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  1. Parazon finishers are indeed too rare on normal enemies. My idea to make them more accessible, without having to impose on everyone that the enemies no longer die instantly, would be to have these finishers with the parazon linked to the classic finisher. I mean, let's admit you blind an enemy, with the sands of Inaros, or the radial blind of Excalibur, you have the possibility of the classic finisher, which uses your melee weapon. What if you held down the finisher button instead ? The finisher will be made with the parazon, which will use all the damage and mods of your melee weapon, plus those of the parazon, for the small special effects. ( held down buttons can solve so many tricky things in warframe.. ) ( and yes, sometime they don't, it's also tricky ^^')
  2. I'm globally very happy with this update, and here is my feedback about the one thing that bothers me. Lich's random weapon . '-' Yes, we can see what will be the weapon of the lich, and therefore choose to ignore it if we do not want it. I'm happy about that, but.. Result ? 1-Launch a short mission 2-Rush 3- Attract and defeat a larvling 4-Verification.. 5-hm .. not the right one, end or abandon mission ° - ° There are 16 Kuva weapons, currently .. ( And I hope always more in the future ^^ ) I let you contemplate the extent of the repetition of this procedure when looking for a particular weapon, this is simply not viable. So, I suggest 2 things: First: For each Lich defeated or converted, we receive a "token" item. This token can be used with an npc, probably Palladino. The effect: The next larvling attracted will carry the weapon of our choice. But beware, only the weapons already obtained, and mastered, can be chosen. These weapons have 40 lvl. And need 5 forma to be at their max. This is 6 sessions of exp. The players wanting to max out a kuva weapon are therefore already in grind session, this is really not the time to have them go through a repeat mission loop. Secondly: Each mastered weapon has a 50% less chance of appearing after ignoring a larvling that offered it. These odds are reset at the time of the daily connection reward. This should help quickly find a new weapon, with less frustration of seeing weapons already mastered that we do not want to see again for the moment. Even with these 2 suggestions here is the summary of the RNG elements in lich system: - Random weapon. - Random damage bonus %. - Characteristics of the Lich. - Lich encounter. - Requiem mods in relics. - Ephemera So, even if my 2 suggestions may seem to be "too much" to facilitate the acquisition of the desired kuva weapons, there is really no need to worry, there is still enough Rng in the system to ensure its replayability. This is essentially what Rng is for isn't it? ^^ '
  3. Where to start ... well, I'm going to make it simple, interpret it as you want, it's very short but there is a lot in it. Thank you '-' I participated in the feedback pointing to the problems of liches, and in particular the problem of the deadly sequence of the parazon. I am therefore happy to see that the feedback has been listened to, and that the changes undertaken in response are rather good. Personally, I complained that the kuva liches had lost the creepy aspect of the kuva capable of bringing them back to life. Obviously, this aspect will not return, or perhaps, was never really planned in the idea, although the tennocon demo seemed to strongly indicate it. But I realized one thing recently. Who writes warframe lore? Who writes the operating rules for background elements? Probably someone with the title of Creative director, right ? ^^ Obviously, he didn't want to define the Kuva as being able to resuscitate someone. He defined it as capable of establishing immortality / invincibility, the only flaw of which is a Requiem. To summarize. This is the way to accept the warframe / lich interaction. And that's good for me ^^ With the deadly failure no longer there, things will be much less frustrating. Thanks again for that, but I hope that this will be accompanied by a small increase in the difficulty to compensate. Improved AI, combat possibilities of the lich. A Nemesis system, by definition, is something impressive, don't be afraid to put too much ambition in the system. I quickly take the example of the bosses of Dark souls. They can infuriate many players. But when they are defeated, not only are we happy, but we sometimes want to do them again, just to see if we could succeed in defeating them in a better way. Successfully designing elements that make you want to replay them, even when they drove us crazy 5min ago is not easy, I suspect, but since warframe counts on repetition for its