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  1. I just joined some friends in between railjack missions. I leave the railjack start flying around fine & not long I can't stop moving upwards, I got it to stop but then I Aim down sight & it makes me move again. I couldn't do anything, "I miss the old flight system" Any idea to fix this would be cool.
  2. I swear when I built Ivara Prime yesterday she only had 1 energy color, I see 2 options today
  3. Man, I know about the Hydroid Prime drop but I never saw this broadcast in the news feed 😞
  4. Ok, I like having the vibration turned on my controller. When I lose vibration in my controller I know my batteries are low before I ever get a notification. Here's my issue with the Argonak, when you use it in Semi-auto mode I can feel the vibrations. But when you swap to full auto, all vibration stops. I would like it to cause some vibration like other full autos. ================================================================= This has nothing to do with my issue & I understand this wouldn't work for Corinth alt-fire shotgun but It would be awesome if other alt fire weapons that swapped between semi-auto/full auto or burst, worked the same way Argonak does. The Argonak you just push in your right thumb stick & Argonak then swaps to full auto, then push in right stick again & you're back to semi-auto. ================================================================ This kind of change could work for Euphona Prime, to use the shotgun feature you have to press right thumb stick every time, or you could hit right thumb stick to swap to the shotgun alt fire & use it the whole time. vice-versa
  5. Basically I have this riven in my Furis that reads 146.5% Crit dmg 250.8% Crit Chance -28.9% dmg to infested It's 1 upgrade from max, when I go to the mod bench to upgrade it. it reads as this 152.8% crit dmg 261.6% crit chance -30% dmg to infested. So how do I know what numbers are correct? oh & to clarify these numbers listed aren't my preview numbers when look at the next upgrade point.
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