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  1. Will we see or at least get an idea of what to expect with the Command Intrinsic?
  2. I don't suppose anyone has any pictures of Nekros summoning shadows of enemy ships inside the Railjack? Hopefully, the rush repair drone dropping at a mission's end might encourage intrinsic farmers to not abort the mission early. It might be faster than actually completing the mission, but the process doesn't sound fun. Anyway, I look forward to seeing what the Command Intrinsic will be like and what if any adjustments might be made to the other four.
  3. Will the Railjack interior replace the Orbiter's interior or would we be able to choose between them? Personally, I wouldn't mind either way so long as the interiors keep the metallic color options separate from the non-metallic color options. I'd like to see that I can pick out gold or silver metal without seeing yellow sticking out like a sore thumb in some spots while the white practically disappears the stencils. That the latter doesn't care if I use a Midnight Blue/Black is actually less annoying than seeing yellow on the Operator's throne and in the personal quarters when I try for golden metal. What would we need to do for unlocking and upgrading Railjack abilities? I'm hoping to see what the ship's cloak can do once maxed out. Stealth is strangely calming. Uh, is it too early to ask what the resource costs might be for upgrades that allow a Railjack captain to solo missions?
  4. Is it just me or does the image look like a mix of a brain and ice? Brain freeze?
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