switch its coming in every weeks but im not sure when that come just wait the devs will message on forum or twitter for more updates coming they say they re hard with team working but just wait message on forum and twitter
  6. i get crash on switch if im play relics to farm it then get crash on system switch error and im pick my handheld and im push the button power on and i get restart on system menu screen and i play restart on crash switch and im play warframe icon and im start the mission on relics and they do all day for error system restart 12 sec on power button and get return to menu system switch can (DE) fix this pls on warframe because im all way crash this on system 😞
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