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  1. Load-out Configuration expansion... Does that mean more Load-out slots or more details to load-out configuration system? What would the latter even entail? Really curious to see how Ember will be changed from her current role of "fire and forget" play-style. Pun halfway intended. So, will Vauban be more "engineer" than "trap master" soon? I honestly keep thinking of Marvel's Iron man, Stargate SG-1's Samantha Carter, Batman's Lucius Fox, Mass Effect's Tali'Zorah, and many other engineer characters whenever I read how Vauban is described in Warframe wiki. Seeing some of his abilities behave more like Demoman from Team Fortress 2 is kind of a let down. No offense. Could we please have the stencil selection menu in the personal quarters include the ability to select colors that affect just the stencils? Choosing between gold, silver, and any other color a person might prefer for the interior's metal bits only to see that color choice affect the stencils is not exactly fun. Definitely looking forward to seeing more on Empyrean. And what new rewards will be coming out with Grendel. As a side note, are we going to see any more Primed Arch-wings besides Odonata Prime?
  2. Railjack talk. Should we be worried or encouraged? Out of curiosity, will the orbiter interior changes include the Lotus Pedestal using the Orbiter's Primary and Secondary color options instead of Primary and Accent color options? Will the Stencil picker gain the option of picking out colors for the Stencils to use? Would the Stencils still be viewable should any color be picked instead of just those darker then whatever is the Primary color?
  3. Will the new Orbiter interior show up sooner than Railjack or be tied to Railjack's release? Will the Orbiter change include secondary energy and emissive color options for the Orbiter's interior and Landing Craft's exterior? Will the players ever get the chance to see the Orbiter's exterior outside of the one codex entry? If the Umbra frames are still a possibility, will they each get their own quests like with Excalibur Umbra? Or will we see Umbra Relics that require grinding to see frames such as Trinity Umbra?
  4. Is the new orbiter interior going to appear sooner than Railjack similarly to how the infested door teased Nidus or is it tied to Railjack?
  5. Thanks, finding out that a container or syndicate token might be out of reach because it's behind a wall with no way to get around it can be rather annoying. Question, what if anything needs to be done when we choose to use a new glyph in the game only to have the glyph in the forums not update to the change?
  6. Wonder if that includes any Wukong frames that were sold for whatever reason since the inventory keeps the default heads of every frame. Anyway, this rework definitely makes Wukong look better. Celestial Twin certainly makes more sense than Iron Jab in hindsight. Out of curiosity, will Sentinels ever get the rework treatment?
  7. Thank you very much for the newest blend of primary and secondary colors for the emissive and energy options. I will admit that I actually prefer how the operator suit and amp allow players to select the secondary colors since giving each their own button means less fighting with the buttons that share the same button for primary and secondary colors. Still, great job and thank you.
  8. Out of curiosity, will the primary and secondary energy colors get a slider bar blender like with the Operator's primary and secondary faces?
  9. Um, is fixing the glowing lights on warframes in the works or will that be done after figuring out the secondary energy color system?
  10. Honestly, the Aura Forma sounds great even though the cost might be a bit much post-nightwave, but having it tied to Arbitration is something I'm a bit leery about.
  11. Will the Orbiter ever get a garden with which players could grow plants that they would then harvest for extracts? What's the ETA on secondary energy colors? Or is it just "soon" for now? Would it be possible to give the Synthesis Scanner a Zoom Widget? Are we ever going to see the Orbiter from the outside? Outside of the Codex I mean. If there are to be more Umbra frames, will they come out with Umbra guns too? For that matter, what would be the story behind Trinity Umbra if she becomes reality? Considering Retrieve can't be used to pick up extracts anymore, will Helios or maybe Oxylus get a mod that let's them collect plant extracts even after the plants' have their codex entries filled? Maybe include the wild Kavats if scanning them still nets DNA? By the way, if the hacking minigame in Warframe gets replaced, what are the odds it'll be by carrying some grenade-shaped device that Tenno plant on a console and wait for Ordis to hack his way through before retrieving the item?
  12. Will we see more and hopefully better energy weapons that recharge themselves instead of using ammo? Will we ever get to use specters as companions or have them sent on missions? Why do the stencils not appear in the personal quarters when the relevant color option is using white or close to it?
  13. Can we please help Ordis fix his glitches? Will the other Aura mods get reworked or updated?
  14. The one on the left makes me think of Chroma getting mixed with Nidus for some reason. Its bulk just makes me think "armored." What interests me more though is the frame on the right if only because of what looks like a hood and cape. Will that frame be stealthy, cold-damage themed, both, or none of the above? To be honest, what the picture allows us to see makes me think of Little Duck a little and I wonder if the frame's signature primary weapon is a sniper rifle. Never mind the odd idea of her coming with a kubrow-equivalent to Venari. Is there any update on the ETA on Railjack or is "this year" the current expectation? Would it be possible to take a look at Aura mods and rework them? Will any new Umbra frames bring about more umbra mods? Umbra Aura? What are the odds Fishing might introduce or simply benefit from something that possesses an innate stealth passive that makes enemies less likely to detect the player while fishing? Or at least because the warframe is standing still? Granted, I can think of at least two companions that might help in that regard even though Oxylus makes fishing fun thanks to its innate ability to light up the fish without the downsides of using the dye. About the only other things I can think to ask about would be the possibility of more story/quests broken up into smaller pieces as well as reworking the Titan and Distilling Extractors. Do players even use the resource extractors all that much?
  15. Happy Holidays DE! Uh, will there be a primary weapon with an elemental wheel like the Hystrix? I'd almost suggest a bow with different arrow types, but we already have that in Ivara. Actually, why not add an elemental wheel to an arch-gun? Why do stencils in the personal quarters seem to disappear when using bright color options even though the background might be a dark color that should make the former stand out? Would it be possible to make another cold frame that can actually manipulate the ice she makes? Granted, I don't envy the one that has to figure out the damage calculations should such a frame be able to make and manipulate the ferroelectric Ice-XI, but ferroelectric ice sounds cool, pardon the pun. Just a thought.
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