lifespan, that seems to me to be an important part not to be missed. To be useful to the workshop, here are my important questions: - What happened to the idea of abandoning your active lich to make it available to any member of our clan ? There is a Dojo room that languish to have more utility I think.. - You want to reduce the grind, the frustration, the boring repetition, and for that you introduce the possibility of knowing which will be the weapon of the Lich. It's fantastic. ( We won't know if it's going to have an ephemera, will we ? ) But at the same time, you abandon the idea of "Lich be-gone". So that means the loss of the function supposed to guarantee us a weapon with the next lich doesn't it ? Consequently, that obliges us to have to repeat a rush of mission in loop to hope to find a Larvling with the weapon which one seeks. '-' ? - Since the lich does not die when it is attacked with the bad requiem, and that it flees, what did you plan during the integration of Liches in Empyrean ? I mean, if we show up on its ship, attack it with the wrong requiem, will it leave ? Leave its own ship ? It doesn't seem logical to me, so good luck finding a logical solution. A quick idea: Let's admit that we attack a lich on its ship, with the bad requiem, it does not leave, and the objective of the mission changes: - neutralize the lich, with an object designed for. (a trap or something) - sabotage the ship and leave. Result: The Lich suffers heavy losses, but is not defeated. It will take time for it to regain sufficient rank to obtain a new ship. This makes this railjack mission, rare, valuable, in terms of staging and content. And the logic is preserved, the lich will be gone before its ship explodes. Quite simply. Well.. Good luck with the rest, as always, I trust that you will develop the right features, and in the worst case, the necessary changes will come soon after. ^^
  4. You're a newcomer from Christmas, and you've identified all of these flaws with precision °-° And most importantly, you take the initiative to come and give complete feedback.. Wow.. If even a newcomer can do it, then it has indeed a pretty level of obviousness.. DE, you have your roadmap °-° a pretty good chunk of it at least. Don't wait to receice a thousand other feedback like this one to take action, they are simply too rare. But they are obviously accurate and reliable. Start with a good tutorial sequence. Every good space game have it. And in the context of railjack, it's seem rather easy to do, we have a nice and very professionnal cephalon to guide us.. '-'
  5. The requiem mod charges is good, but maybe they need a way to be recharged. Kuva seems to be the most commun thing people could think of for this action, but personally I don't think Kuva can logically do this. Maybe introduce a new item, in future Palladino functions. Like, a weird version of endo.. made by conversion of some endo ? Recharging the requiem mods will suffice I think to lighten the grind and the rng. If we've exhausted all of our Ris mod, and we really don't want to go looking for it again, this is the solution. And again, obtaining requiem relics that are already refined on high level thralls, could lighten the rng grind too, a little..
  6. The thing that makes me the most happy during this devstream, are the news about kuva liches. DE, you have indeed heard us correctly, the forced failure on wrong requiem sequence has to go, and globally, the system needs a better flow, and more depth. So, you heard us, but we have heard you too ^^, there are things in the current system that you like, and want to preserve. So here is a short list of what I think you like and want to keep. Personnaly, I think that in the lich system, you (DE) like: 1- The kuva liches generation, their variety, personnalities, dialogs. 2- The increasing of difficulty. 3- The kuva lich kills us in epic ways, with stylish moves. It's the big thing, something killing us in warframe, wow, you're proud of it, and there is indeed great work in the animations. You probably like other things, but these are the important elements about which I have something to say. As a player, I like: 1- Their variety, but, I think they need more, but above all, currently, their variety is not really useful, apart from their weapons. On this point the system must be deepened. [ What happened to the specializations they were supposed to have ? ] 2- I like the increasing of difficulty. Kuva liches missions are a good place to encounter enemies of a "correct level". They oppose some resistance, they can be dangerous, but they remain easily killable with a "high rank player" stuff. I would say they are..crispy '-' And the lich itself can be a real challenge depending on its resistances.. 