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  1. Mmmh..Well this cenobite helm suits more Garuda, i 'd say. More "blood magic". I recognize her more this way. But imo you should definitely consider keeping the "rabbit" one for another use, if you skip it for Garuda. Maybe it would bring a very strong, exotic /majestic presence to another frame. ( Titania ? Ivara, Saryn ? Or Nova, why not.)
  2. Yep, that's basically the only reason why i use it. 18 points bonus. That really counts, if it can save me another freaking Hydron. Never understood why this one had 9 points and the others 7 though. It's like rewarding you for using a selfish aura.
  3. Sir ! My apologies for interrupting you but we are not ninjas anymore for a very long time ago, we are nuking machines showing off everywhere they can, wiping all life in city-sized zones while drinking a coffee. Come on.
  4. Exactly, and that's why many vets feel so often that the only real challenge we propose to them is a giant hamster wheel.
  5. Thank you ! Ha ! Interesting, some traces of the birtish empire remain.
  6. Oh, tell me i'm curious. What's this about ?
  7. This. Thanks. They, never, fixed a precise date. They said they expected it to be released this week. Because indeed, people never cease to ask WHEN. That's a lot of precautions in the annoucement though, a big hope and a maybe, and still, people take it by the letter in their imaginary world, because they want it to be released one day and not another. Nothing, was sure at the beginning. They never lied about this. It's just unreal how people can see and hear just exactly what they want, and then use it to loudly estimate they are cheated, someone promised them something that will not come, blaablabla. It's ridiculous.
  8. And you forget it will be fixed in the first days after release, like allways. Many bugs can appear only once the content is updated online for millions of people, period. Nothing can change that. Nevertheless taking more time for quality control is allways usefull, despite anyone can say. The term "bugframe" is pretty dishonnest when you see their reactivity, imo. Demanding from a company to rush something because "it'll have crazy bugs regardless of how much they delay it" is a complete non-sens. More time taken = less bugs. Not releasing a content in friday = No crazy week-end crush post-update. Release next week = all crew fresh and available to prepare feedbacks and hotfixes.
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