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  1. Woh, already fan art ? It's good sign I guess ^ ^' I was expecting this kind of far art, but only after he's choosed by DE xD He has 4 arms so inevitably, I expected that people give him a personality who likes to hugs.. And you didn't miss.. ! Big thank you ^^
  2. Personally, I think Teshin has no obligation to be exclusive to the pvp section of the game. I'd would love to see him train new players, in a controlled environnement. Like, teach us how do to spy mission, avoid camera and laser, prefer silent weapons with the stealth approach, the most advanced maneuvers of parkour 2.0, like wall latch, wall jump, etc.. And this kind of tutorial would have much more indicators on hud.
  3. I have nothing more to say than "yes". Perfect ^^ Hope DE will read all of that, and hope that all of that or maybe similar approach is already planned for the new player experience ^^ Edit: Syndicate members will be recruitable into the railjack crew, so yes, we need a more immersive way to get to know them, from the beginning of the game.
  4. Great feedback 😄 thanks ^^ So.. Yes, the vital force gauge, at first sight is vampiric, it's obvious.. But do you know.. wraiths ? 😄 (from stargate atlantis) Their origin is an ectoparasite, similar to a large insect. Wraiths feed on life force, by the palm of their hand. Yes, it seems almost plagiarism at this level, sorry. But in fact no, I think there is enough difference between Arann and a wraith, to discard the remark ^^ So, as a result, I've made a warframe that has elegant look, not-so-tough visually, but resistant and with a sci-fi vampire aspect that many have been calling for since the "disappointment" of Vlad, who has become Revenant... ( I love Revenant, it's one of my mains ) The warframes of nowadays must have a way to resist the damage, or to escape it, they cannot stay like that, without defense, in the middle of the fight. So I thought of this idea of vital force to give him a tank capacity, but he has to deserves it, by actively using skills. This lead to an heroic moment, Arann is fed to the maximum, and as a wraith, or a vampire, this is where he becomes the most dangerous, this is where the enemies empty their weapons on him but it does nothing to him, and it is there that he scares, advancing towards the enemy. You see it ? 8,...,8 The invisibility, is for the predator aspect, and I put restrictions on it to be sure it cannot be too "op" It's for solo gameplay, spiderman/batman feeling. spiders don't exist ? even on Fortuna ? ° ° There is one that still enjoy his bath... maybe... ^ ^ You make me happy ^^ I was afraid of this one.. But you know.. Vauban has 4 mines in one spell.. and nobody complain about that, he's convenient enough ^^ And yes I voluntarily put a little too much features in it, for letting the liberty to DE to cut some things.
  5. I have nothing more to say than yes, to all your ideas. Plus, they are perfectly explained and reasonable. '-'
  6. Love the fact that you found a place for all the buttons hidden in "action", but, I think the access to the mod console should be more obvious in some way, I had to search it a moment and thinking it was missing ^^'
  7. Arann the predator I have written too much in it, I'm tired go check it out if you're interested ^ ^
  8. Health and Shield edited with the rule of 200%, thanks 😄
  9. i'm sorry, these stats are.. quite original and non "standard" I know, but I took the time to look at the base stats of all warframes on the wiki, and I wanted to create a "semi-fragile" warframe at base. It's because of his passive, that can makes him a tank, but he has to care about it. But I take note of your feedback, thanks, and if it's really something disturbing, it will be necessary to consider a balancing.
