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  1. These quests are great examples of where we seem to be one of ~100 or so Tenno, each of whom utilize only one warframe. The only way to explain the moon reappearing more than once is with multiverses. As a few people pointed out some things can be explained away as Narcissism and Amnesia, just like Donald duck. So only the current mission exists in reality everything else is subject to conjecture. But most of the oldest story elements (e.g. Vor's prize, Operation Sling-Stone, The Gradivus Dilemma) allowed for us to be a cog in the machine of war. The intro to Vor's Prize is very similar
  2. The older plot elements (e.g. Vor's prize, Operation Sling-Stone, The Gradivus Dilemma) make it seem like we are all yet another Warframe being woken up, and that every defense objective is another new player that we are rescuing from Vor. With 'the lotus' being a figurehead for the slowly growing political force that is going to resolve the 1000 year conflict between the grineer and corpus that is slowly destroying all the remaining livable habitat. ... but then there are the quests where I am "THE CHOSEN ONE' who is the only person in the whole universe that can think for themselves and
  3. Another vote for the imbued elements remaining until I change them to something else. I know it is always great to have an imbued element, but sometimes I worry about RSI as I ignore what is happening on the screen and focus on which elements I want to re-apply to this attack. Another was to help this would be longer cool downs on all abilities, So we have to wait longer before being able to cast them. On the other hand I am enjoying how sturdy he is and that he tank take a lot of damage without me worrying too much about what is happening on screen.
  4. If you hold for ~1sec you can activate the "quick throw" function, if you hold for >2 sec then it becomes a heavy attack throw. tapping E again afterwards makes it explode and return to you, so sometimes you recall it before it lifts an enemy. Also has anybody tries Saxum Thorax with this? Does the puppet ability count as a lifted status?
  5. So I still play railjack even though I have maxed out my intrinsics. I had to buy extra inventory space so I know I have crafted 17 items from wreckage and I was keeping the broken wreckage around the maximum of 30 because I might want to try some of the other weapons. I feel like I probably qualify for the 3 tiers of early adoption rewards. But they are a bit disappointing, its all resources that I already have, I even have a spare legendary core already that I do not know where to use. I was really hoping for some limited time cosmetic items like from the hostile mergers or buried debts
  6. Incidentally with respect to roles, My wife gets a bit frustrated that I do practically all the jobs without her help. In particular the engineering is still only a part time occupation on my ship with no defense, shield or armor mods. By contrast a spaceship simulator that make engineering feel fun and powerful is Artemis https://www.artemisspaceshipbridge.com/ This mostly revolves around boosting certain components of the ship, the secondary function is to triage repair requests. https://www.cattail.nu/artemis/engineersRigbook/about.php
  7. I gave some feedback just a little before this devstream here: 1. Can Cephalon Cy's status & mission objective updates also be displayed on the screens scattered about the ship? 2. can the empty space in the gunners area have a hologram of the whole RJ map, so we can orient ourselves. 3. can the engineering bay have a hologram of our ship so that he knows exactly where to run to fix a hull breach? 4. can the display screens above the foundry display information? rather than just be a light bulb? 5. Why are their safety handrails in this ship? I am a ninja not a to
  8. There are a few things that I think would assist with the flow of these missions, and to tell how the battle is progressing when you are within the safety of the ship. First off, nearly all the status updates are given by Cephalon Cy via audio and there are a bunch of lights within the ship that appear to be information displays. Could cephalon Cy be visually present anywhere in this ship? Possibly these displays could show the mission status, the last thing Cephalon Cy told us was important or the status of the ship/cargo hold? There is a large empty space in between the
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