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  1. So I spawned some corrupt heavy gunners, I already have killing Blow equipped on my redeemer. I perform 1 heavy attack dealing 1495 dmg per projectile. I go back to my arsenal, unequip & re-equip killing blow. Perform 1 heavy attack again & I deal 2783 dmg per. Test is repeatable, so the mod is inconsistent. I'll post a video here soon. Tested with normal tekko too, same thing, so with fresh spawned enemies no killing blow equipped. Just true steel organ shatter & normal pressure point. I hit 184 dmg with hvy attack, I try again after going back to tekko upgrade screen
  2. I'd like to add a bug that needs fixing, "Kavats in Hydron will stay friendly but still be considered Hostile & therefore can't progress in waves."
  3. Funny thing is, I got 3 from an Obelisk. I got sick of mining the nodes, It was pointless. Hell some of the node don't even work. I found a node that was highlighted under the map terrain. I mean I got a indicator box under the terrain. Edit: Sry browsing forum from phone, didn't notice it was the same post.
  4. I agree, this resource is far to rare. It's so rare if you made a bet against yourself that if the next mining node didn't drop it you would lose.
  5. I just noticed there is no Kitgun sniper, the only thing close has an Aoe effect. I'm just here making a suggestion, it would be great to have a kitgun sniper option. I've seen a past post archive post asking for it.
  6. I just wanted to try holding down the alt fire on convectrix in a hallway in that survival on Uranus. But trying to have fun with that would tire my thumb lol. Heavy melee is fine.
  7. I've asked this before, but can we change some weapons to use the same alt-fire method like Argonak? example I just got a riv for Convectrix, I picked up this when it was released. I just started trying it out again, but trying to use alt-fire on a controller feels awful. I'd like to just hold it down & aim but it tires your thumb out lol. So I wish I could just change modes like Argonak does & use my trigger to fire the alternate mode.
  8. Thank you, I can say it does sound better. not much, just better than it was.
  9. Would be nice if Void Dash could disable that shield they put up.
  10. I don't have 1 my self yet, but I just got into a game with a player using 1, I just noticed no matter the distance It sounds like it's right next to me. It's a very annoying sound too Could something be changed to reduced the sound for other players? I don't want to mute my game volume.
  11. Is it just me or is the new mission summary screen taxing on my xbox? it seems to load slower & has a slight frame rate issue.
  12. It says "80% dmg taken is reflected when blocking attacks while channeling.
  13. Can we buy single slots for 5p with the exception for Warframe Slots?, Everything else in the store ends in either 0 or 5. Like say Warframe Slots 20, tennogen 165, or a complete frame 75, 175, 225, 325, 375. by having items in store that end with 2, it makes uneven plat. I know I could just go trade items for 1 plat but why waste a trade/trades to do that? Would it upset the market if the 2 weapon slots were 10p & 2 companion slots were 10p?
  14. I thought my pet was teleporting cause I was loading into a new map section, cause it moves with you. At least it did for me when it was down
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