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  1. This is the build I have with Ivara, using the sleep arrows I get reliable stealth finishers, using the Surging Dash I get an extra 65% damage, but they are regular finishers. I have tested a few things and I don't know if I am just better of going for regular elemental damage upgrades. For example a maxed [Volcanic Edge] is a better investment than [Finishing touch].
  2. Broken warframe interpretation Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. It looks to me that Broken is held loosely together by the orokin white tree magic roots. Broken appears to be made from three main warframes, rusty blue and white. Or this could be states of decay. Broken sounds like he has lain in an orokin mass grave since the time of the old war. Dormant and not one of the original Orokin disigns this warframe is unusual. I imagine he never had a specific tenno master but his bodyparts recall transference. Possibly we meet him first as an unaffiliated specter like in "the new strange" We can trace him back to a mass grave for his Blueprint. Systems can only be found while wearing a Grustag Bolt, after being defeated by the G3. Nuroptics can only be found in the Zanuka recovery mission. Chassis, should be something to do with the infested... Maybe can be found from any infested unit but only if you are playing with zero mods equipped like the Grendal maps. I really enjoyed that challenge but no longer have any motivation to play like that now that I have Grendal. Passive: fragile Broken is has a tenuous grip on life. He has damage gates, at 75,50,25% damage taken a body part falls off, reducing his armor by 33%. body parts can be collected again (pickup or walked on?) to restore the 33% armor and 20%of max hp at the last 25% Broken is naked and looks like a mass of white magic tree roots, has 0 armor. (unless he uses Empathy to hide his nakedness) Base stats would have very high armor, high health, very low shields Also missing body parts does not slow the Broken warframe at all. He is able to cast all abilities while reloading, wall latching ect. First: Empathy Broken is empathetic towards the recently/almost dead, He can teleport to a corps and relive their last moments. On enemy this ability can be cast on Grineer, Corpus and Infested corpses. Broken takes on their appearance for XXseconds and passifies nearby enemies of that faction (aka Baruuk). This can be used similar to invisibility for stealth finishers and would be good in spy maps as all the door and lazer walls identify you as an ally. Particularly good for the Kuva rescue mission doors. Also useful in arbitrations to give everybody a bit of breathing space, though the arbitration drones will remove all your other buffs. You can lose invisibility (if you have it) but remain cloaked when using abilities/weapons. When combined with Life-touch, stealth finishers are instant and there is no animation. If Life-touch is active it cannot create corrupted clones from killed units. On allied Warframes this ability lets you relive their last moments while also instantly reviving a downed player. for XXseconds you appear as that player and your 2,3,4th abilities are replaced by theirs. Recast #1 to end the empathic link early. Reanimate, Reinforce, Life-touch cannot be cast while imitating another warframe. Second: Reanimate Sacrificing all your shields, any bodyparts that have become abandoned by you regenerate. Gaining a life of their own they become a specter of you. As an ally they have no weaponds and can only melee attack with your life-touch. Enemies killed by your reanimated corpses cannot generate corrupted units, that would feel too much like a zombie and fill the map. Specters have passive health drain, after which they go back to being a bodypart pickup. This ability is to be very high risk/reward. Will you play it safe and regenerate your own HP, collecting every body part? Or will you leave them for reanimation, buff them with Reinforce and try to clear the area with sturdy allies and zero armor and zero shields. Cast Reanimate while active to bring back all your bodyparts from where you lost them across the map. Restoring armor and shields but not HP. Third: Reinforce Life giving energy of the void explodes above you. Any allies within range receive a random "Reactant Buff" (possibly at half strength). If there are less that 4 allies in range then instead an allied Corrupted unit is spawned from the void. If this buff hits a specter generated by Reanimate or life-touch, then its HP is increased by 50% of current. Fourth: Lifetouch Thousands have died to give you life, now it is your turn to live. For a short time the magic tree roots swell to fill in all the gaps of your warframe, smoothing it over. Let you use an exalted fist weapon. looks like you are giving them a high five. Finisher animation is slow and can OHKO 5 units. On deactivation, any unused kill charges reduce the cooldown. Exalted palm Status and critical chance is the same as your power strength only 10 impact damage to start with, you are being gentle with this attack. Each time a