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  1. Honestly not really bothered, though I hope his Prime skin is better than the Deluxe which I personally find ugly and bulky.
  2. Great news! Any optimizations are welcome but especially those relating to load times. As much as I would prefer the entirety of this to happen in one large update I appreciate the fact that many people have to work around capped and slow internet speeds. Looking forward to this!
  3. While I understand this may be frustrating there is nothing anyone on the forums can do for you. You should have received an e-mail notifying you of the ban. If you legit did nothing that would cause a conflict with the EULA then support should be able to help you rectify the situation, patience is key.
  4. Unpopular? Quite the opposite, people have been asking for Eclipse to be reworked in just that regard for years.
  5. Episode 5 has not yet been released.
  6. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki A generally good resource to keep in mind in future.
  7. Thanks for the hotifx. Could something be done in regards to the rare Necramech mod drops? The rates are insanely low especially considering the mobs are locked behind bounties with time gates. Perhaps add them to Loid in return for standing or just generally increase the rates. Also, for QoL could we have enemies show up on the mini-map while operating our Necramechs? Considering they are combat units just like Warframes.
  8. Can confirm. All 6 maxed, gilded and then maxed again. Show as mastered within my profile yet yielded no Mastery increase.
  9. Was also wondering this, cheers for the heads up. 👍
  10. Yes you did. Which makes your original statement I replied to even more ridiculous unless you honestly consider 10 plat to be hard to obtain.
  11. What utter nonsense. You can pick up the full set to build a Necramech on wf.market right now for 10 plat, 10 plat! A mere 6 days after the update released. If for some reason you absolutely cannot get the parts to drop which I would find suspect since the drop rates are not outlandish and then refuse to spend 10 plat to simply buy the parts and therefore are "locked" out of content then so be it, you've only yourself to blame.
  12. Can confirm. All 6 gilded and maxed, no MR exp.
  13. Also not getting MR for the new pets, have all 6 gilded and maxed.
  14. Are you "in" the Warframe you wish to subsume when you sit in the chair? It will not also not work on Prime frames.
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