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  1. Ah yes, another company jumping on the bandwagon. Whilst there are certainly issues in America right now and I wish them the best of luck resolving those issues, hopefully peacefully. When did DE become a political mouthpiece? Are you going to be giving out statements regarding any and all injustices throughout the world on an ongoing basis? Or just the ones that are currently trending? As to make yourselves more popular among the masses. I fail to see any mention from yourselves on the current situation in Hong Kong, perhaps because you're for the most part owned by a Chinese company and rely on the Chinese market for some of your income. Hypocrisy at it's finest. TL:DR "We as a company are against this particular injustice as it won't affect our bottom line negatively."
  2. I didn't say the game was unplayable before the Bramma so I have no idea what point you're trying to make there. I didn't say headshots were difficult, I pointed out how inefficient it would be when surrounded by 50+ enemies compared to other methods. Sure, you could argue it the other way around and ask for melee to be nerfed to the ground, still doesn't change the fact everything else at present feels completely subpar compared to melee, for the most part, obviously there are exceptions. I feel the need to point that out for your sake as you seem to just want to take cheap shots at people based on what you think they're trying to get across rather than the actual points they make. 👍
  3. This would be perfect and a sensible compromise. People who enjoy the heavy RNG of rivens (If those people even exist) would be able to continue to roll and sell/buy as they can now. Whereas people who would prefer to work and put in the time and effort to attain a specific set of stats on a riven would be rewarded after a hefty investment of both time and kuva. Honestly the only real losers would be the so called "Riven Mafia" and I'm fine with that personally as they are a tiny minority of the playerbase. Unfortunately I cannot see DE ever implementing such a common sense solution because Rivens are basically indirect loot boxes that provides an incentive for people to purchase platinum.
  4. As much as I hate Bramma Spammers the issue isn't the Bramma in itself. The issue is that pretty much every other non melee weapon in the game outside of niche use cases are so incredibly crap and inefficient at mass murder. Many primary and secondary weapons for example require headshots to even be viable at high levels and when you're surrounded by 50 enemies that's just not going to be a pleasant experience. I find myself only equipping a primary at the moment for the sprint speed boost from amalgam serration and a secondary like the Nukor to proc statuses for Condition Overload at very high levels. I seriously think primaries and secondaries need to be looked at and generally buffed. They fall off far too quickly compared to melee as enemies sky rocket in levels.
  5. Let's be real, the only reason they made Wukong fun was to sell his Prime Access and now that that's finished with he'll be forgotten about. Such a shame as he was such a joy to play and still is albeit less so than before.
  6. It must be the Windows 10 2004 update causing this issue then, as it was the only thing changed on my PC from one day to the next. I didn't even force the latest Windows 10 update, it was brought to my attention via the usual windows update. Edit: The workaround I've found is to set the FPS in-game to Unlimited and then limit your FPS with MSI Afterburner or whatever tool of your choice, not an ideal solution but it somewhat works.
  7. Aha, Thank you. I haven't had time to play recently so I couldn't test it out. Should have been in the notes.
  8. There are quite a few of the Nightwave challenges that I really don't like doing, should they be removed to? In fact let's just get rid of the challenges altogether and have DE just simply give us all the Nightwave rewards instantly at the start of every season. 🤦‍♂️
  9. If you're referring to the Tennocon Baro relay then it's one week from the 11th to the 18th of July. This information is readily available at Warframe.com
  10. Since updating my Windows 10 installation to version "2004" the in-game fps cap is not working as intended and will limit my fps to around half of what is selected, for example if I select 120 FPS as the cap the FPS will be limited to 60-65. The only way the in-game fps cap works is to have Vsync turned on, which is not acceptable to me as it introduces major input lag and I use Adaptive Sync anyway which is a much better experience overall than Vsync. Edit; Things I've tried that have NOT worked. Reinstalling Warframe Reinstalling Steam Cleaning Appdata Folder Reseting all in-game settings to default Updating my graphics card drivers (AMD) Disabling Windows Game Mode Disabling Full Screen Optimisations Disabling Variable Refresh Rate in Windows Graphics Options Workaround; Setting in-game FPS Cap to unlimited and then capping your FPS with a tool such as MSI Afterburner.
  11. It was stated a while ago that there was a fix ready to be deployed in the "next hotfix" that would rectify Wisp's Motes not applying to excavators. There have been two hotfixes excluding today's "smol" hotfix since then. What's the deal?
  12. Stick Amalgam Serration on your primary weapon, +25% Sprint Speed at a minor cost.
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