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  1. They were trying to steal our weapons?! We rescue their butters and they thank us by leaving with our weapons we gifted ? PREPOSTEROUS !
  2. What ? Acolydes are comming back ? Yay, time to farm them again. Also......MEMESTRIKE.
  3. Sweet some fixes, now couple more to go plus some extra contend.
  4. Man i was getting used having my username messed up by the dropdown list thingy....
  5. The new augments are pretty...........................meh i suppose. The one for Khora.........hmm interesting.
  6. Gonna admit, i like skin for the Helmith more than for the Nidus. But both look pretty nice.
  7. Sweet, another live stream to watch (in case I have insomnia).
  8. Will we ever get some new weapon variants like Grinlock Wraith or Prisma Kraken or maybe some new Mutualist weapons ? When will you add an Assault rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher? you did that with the Corrinth shotgun.........why not a rifle? Any plan in adding the abillity to dual wield a single-handed sword with a secondary ? Can we get a rework to the Foundry ? like give us an option to set it to collect and fabricate automatically: example set it to craft 10 times energy restore or 20 times specters. Can you fix the incosistent hitboxes of the fishes in PoE ? Any plan in tweaking the companions AI so they are more reliable in combat ? Does an Orange have a ryme ?
  9. Well bummer...i planned to do some trades this night. Guess i will just go to sleep.
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