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  1. Wut ? If it "functions just like all other factions" what's the point ? Besides, Duviri Paradox already teased a new faction. No clues yet if they will be NPC or ennemies.
  2. Not to mention you have to all bosses again, so if you solo this, lights flicker very often, between Kuva larvling, syndicates (they received a good motivation boost on Steel path) and Stalky.
  3. The rewards are complete garbage for the most part, if not insulting. But honnestly ? I could not care less. I'm doing it because it's fun and cool. Eventually i'll craft the dax armor, and that will be all of it. I just enjoy the hard mode for itself.
  4. "Grineer armor scaling way too high..." Nope.
  5. 100% agreed, this would be great. Honnestly i also dream about an option for seperate arms and legs, but just the helm is already very nice. I guess it's just a question of how long it takes to code and put on the servers. But damn i wish they could do that.
  6. Asymmetric pvp proved several times in other recent games to be a very cool idea on paper, and catastophic once in game. It just doesnt work. I'm not saying it will never work though, but it seems to be a damn problem.
  7. As far as i tried this, i'm very happy. Just the spice i needed. Doing all it again feels i will have to vanquish the Rail Spectres one by one in epic duels again, i like it. Suggestion to DE : Guys, if you really want this hard mode to shine, ennemies must be surprising, not just the same with more damage and health. Work on their patterns, add slight or big differences : different weapons, behaviour, formations, units, special leaders... Something exclusive to hard mode.
  8. So far so good. I like it. (But the reward are ridiculous. Don't care, it's fun.)
  9. OH BOY this syandana is ugly as hell. Thanks for the money saved.
  10. Not bad at all, but Bopp Bipp is still the boss.
  11. Maybe. I guess i ll just keep solo this game as much as i can anyway.
  12. No "Hate", dude, being accurate and meticulous with words these days would avoid you to be taken for another drama-click bait that litteraly infest Youtube and others. But seriously : One of the most lazy, tankiest frame in the game comes exactly when Hard mode is ready. It's just commercial. Personnaly ? I never liked this frame, because it's the easiest and laziest gameplay. And ugliest. "Look, i can't die !" Yeah, fantastic dude. Definitely not my cup of tea, but it's a matter of taste. What is not, is this prime access coming hot and ready for all newbies that just want the Steel Path and all other "hard" stuff to get farmed. Just another shiny example of Pay-to-skip system. Obviously Inaros Prime will get a fair amount of sarcasm. But tbh, he really looks badass. Design is awesome.
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