target has been finished off, this palm gains ~100 viral damage as his infested flesh reacts to the new death/life. if high HP then likely to get a lethal finisher 80% chance at max HP, 10% at 1HP. Finisher activates max of 5 times, takes 200ms by default, during which time you are both invulnerable. The roots grow out of your palm overcoming the opponent. On kill, if low HP then likely to get a corrupted clone 80% at 0HP, 0% at max HP. This ability is a panic button to be rarely used. Primarily for challenging units like Nox, to be used similar to the old [Covert Lethality] dagger mod. Do you attack a high HP target to make it go away, or a low HP target to get an extra ally? The 5 KO limit is to prevent modding it for attack speed and nothing else. Even when it does not activate has a good chance to benefit from [Condition overload], [Healing Return] and [organ shatter]. How to use? In easy maps, this Broken warframe will not be very exiting. I'd probably activate Reinforce and leave it at that. Or try to complete a steath run by empathizing and then killing unalerted enemies. But in hard maps where you and your allies are dying it becomes more interesting. There should be a reall ebb and flow in the battle as you occasionally swarm the enemy (But only once you are almost dead). Lifetouch could either be used on the final challenger, or to initiate combat taking the most dangerous target out of play, but not both due to its cooldown. imagine arriving last to a mobile defence because you have been collecting all your bodyparts from the previous fight. All three allies are downed. You cast Empathy on the trinity, then manually revive the last two. Cast a blessing (because you are good at the game and remember what trinity does) Then return to your normal body for a Reinforcement buff as you are still surrounded. If you have taken a lot of damage reviving you might Reanimate, or just go for a priority target with lifetouch. By then you have spent all your abilities and energy and have to rely on weapons and team mates to stabilise the situation. If it is a long protracted fight you might want to flee to another room, double tap reanimate then come back in as one solid unit. Or you might try to hold out and hide among your summons, taking on the appearance of an enemy and cheekily buff allies. In ESO, you will be safe for the first few seconds due to your high armor. If they do a high burst of damage to you in the beginning you can cast Reanimate to shield your true self with shadow clones, or quickly pick up the pieces to restore your armor. Once you have your bearings go with a Reinforcement and try to maintain that ability at all times. Both the extra allies and the Reactant Buff will help other warframes in ESO with you. I don't imagine you will want to solo ESO with this character. but you could help another warframe a lot. Thanks for reading, hopefully this feels like a warframe that has been found in a mass grave and re-animated by void energy due to the arrival of the Sentients. Broken does not want die again and does not like to see his new friends downed.
  3. So far I played one space map and it was really pretty. I had no idea what was going on. Never been able to join another squad, Zombie flotillas meant I never noticed any bugs.
  4. Warframe them idea An obsessive compulsive healer / mad scientist / Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde "I'm not a necromancer, I just want to help people and make friends. Well maybe I get a little overzealous." Name: Anoikis, from a form of Programmed cell death for homeless organelles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anoikis Why now? Anoikis never went into cryosleep like other Tenno. Like Harrow/Rell Anoikis found something else interesting to do. For the past centuries he has been researching, thinking and experimenting. Now with the new sentient threat it is time for some larger scale practical testing. Anoikis will randomly select a node on in the origin system to trial some elemental saturation tests in preparation to battle the sentient threat. Gimmick 1: Anoikis drinks a brew to cycle his elemental affinity. All Anoikis's abilities change to the new damage type, similar to the Profit-Taker orb, and Anoikis now heals when receiving that specific damage type. Gimmick 1: As an enthusiastic healer, when reviving an ally both Warframes receive a short term boost to their enthusiasm in battle. Anoikis can also revive fallen enemies who will then fight beside Anoikis with his elemental bonuses. look: tall an slender in a lab coat with a hazmat symbol to show his current element. How to get? Anoikis did not come to your aid in the last 7 years and he has not come to help now. So try some mad experiments yourself you will need to defeat him in battle, AKA stalkers acolyte style. Each day he will move his testing ground to a new node. on Radiation/Heat/Blast blast nodes you can collect his heat aspect on Magnetic/cold/viral you can earn his cold aspect etc... When you combine all 4 primary elemental aspects you can build him.
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