  10. Hello ! '-' So.. How do I explain this.. Some days ago, I found a beautiful warframe design, the kind of design that is 100% in the aesthetic style of the game. The kind of design that absolutely deserves to reach DE, for at least be seriously considered for one sec. It's by Matias Tapia, (see the link to the post below) So.. Spider themed warframe.. I saw several attempts in Fan concepts. So I think it's a desired one. I took it very seriously, because I too would like to see that happening, and this artwork is just stunning, so it tooks me 4 days to elaborate his kit. I went through several versions, because I started with ideas not necessarily very original, or optimal, but I corrected everything, asked their opinion to many friends who like the game as much as I do, and here is the result. I know, I know, it's a lot to read, but it's a good sign, it's a complete warframe, it would make a lot of happy tenno if it was done ^^ So, I'll let you read all that, understand it, and imagine yourself playing him, and give your opinion. English is not my language, so sorry if there are errors or redundancy. Spider Warframe Temporary Name: Arann Link to twitter Description in the Codex: Both predator and guardian, Arann likes to play with his prey. Do not be fooled by his apparent frail constitution, because once he’s fed with the strength of his victims, there is no way of stopping him. Stats: Health: 75 -> 225 ( lvl 30 ) ( <.< thanks to feedback ) Armor: 500 Shield: 50 -> 150 ( lvl 30 ) ( <.< thanks to feedback ) Energy: 150 -> 225 ( lvl 30 ) Speed: 1.3 Functions: Stealth / Control / Powerful and Fast melee / Enemy Debuff (Strip Armor) Passive: ( I know.. it's a big passive u.u But it's necessary, (and cool) trust me ) Unlimited wall latch time Or 60 sec Faster bullet jump Bullet jumping towards an enemy to throw him with a kick, convenient to launch the enemies towards the mural spiderweb. Automatic invisibility after 3 sec crouching or wall latching. [3 energy / sec] Condition of invisibility: no damage received (including canceled damage) for 10 sec, no noisy weapon fire, stay crouching or on wall. Jumps from a wall are allowed. Vital Force gauge: From each enemy stabbed by his Needles or claws, Arann absorbs the vital force that he uses to quickly regenerate his health at the slightest damage on it. When his vital force reaches a certain threshold, Arann can take a number of attacks regardless of their violence. After that, the gauge returns to 0% Nullified Attacks: [2/3/4/5] - Affected by Strength Abilities: 1: Acid venom: Description: Arann spits projectiles burst of acidic venom. Stats: Energy: 25 Damage: [50/100/200/250]- Poison || [50/100/200/250]- Corrosive / projectile. - Affected by strength Reduces enemy max armor by [5/10/20/25%] / projectile. - Not affected by mods Projectile splash radius: [0.5/1/2/3 m] - Affected by Range The projectiles of acid have a hight rate of fire, and are launched in burst of 4. 2: Spiderweb spray: Description: Arann fire a large amount of silk from the palms of his hands. He can do it in three ways: He can shoots continuously and (auto) target many enemies in his field of view to block their movements temporarily. ( Similar to Mesa Peacemaker ) - Use of 4 arms He can focuses on a single target to trap it in a cocoon and then bring it back to him. - Use of 2 lower arms Or he can spray large amount of silk in front of him to cover ennemies with it in seconds. - Use of 4 arms Stats: Duration: [10/12/14/20 sec] / web or cocoons - Affected by duration Range: [10/30/50/75 m] - Not affected by mods Radius of heal on finisher: [4/6/8/10 m] - Not affected by mods Heal on death of the enemy: 10% max life - Not affected by mods Heal on interaction: 25% max life - Not affected by mods Vital force gain: [3/5/10/15%] - Affected by strength 3 modes, switch by tap, use by holding. Mode 1: Quick control Energy: 25 on cast + 3 / projectiles Throws spiderweb to quickly neutralize enemies, (they will be stuck to the ground, in a very vulnerable position). hold to target all enemies in the field of view. Mode 2: Predation Energy: 10 ( it's single-target ) The enemy is quickly pulled towards us once traped and the melee finisher that can be done immediately is multiplied by [2/3/4/5] ignoring the armor. It's a way to ensure a one shot, as a maneuver of assassination in a context of stealth / dexterity. ( batman / spiderman gameplay :p) Mode 3: Cocoons Energy: 25 on cast + 3/sec Arann throws his silk continuously in front of him to cover the enemies facing him. In a few seconds they are completely locked in solid cocoons in which they struggle in vain. Enemies trapped in the cocoons take x2 damage from the Acid venom, which will reduce their armor 2 times more effectively. Each trapped enemy takes multiplied damages like a finisher and their deaths trigger a short radius heal. Each trapped enemy ( by Mode 1 or 3 ) is available to interact for Arann, and the other Arann of the group. The interaction consists of a more effective heal and a gain of vital force for Arann, by stabbing the enemy with his lower arm's claws. ( Invincible during the interaction ) 3: Great spiderweb: Description: Arann fire a particularly sticky and heavy silk