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  1. I want all of Electric Shield's cool hidden properties back. Extended range on beams, damage falloff cancelling for shotguns... And just make Discharge's stun duration based, not damage based, I don't know why this hasn't been changed yet. Also if Volt is never gonna be able to deal scaling damage or something, just change that darn "potent alternative to gunplay" description please.
  2. The rework is great, Limbo is now really good (maybe a lil too much). Can I just get an option that prevents me from joining a game with a Limbo in it ?
  3. Niiiice, now I'm actually gonna go farm Octavia.
  4. Aaaaah so much stuff but I can't play it yet ! Really excited though !
  5. Oooh, this is really exciting !
  6. Yup, I tried to stealth level my Pyrana...No stealth kills.
  7. As the only active player in my clan: thank you.
  8. Just do the salvage solo, it's faster. 15% chance is fine, you have almost a 50% chance to get a Nidus part.
  9. 500 per player isn't the problem, the problem is that the total number is not based on number of active players within a clan, but rather the clan's total capacity. That's the dumb part. I still have to get 2700 after dumping all the ones I had gotten over 2500 hours of gameplay. That's without boosters and with minimal loot powers use, but still.
  10. Yeah, it's a tiny thing, but it bothers me as well. Why not make it so that when you right-click an equipped weapon it unequips it ?
  11. 10 per hour is really low...I get 30 for the first 20 minutes of an ODS, with a Nekros, without boosters. Still very slow when you have thousands to get.
  12. WTF ? What is this ? 2.5k hours, about 25% of my kills on the infested, and I still don't have enough to cover even half of that ridiculous requirement. I'll have to hope for "Cooperation and effort" from my 3 clan mates, who must total 15 hours of play over the last year. Or I guess I can just grab my Nekros and go do 90 ODS of 20 minutes each. Yeah, that sounds fun. I'm sorry, but it's downright delusional to assume that: 1-all clans are filled to the maximum of their capacity, and 2-all the players in a clan are actually active. I mean, you have stats on your own game, right ? Pretty much everything is tracked ? What I see is that I have to somehow whip out 5k mutagen samples because I'm the only active player in a 4-tenno clan. How many others are in a similar case ? I really am curious. I honestly can't understand how this kind of research cost even made it into the game. Please change it. Or better yet, change the research requirements to make them proportional to the number of clan members, or clan activity (I admit that last one doesn't sound easy)
  13. Good fixes and changes ! I'm excited about getting formas and boosters from sorties !