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  1. 😞 I wish I had a sentinel riven for my Sweeper, just read that note.
  2. Does this fix the GPU Particles saving? "I noticed that even if I saved with the GPU particles turned off & it did read as off when I looked in the settings it was like it was still on Medium settings"
  3. I'd say fix the current issues we have on Consoles first. When I mod something & I want to change a mod or two. I have to back out of my arsenal just to apply another mod or move a mod in general. Also when I've wanted to check my secondary weapon after modding the primary, It gets stuck with primary being highlighted & the cursor won't recognize I'm pressing A on secondary. Has anything like these issues been reported?
  4. On the topic of the UI & cursor, It's not an improvement it's actually less efficient, I'd prefer to have my Arsenal be opened up using x & y buttons than trying to scroll panels it's to much time wasted. I thought the void change bad, but this I just don't want to play like this.
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