net. The cone of silk will carries who are in its path, and stick to where it lands as a wide spiderweb, then traps all those who touch it after that. Stats: Energy: 25 Duration: [5/10/15/20 sec] / spiderweb - Affected by duration Cone angle: [30°] - not affected by mods Length of the net when released: [2m] - not affected by mods Radius of final spiderweb: [4/6/8/10m] - affected by range Maximum number of distinct spiderweb: 4 - not affected by mods Deploys large spiderweb on the ground, on the walls, or ceilings. The projectile will carry enemies on its way, especially convenient to affect the flying enemies who would not take foot in the spiderweb. The enemies walking on it will be strongly slowed during their 1st steps, then will be totally immobilized in a state of panic. (Similar to having Nidus larvae on them) If they are downed on the spiderweb they will be unable to get up. The enemies pushed back to the spiderweb on the walls will remain stuck and completely neutralized. Acid venom can be used on the spiderweb to allow it to reduce the armor of all enemies currently immobilized by it. (25% armor reduction per Acid venom projectile, so 100% in a burst of 4) It also adds the poison and corrosive damage of Acid venom over time, applied every 3sec. Great spiderweb can be launched on an area where there are enemies trapped in web (by Spiderweb spray Mode 1) to refresh their duration. Great spiderweb launched on enemies already immobilized by a great spiderweb, refreshes the duration of it, and produce Impact damage. [350/400/450/500 impact] - affected by strength Use the aim in the air being directly below a spiderweb, allow us to be suspended by a finer silk thrown by the lower hands. Balance movement possible, jump to get out. 4: Needles: Description: Arann releases his secret weapon. 4 deadly poisoned spikes from the top of his forearms. The mobility of Arann is upgraded, and it will be easy for him to paralyze his preys one by one, or to make a carnage, according to his mood. Stats: Energy: 25 on cast + drain [3/s] + 5 / dash Duration of immobilization by the venom: [5/10/20/25 sec] - affected by duration Damage multiplier after the dash: [x2 / x3 / x4 / x5] - not affected by mods Armor Reduction granted by the Acid venom: [10/15/20/25%] - not affected by mods Damage granted by Acid venom: [50/100/200/250]-Poison || 50/100/200/250]-Corrosive Vital force gain on stabbing after dash: [2/3/4/5%] - affected by strength Dash range: [3/5/8/12m] - not affected by mods Venomous needles: 4 long poisoned spikes come out of Arann's 4 forearms. ( they retract when he uses weapons ) Arann's roll is replaced by a very fast dash that can be spammed, going from enemies to enemies. The dash automatically stabs the enemy on contact, injecting a venom that immobilizes it for some time. 5% of the vital force is also absorbed from the enemy at that moment. The enemies take multiplied damage on the 1st melee attack which directly follows the dash. If a finisher is executed on an enemy affected by the Acid venom, the spikes gain an acid buff, granting an armor reduction property for each attack for the rest of the use of Needles. Stat of Needles: Attack Speed: 1.75 Block resist: 80% Crit Mult: x2 Crit Chance: 25% Status Chance: 25% Puncture: 90 Slash: 80 Poison: 150 Summary of synergies: Acid Venom + Spiderweb spray (mode 3): The cocoon absorbs the acid, the enemy in the cocoon has his armor reduced by 50% per acid projectile, which also have their damage x2 Acid Venom + Great spiderweb: Venom spreads on the spiderweb, reducing enemy armor by 25% per projectile. The poison and corrosive damage of Acid venom will tick every 3 sec to each enemy currently immobilized. Spiderweb spray + Great spiderweb: The great spiderweb deployed over the enemies prisoner of web or cocoons, reset the duration of it. Spiderweb spray (mode 1) + Great spiderweb + aim glide: A good way to quickly capture many enemies is to gain height to have a better view of the area. Hanging from a spiderweb on the ceiling is a good way to get a clear view of the area to use the spiderweb spray Combo: Acid Venom + Spiderweb spray (Mode 1 and 3) + Needles: When an enemy is imprisoned in a cocoon, and he’s affected by Acid venom, the cocoon becomes soaked with acid. An interaction to execute the special finisher will impregnate the Needles with additional poison and corrosive damage, as well as an armor reduction ability of 25% per attack. How to play Arann: Arann is fast, but only has a weak shield, and a basic health. However, he has good base armor, which allows him to engage the fight without fear. Above all, he has the ability to feed on the vital force of his prey, for an accelerated regeneration process. He can even gain a temporary invincibility if he reaches a certain level of vital force. His priority will therefore be to increase his vital force by feeding on his captured prey's vital force. So, start by capturing one or more enemies with the spiderweb spray. Then go draw their vital force by interaction. 