3- The kuva lich kill us in epic ways, with stylish moves '-' But I don't like they do it out of the real fight. These are Nemesis, you put them in the game to be impressive enemies, and produce immersive combat with challenge. Don't lose sight of this. They have the moves in their combat moveset, they can grab us, but for some reasons, you have set up small damage to these attacks during combat. I think you already know what you have to do ^^ You have talked about the idea of uncapping their level. It's a good idea ^^ And it can lead to other good ideas. Like: - Thralls of a rank 6+ lich, drop requiem relic more often, or already refined ones at some level. - Endless type missions last longer for rank 6+ - Significantly better rewards in these missions. (At rank 6+, enemies would be above lvl 100 right ? so, above the 3rd sortie mission..) But maybe these "better rewards", should be in a limited stock (by planet), to avoid too much exploit. Anyway, there is something to be aware: If the wrong requiem sequence doesn't kill us anymore, we will try the finisher much more often, even without knowing the second mod. So, it's important that the lich keeps leveling up at each fail. And, it could be interesting, to add a fourth mod in their requiem when the lich reaches rank 5 or 6. To extend the guessing game a little and give a chance to the lich to reach rank 7, 8, 9 etc.. Last thing I think of, the isolated island aspect of the system. Why.. How could you..? I mean, why kuva liches don't show up in regular mission ? As soon as we are not in their mission, it's like they don't exist.. It's sad.. For high level players, shadow stalker is a joke, so, liches could be a solid distraction for time to time. I hope you can find and read this feedback, and I even dream of an answer, even if it's just to confirm that some of this is indeed in discussion/work. In the meantime, this post is open for other feedback on the subject ^^
  7. Question 1: [ Can you confirm or just talk about the fact that the current state of Empyrean is just the first phase among many many planned evolutions for the gamemode ? ] The "solid" fondation, which for now is indeed a isolated island, but not for very long, we hope.. I don't even ask for date, just want to be clearly reassured that Empyrean is meant to be a core element of warframe for now on and years to come, and therefore will never be neglected. Steve's dream game only starts to emerge and I think that some loud repetition of this fact is needed. Question 2: [ The buff of avionic capacity of all reactors are great, but can you consider an option to manually upgrade Reactor of the Railjack ? ] Example: Vidar Reactor Mk III: 95 capacity. By a crafting process involving a ressource which we don't have any specific location for an optimal farm, we just obtain it passively anywhere we go, or maybe as a bonus in mission reward, we upgrade the capacity by 1. This way we have the best of both world. You want the obtention of railjack equipment to be droped based, with randomness, fine. Still exist But we have the option of keeping our 95 reactor, not searching for a better roll anymore, and focus on upgrading this one to his final form. If you design the concept well, it could even involve ingeneers npc of the future crew. Question 3: [ What about the idea of operator on K-drive ? ^^' If it's a little forgotten, why not consider another option.. Rollers for operator 😄 ] Like the ones of some corpus units, the levitating rollers. I think it could be much more handy than k-drive, for operator. Operators are slow and frail, if we put them on k-drive, I already see their fall causing either a long period of "eating earth", get back up, retrieve k-drive, or, a return to the warframe, leaving the k-drive behind.. But rollers would be on their feets, so all of this can't happen 😄 And it could give them much more fluidity in their movement.
  8. So, they need to have hull breaches and ruptures, like the Railjack. This way we don't have to empty their 60k of health. Or their 60k could make little jumps, like 10-20k, with each breach. If not, what's the point of having "heavy weapon", like missiles, if they can't harm "heavy ship"..
  9. I wonder why the crewships are indestructibles '-' Why the normal weapons of the railjack do so little damage on the crewships ? It gives the impression of being forced to destroy them by the Tunguska Cannon , or by sabotage. The gameplay gives players no chance of destroying the crewships by taking the time with normal weapons. However, I have not seen any grineer make repairs inside their vessel, so at least, crewships should be destroyed by the accumulation of critical hull ruptures after a time, such as the Railjack.
