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  1. Question, will the armaments of the Tempestarii become available for use on our own railjacks?
  2. Is it just me or does that new frame look like a mix of Ember, Equinox, Titania, and Mesa? Never mind. Guess I should have read through the replies before posting my own.
  3. Will we see the modular kitguns, zaws, and anything else ever truly be modular? Though I do wonder how that would even work as far as keeping track of what parts have had their affinity maxed out, capacity expanded by an orokin reactor/catalyst respectively, and mod slot polarities modified by forma.
  4. Why not simply have the reactors act like Energy Siphon by constantly producing energy?
  5. Honestly, I'm curious to see what the Command Intrinsic will be like at rank ten. The NPC crew seems to be rather effective so far if one ignores how the gunners like to focus on the Corpus Crewship instead of the mobile shield that requires the generator be shot from behind to get rid of the obstacle. They also seem to ignore target objectives that have to be destroyed for the sake of progression. By the way, will we be able to recruit unique characters like Clem? Will Cold Status/Damage need to be looked at? What if new mods include effects similar to elemental status effects such
  6. One day shy of the full moon... Definitely looking forward to seeing what Railjack Revisited entails.
  7. Will Command or at least the NPC crew help boost loot gains?
  8. Out of curiosity, will there ever be focus schools for specific weapon types?
  9. To be fair, even if the volume level for everything but sound effects is reduced to zero, some areas have ambient noise that seems to drown out the sound the caches make unless you're practically on top of them. It might be easier to just make loot and enemy radar something Tenno get by default. How many people actually go without either radar when they have the relevant mods?
  10. If relays gain dry docks, then will players have the option of flying to a relay's dry dock after they finish a mission?
  11. Will the modularity system ever truly be modular? Will modular archwing be the first step in that direction? Will the Railjack NPC crew be the first step in creating custom NPC teams we can take with us into missions?
  12. In hindsight, Ticker somehow giving Tenno wings seems fitting.
  13. Out of random curiosity, what the Devstream date picked because of the full moon or was it just the last Friday of the month? Meant to say "was." Sorry.
  14. Question, will Railjack ever get a return to Orbiter function? Or was that already put in and I missed it?
  15. How will the change affect Gift of the Lotus Alerts? Will that become once a month too or remain biweekly?
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