10% vital force per enemy, affected by his power strength. That ensures his most basic survivability. To handle situations where the enemies are more numerous, the great spiderweb come into action. Fairly durable, these web allow Arann to take his time to eliminate enemies at his own pace, while they should be weakened by the acid that has spread on the web. For a more direct approach, the Needles are the best choice to rush and do carnage. These 4 spikes hit fast, and rushing towards the enemy with a dash guaranteed a stab with crippling venom, which allows you to choose which enemy you wants to neutralize for a time rather than continue to attack him. Overall: Arann specializes in assassination, the weakening of enemies, and crowd control. He's not going to erase waves of enemies all over the room. That said, well used, his abilities will allow him to easily control the situation throughout the room. His ability to reduce the armor of enemies is effectively not affected by his power strength, this could be considered too advantageous. That said, this is justified by the fact that it's his specialty, and the damages of his powers are relatively weak and have no scaling. A total of 1000 of poison and 1000 of corrosive damage, in a complete burst of 4 projectiles for a 1st ability, we saw worse, knowing that some projectiles can miss their target. The 500 impact damage of a synergy of his 3rd ability is also rather anecdotal. The weapon of his 4th ability has statistics that may seem too high. But it is a short-range weapon, which again, is not likely to erase the enemies of the room like a Saryn. Needles are an assassin's weapon that must have the statistics needed to quickly kill one enemy at a time by chaining quickly. The mechanic of the vital force gauge. This is something that might seem too powerful at first sight. Arann has: - 500 armor. Mods to increase the armor will be useful. - 150 shield, mods to increase shield will be fairly useless. - 225 health, mods to increase health will probably be useful. It's basically a warframe that is not afraid to take damage, but who has to be careful. Arann quickly regenerates his health by tapping into the vital force gauge. So this gauge acts as a great health reserve, similar to that of Inaros. This gauge goes from 0 to 100%, so there is a balancing to find to define how many percentages are consumed for healing a certain amount of health. Maybe this can be affected by mods. The vital force absorption that Arann can perform is at 10% per enemy at base. With 200% power, it would be 20% per enemy. In this case 5 enemies are needed to reach 100% But Arann will gradually increases this percentage, he can be hurted in the meantime, and thus lose some vital force. Once at 100%, the gauge disappears, replaced by a minimum of 5 invulnerability charges. If he is affected by any damage on his health, (not the shield), whether it be 1 or 1 million, a charge is consumed, and the damage cancelled. All charges are instantly lost in contact with a nullifier. (But are not lost in case of a fall, or vehicle use) When Arann has no more charge, the gauge reappears, at 0%. This mechanism makes Arann a tank, but a temporary one, which must continually maintain his level of vital force if he is in a dangerous situation. ------------------------------ So, what do you think about it ? 8,...,8 Of course, if DE picks him one day, I'm okay with all the ability tweaks they want, all of these stats are just my personnal vision of "balanced". I'm a Mastery Rank 27 player who has complete the vast majority of the game, so I just want what it's better for the game, not a nuker, but an enjoyable character that brings lot of fun ^ ^ I will conclude by quoting Matias: "It sounds interesting and, personally, it's odd that in a game about ninjas(in space) there's no spider frame yet."
  11. I have all trust in DE for the content to come that we are already aware, so no question about that, but I have a subject of lower priority that interests me: Operator on K-drive. I've heard about the possibility of K-drive for operator, and the worry about violent fall off, ragdoll, etc.. But why not consider rollers ? They exist for some corpus units, futuristic rollers, like this : I can understand that rollers will not fit on every warframe, but on the operator, it should be easier, isn't it ? Plus, it could be a serious addition to their cool kid attitude, and to their mobility. With no energy to dash, operator are slow, even with maxed passive, at least compared with a warframe. And because it's not a plank, it's doesn't restrict their movements, this could lead to very fluid combo movements with their void's dash. And if they violently fall off, they go back into their warframe, without letting a K-drive behind ^^ ( <.< that's an important detail ) So, what have you to say about that ? 😛
  12. Hi ^ ^ I just noticed a weird issue with the use of the Lahnss tennogen skin ( beautiful *-* ), with the Sydon Vaykor. The skin function properly with other weapons, but with this one, here is the result : Sydon Vaykor: Sydon Vaykor other angle: Guandao, (for example) : Other angle: See ? The handle is still the one of the Sydon, but, longer '-' and bended And this happens only if it's in our hands, it's fine when it's on our back. I don't own every hast type weapon, so I can't test them all, but I suggest to verify them all ^^'
