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  1. Hi '-' So.. I've very few experience with wukong, his visual design never pleased me..but, his deluxe skin will be a real reason for me to play him ^^ GG to the artist His abilities.. Hm.. I think this intented rework has the good ideas, and the good logical reasoning behind. But, I agree with some tenno I've read, there are some little details to add or tweak, or we will have some "meh" abilities, not in term of render, he will be heroic, but in term of result, of efficiency in combat. So, the more obvious I see, the damage of his new Defy. I think if he only use the damage of the ennemies, and send them back he will be ridiculous against hight level ennemies, with armour.. A multiplier would be the minimum, but, I think we all hope, a conversion of the damage into the right type that can attack the type of armor of the ennemies we are facing. I know it's maybe a little too "magic", or Revenant's style, but it's necessary.. Oh and please, these damage should be capable of damaging a zero bubble. The abilty itself feels good, it's more skilled based, it will feel more heroic to play wukong, like a tiny "dark soul" vibe. But please, take care of the efficiency in combat. I want to see a wukong jumping toward mass of ennemies, to save a teamate in danger, cast defy, and deploy his primal fury right after, all in fluidity °-° That's it for me ^^ Take care of wukong, he's the kind of warframe that I want to love playing. Heroic, ninja, martial art, inspired by real legend, he's in the core of warframe idea, he should be glorified ^^ Don't be afraid of making him "too op", his abilities can't wipe map ( <.< saryn ), he is in "local combat" ( I invent expressions xD ).
  2. Hi '-' This is a small QoL suggestion for our beloved fashion frame. Add a fourth tab after A B C, called Preview. The function of this tab would be to test changes, without messing up our A B or C preset, until we are sure we want to override one of them with what we done in this tab. I personaly have A B C presets for my favorites frames, and when I have a new idea that I want to try, I found myself incapable of destroying A B or C.. T.T So, a preview tab, only usefull for that purpose of testing without saving, would be a great tool to decide wether or not, this new idea deserve to erase A B or C preset. - This preview tab would also exist for Operator appearance. - What we do in this preview tab would not be save if we leave the arsenal. If we stay on this tab, and leave, then we have our A preset. - In Captura mode however, we could exit the arsenal with the preview preset active. But it will reset when we leave captura. - An "apply" button somewhere would serve to choose wich preset we want to override. - Oh and, What do you think about ? °^°
  3. Thanks ^^ Still waiting fixes for : I hope it will not wait for an opportunity like a rework or his prime version... but I understand the priority on Jovian concord things.. ^^'
  4. Thanks for all these fix 😄 Could you check out these issues please *-* ? I have the impression that they have not been noticed, yet everything is very well explained and obvious.
  5. wow '-' I've never seen such uncomprehensible idea about Limbo xD and I'm a Limbo main.. sometimes 😃 It's true that banish can be annoying sometimes, this is why i'm often afraid of using it, when allies are near. It's a cone zone, it can affect more target that we initialy want, allies included.. But, when a Limbo uses banish, it's because he has a plan, it's because he wants to deal with these enemies personaly. The more often, he already has activated stasis before. The only change that I could want for banish, is to make the ability function in two way. 1- simple press: it doesn't affect allies, and maybe it has a smaller range. 2 - hold a little, like Gara's 1 or Nezha's 2, and it affect allies, and maybe with a little more damage. Other idea, to please those who want a single target version, why not put that on a simple press, but when you aim with your weapon ?
  6. Speaking of baruuk.. he was released after Revenant.. Melee finishers work perfectly fine on enemies put to sleep by Lul.. So with Revenant, this is a real forgotten thing... T.T
  7. All of these are good ideas, except maybe for the thralls immune to allies damage.. I don't like the idea of annoying teammates with unkillable enemies in front of them, when I'm at the other side of a defense or interception map for exemple. Maybe their immunity should depend on their distance with us. Because I admit I want them with me to defend an objective, in mobile defense, excavation and defense, for exemple. But in interception I scatter them, and don't care if they get killed.
  8. Yeah I know he is Reb's frame, and I think this is great '-' I mean, for a character created by a person "who doesn't have a solid grasp on fundamental design for the game", he is pretty close of regular design.. - His 1 is mono target - His 2 is "utility/survivability" - His 3 is utility / movement - His 4 is massive damage The kit is complete and functional.. ( but I understood that it was a humorous reaction, I'm just maybe too much a fan boy xD ) I mean, I don't find the fault of his currents problems in the way and by who he was design. His issues are only these bugs and these little forgetted things.. All frames have some missing details in their kit. The bugs are spotted by players since the update that brought the projectiles from the pillars that have the effect of Enthrall. And with all the hotfixes that have been since, I have the impression that they have not been noticed by DE, hence this post.
  9. As a Limbo main myself, I have to admit I'm often afraid of using Banish to not annoying teammates when I just want to quickly control a crowd and my cataclysm is already affecting an area we have to defend. It's a cone zone >.< a big one, it can affect much more targets that we think. It's true that this is one of the last big details that could be corrected about him.. My suggestion, would be.. A charged version 😛 Press the key, and banish only affects ennemies, Hold the key, and banish also affects allies. ( quick as gara's 1 or nezha's 2 ) That way, Limbo has control of what he's doing, without losing half of the utility of the ability. We could think that this could lead to a new way of troll. Banish ennemies and not kill them, just to annoy teammates, but this is already possible ^^' so, my suggestion only bring solution and better control.
