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  1. Comparing a bad release frame to the next worse release frame doesn't help your point. Prime release should have ended after the most hyped and sought prime, ash prime. Yes. generated content effects prices like I stated. and yes, you understand what supply and demand is.
  2. Price of Nekros is low because nobody likes Nekros as much as the other primes on release. If you were around since U14, you would see that. Nekros prices aren't effected by fissures. RNG is no longer a factor to effect prices in market anymore regarding prime parts. Ppl think some are rare, they farm those. Leaving others to neglect. I'm guessing you think that the market is all supply and demand. That is what your argument is. Okay. That is not what this is about. This is about the OP suggesting prices effect generated content. That is an inaccurate relationship.
  3. Again how does this relate to grind? I don't need an explanation for supply and demand.
  4. Can you explain why in-game market has anything to do with grind? There is absolutely no relationship...
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