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  1. Strange, never seen this myself however it does sound incredibly frustrating.
  2. This. In fact I think it would be a great QoL feature to be able to customize the buff bar with things like size and colour etc.
  3. Whilst I certainly don't agree with every decision Digital Extremes make with regards to Warframe, I am glad to hear that Digital Extremes will be keeping creative control of the game.
  4. This. Have been saying this since Voidrigs release. Not having innate enemy radar in a combat vehicle is absurd. They've tried to address the issue with the Enemy Radar Necramech mod but mod space for Necramechs is at a premium as so many QoL features are tied to mods for Necramechs. I hope they address this moving forward.
  5. This. Having clans and clan leaderboards is supposed to encourage co-op play not stroke the ego of a "lone wolf" so to speak.
  6. Combat Discipline works well if you're in a team for Necramech healing.
  7. End user license agreement. Enjoy the game how you see fit without breaking the rules. If you like to RP, then RP and have fun. 👍
  8. The weapon produced on a lich is completely random, keep spawning kuva larvlings until you see the weapon you want. The frame you use when spawning and killing a Kuva larvling will determine the element on the Lich weapon however. Below is a guide for that. https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dqlfg3/kuva_weapon_element_list_arranged_by_element_with/
  9. RPing is something I've never really understood the appeal of and quite frankly it just comes off as weird to me. That said, it's your game as much as it is any other player so you should feel absolutely comfortable enjoying the game how you see fit within the boundaries of the EULA.
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