  10. What ? °° don't understand what that means.. Hm, I think maybe its development may have been a bit rushed.. but the design is well done. He was released 08-24-2018, so, his developpement coincides with the tennocon, fortuna, ect .. I can understand he lacks some details in his powers, damage scaling ect.. Currently, he really just needs these bug fixes and he will be fine.
  11. The principle of an augment mod is to bring a gameplay change to a power. So, blinding the enemies affected by Reave, makes a little more sense than a energy refund, because it brings gameplay opportunities that would not be there without this effect. That said, this idea of energy refund makes so much sense that it should be integrated with the basic power.. And if necessary, to balance, that it replaces the shield steal. Revenant rarely needs shields.. After all, it is a movement ability, in 3rd position in the kit, which has a rather high cost for movement, so it would be logical to recover energy to "reward" a correct use. Revenant is such a powerful and epic character, it's too bad that he has these little details that ruin everything.. he is so close to being irreproachable. u.u
  12. Revenant is incapable of performing melee finisher on enemies put to sleep by Mesmer skin, or blinded by Blinding Reave, why '-' ? Enemies seem as sleepy as if Equinox had been there, and as blinded as if Inaros had thrown sand in their eyes. Blinding reave could be a good reason to use Reave more often, but as it is now, it just blinds enemies.. If we can't perform melee finisher on these blinded enemies, then the fact that they are blinded is 50% useless '-' especialy with Revenant around who can control them, or wipe them with his 4. While if we can, player would have opportunity to use covert lethality, or even the passive of Skiajati. I take this opportunity to remind that we still have no indication that these things have been noticed by DE: These 2 subjects ( the melee finisher, and the current bugs ) are the only important things that bother Revenant. I love him since his first appearance on devstream, and even more when I noticed all the similarities between him and Raziel from legacy of Kain series, hero of my childhood +.+ So please, he needs a fix ^^ One last suggestion: add a charged version to Enthrall. ( As quick as gara's 1, or nezha's 2 ) Higher energy cost, cone zone, like Limbo's banish. Simply to enthrall several enemy at the same time. That could help a little with the issue of "my thralls are killed to quickly by teammate"
  13. Question about Revenant. Why cannot we do melee finisher on enemies put to sleep by Mesmer Skin, or blinded by Blinding Reave ? They seem as sleepy as if Equinox had been there, and as blinded as if Inaros had thrown sand in their eyes. I don't think an augment mod that just blind enemies is usefull for Rev. To blind enemies, but no be able to do melee finisher on them is just pure control. But Rev doesn't need that to have pure control, he has his 1, or even his 4 to wipe crowds.. But, be able to use covert lethality, for example to one-shot a blinded Nox, would be usefull, and that, would make the augment mod worthy. Also, there is still this thing ^^
  14. I'm new to the subject, but if it's a hotfix, wasn't it an opportunity to accept or reject clan emblems ? '-' I have all my time, but I'm just a little worried .. I saw the hotfix yesterday and now this one. This is my very first clan emblem attempt ^^ ' Or maybe it's only when a real update drops ?
  15. Fortuna is amazing, it's like Warframe evolved to be "next gen Warframe", but I know, it doesn't, because that, will seriously occur with Railjack xD Questions I have at the moment are.. - Will Loki receive a little rework one day..? He's an old character, and I play a lot with him, but, I'm sad about him, cause he is the stealthy Warframe, from the beginning, but, he can't recast his invisibility, while Octavia, warframe of the noise, can be indefinitely invisible.. you see ? - Could it be possible, to create real interraction with some object, like chairs.. I mean, the couch, in our quarters for example, a real interraction to properly sit. And for the Dojo too.. Railjack will bring a docking room to the dojo isn't it ? So, people will spend more time in their dojo. I saw at which point, dojos can be beautifull, but "interraction" with objects is still a missing thing.. - Limbo deluxe.. when '-' ? - The next group of approved tennogen ? ( the one with Limbo Graxx ) - When Revenant stun a enemy with mesmer skin, this enemy can't undergo a melee finisher, yet he is just as sleepy as if it was Equinox who did the job, why ? '-' - A real fanboy question: Has Raziel, from the Legacy of Kain series, been a source of inspiration for Revenant ? Cause I noticed a couple of similarities, but I want a real anwser from you DE '-' Raziel is the hero of my childhood, and seeing part of him in Revenant's aspects and lore made me really happy *-*. - Cetus and Fortuna, are in contact in some way.. right ? Why not a shortcut, between them, for players who have unlocked both of course. I mean, there are platforms at the entrance of cetus that could be used.. And a little thing like this could reinforce the immersion in "open world" mode. - I saw a lot of new players annoyed by the fact that archwing launcher needs the archwing launcher segment, which is in dojo lab.. and these new players don't have clan.. could it be a good idea of changing that ? I mean, things like upgrades for the incubator are fine in the tenno lab, but archwing launcher.. it's a little sad.. I think.. no ? Last.. and terrible question.. - Why... why ION skin...of Yatus, are never accepted ? >.< Have you seen them ? Ion Frost, Ion Nidus, and Ion Nekros ?! And the forgoten Ion Limbo.. *I cry* Why ?! T.T What could be wrong with these skins ? Is this techninal issues ? well.. I will not miss this devstream °-° Love you all, DE, and the community, you're the bests 😄 All the new players that I help on twitch tells me, that someone told them that warframe have a great community 😄
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