  13. Okay, I played Gauss since his release, with 4 formas one of which is an aura one.. I simply, love him +.+ well done DE ! But '-' ( haha ).. In my opinion, he has some tiny details that need some changes. I read the forum, collect opinions on many twitch stream, within my clan and friends, and we are pretty much agree about what he needs to really be like he "logicaly" should be and function. So.. Mach Rush: Perfect '-' The only changes to that, would be totaly optionnal, and would be additions that might be contrary to what it's intented to be in DE's mind, so I will tell all this kind of inessential ideas at the end. Kinetic Plating: Great.. '-' But, there is a major issue with it.. Slash proc °-° This ability is supposed to protect Gauss from all physical type damage right ? So all physical type damage, should never proc their status effect, if they encounter Gauss's shield ( Kinetic plating ). Maybe even when he doesn't even have normal shield anymore. We trust this ability, with our life, on the battle field. If this ability betrays us, we're doomed. So please, total immune to all status proc that come from physical, fire, cold and explosive damage types. We are accepting that poison, gas, magnetic, radiation, viral, can hurt Gauss, and we are prepared to face those elements with other protectives means, like arcanes, but being hurt by slash proc, is a pure nonsense. Thermal Sunder: Great+ '-' Synergies are perfect, visual and sound are gorgeous. Damage.. hm.. fine.. It's not an ability to do extreme damage, it's control + damage.. Maybe it could be better if cold damage stay as they are, but fire damage be upped a little. ( and the explosive one also, just a little ) 2 major details need some change. - Battery level should charge more, with the number of ennemies affected, especialy if they are frozen by it. Because we are absorbing their kinetic energy, right ? No need of big number by ennemy, we are smart enought to search groups of ennemies on our radar to maximise the effect, it's more gameplay for us ^^ And this could help Redline a little more. - The synergy with Redline, for striping armor, is too hidden, and has poor number. 50% of current armor, if Redline is maxed ? The ennemy is dead long before we see any result.. Many other warframes can strip armor with much more ease, please, little buff for that synergy. -- Either 50% of max armor ( at Maxed RedLine), influenced by power strenght. Or -- 25 or 50% of max armor, at minimal Redline, and 100% at max, not influenced by power strenght. RedLine: Impressive '-' But.. a little weird.. The buff are scaling with duration.. hm.. strange, but understandable, they are speed buff, so time is more important than power.. The issues is: - Why are we taking half of the duration to building up the charge ? This mecanism puts pressure on us, and maybe it's intented, but.. the problem is, we have no option to find some confort. I mean, even with the use of many mach rush, or cold aoe, when we reach 100%, we have generaly just a few second to enjoy our power..and there are no ennemies around, because we've kill them all already while building the charge xD So, I suggest a small exponential part, somewhere in the calculation of the charge we are accumulating, to be able to reach the 100% before the half of our duration. And, it doesn't need to be a big number, because the change to thermal sunder could also help. Here are all the changes needed in my opinion ^^ The inessential ideas that I would love to see are: - Using Mach rush just after doing a vertical propulsed jump, could send us very high, and, using it again, while facing the ground, could send us to the ground for a massive aoe, with damage proportional to our battery level. I know, only usefull in open world.. And Zephyr already exists.. hm.. Gauss is about kinetic energy.. He's as legitimate as Zephyr to have that ^^ - Mach rush could have a boost, with the usage of sprint key, that would use much more energy. Aoe could be more powerfull and have better range if the crash happen while sprinting. - Recast Kinetic Plating by holding the key ? - Total self damage immunity from his signature weapon if Kinetic plating is active. '-' He is faster than the projectiles >.< The security distance is lovely, but, it makes us think we are safe, and so we rapidly become not careful, and boom '-' Gauss is designed to run toward the ennemies, but with such weapons, it's suicide. ( I'm not asking that the self damage give us energy ) Overall, it's a great warframe, with lots of interesting synergy in his kit, it's all we want I think, but it's sad to notice that he is not at his full potential, he is at 95%, and it's frustrating xD It's always some little details that makes the difference.. I hope he can get the little tweaks he needs, feedbacks exist for this reason, right ? ^^ Well, I return play with him, he's too fun ^^
  14. Altra is the name of a brand of running shoes..( google it.. ) No Greek mythology this time .. just a little humor :p Personally, when Gauss was announced, I was hoping he was linked to a new type of mission, maybe a racing sport. Maybe such a thing is present in its lore .. but unlikely ..
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