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  1. RIP Concrete, RIP Painted metal.
  2. Yep, still happens, there go my syndicate pickups. And a sculpture too. Quite annoying, I thought this had been fixed. Oh, and RIP rescue target I guess.
  3. Definitely seems to be caused by switching from sharkwing to warframe, pressing the forward key during melee swing animations acts as if you were pressing the backwards key instead. Seems to do that with both melee and exalted melee powers. EDIT: Looks like it sometimes fixes itself if you enter/exit a water area again, so you could always try to repeatedly get in/out of the water to try and fix it ? Could also try and turn "Experimental Flight" (its implementation might be the cause of the issue ?) on and off in the "Archwing" section of the Controls tab.
  4. I want all of Electric Shield's cool hidden properties back. Extended range on beams, damage falloff cancelling for shotguns... And just make Discharge's stun duration based, not damage based, I don't know why this hasn't been changed yet. Also if Volt is never gonna be able to deal scaling damage or something, just change that darn "potent alternative to gunplay" description please.
  5. The rework is great, Limbo is now really good (maybe a lil too much). Can I just get an option that prevents me from joining a game with a Limbo in it ?
  6. Niiiice, now I'm actually gonna go farm Octavia.
  7. Aaaaah so much stuff but I can't play it yet ! Really excited though !
  8. Oooh, this is really exciting !
  9. Yup, I tried to stealth level my Pyrana...No stealth kills.
  10. As the only active player in my clan: thank you.
  11. Good fixes and changes ! I'm excited about getting formas and boosters from sorties !
  12. Why are people so angry about the lore ? Deluxe skins aren't even canon, are they ? Plus honestly, it could work anyway. First was Valkyr prime, then Gersemi (once the way to craft the prime was lost), and then Alad tried to make a Gersemi one back into the prime version. A little far-fetched, but it works. Seems like a silly thing to get mad about. Unlike the syndicate relic bundles, I hope that gets fixed soon. I want to start the farming, the prime stuff looks so good ! EDIT: The ribbons are called ribbons for a reason. Be happy we get a prime equivalent to the bonds...or is anything a reason to complain ? Oh, and yeah, some info about a lore trailer would be nice.