  10. the 4) seems to be the better solution in my opinion '-' Of course, the mission should be immediatly replayable if it's successful. And maybe there should be a warning somewhere. On the confirmation pop up of abandonning mission maybe '-'
  11. Could we please be able to maintain the state of certain of our abiliies following the various transitions ? Example: Scarab armor of Inaros. It's really annoying to have to re-activate the skill every time you get into a crewship, or come back to the railjack, or infiltrate a base. I only play Inaros these days, but I guess there are other warframes that also have this kind of problem.. Rhino, Nezha, Revenant maybe.. ? Anyways, Inaros Scarab armor is the most annoying I think, since it take time to charge. Of course, abilities like that should not apply on archwing, but we need these to be saved aside, ready for when we are on foot again. It's a think asked since the use of archwing on PoE and Orb vallis, but with railjack, this reach a new level of necessity, there are way more transitions involved.
  12. I just had an idea for that. Authorize the use of Scarab Swarm during Sandstorm. Each enemy caught in the tornado will be affected by Scarab Swarm, and will therefore become a source of heal when released by the tornado. Each will be a trapped area for new enemies passing nearby. ( The cost could be 25% scarab armor + ??% per enemy.)
  13. I love Inaros too, and I recently play a lot with him. And, after some testing, I came to the same kind of conclusion. The passive is great, but the revive mecanic become uneffective at high level. - His 1 and 4 are his best skills. - His 2 and 3 are his worst. - Devour has to change a lot, and Sandstorm need more damage, energy efficiency, speed. My reasoning is as follows. It's Inaros °-° In his story, he is considered a God. His theme makes him a mummy, an old pharaoh. He must be impressive, both in his visuals, in the effects he deploys and the damage he causes. He must be a real scourge on the battlefield. So, Sandstorm being his most visually impressive ability, it is the one that should do the most damage. To not just make a cheat skill, much of its damage must come from synergy. I suggest that Sandstorm be amplified by maintening left click, which consumes its scarab armor. This allows a reduction of the energy cost ^^ Range, damage, speed, everything increases at this time. To involve the sand clones, I suggest to generate other tornadoes, by sacrificing the clones one by one by right clicking during the use of sandstorm. (no need to target them) Regarding clones, I am also of the opinion that they should take up more space in Inaros' gameplay. As a scourge of the desert, it should be much easier for him to use his clones. For this, Devour must change. ( Not difficult, it has no augment mod ^^ ) As it stands, this ability is useless. It is used to heal after having formed the scarab armor isn't it ? Whether by melee finisher, or operator arcane, or by someone on the team, there are many ways to heal Inaros without resorting to this boring skill. <.< To stay in the mummy theme, I suggest a curse. Sand Curse: - Single target, it curses the target with a sand blast and a shout. When the target is killed, it is converted into a sand clone, in an explosion of sand, which spreads into aoe to curse nearby enemies. ( decent radius please ) This way, Inaros can quickly produce clones, up to a cap of 3. Well, with 3 clones.. we can allow this number to be affected by strength I think, it won't go super high.. Cursed and killed enemies, who have not been converted because the cap has been reached, produce an explosion of sand with increased damage, which don't spread the curse any more. The duration of the clones must be consistent from base. - That said, the single target skill, if used in the heat of the action, in co-op, we see it coming, the initial aoe could very well not touch anything because the enemies around can be killed very quickly by the team. I therefore suggest a version without target, on the use by maintaining the ability. Inaros would throw his sand all around him, 360°, with a shout of curse, this way, for a slightly higher energy cost, why not, he guarantees his success and does not bother to target an enemy in the crowd that is well placed. Of course, to have real utility, these clones should have a fine treatment. The AI should kept them near to Inaros, 25m around for the gunners, 40m for the melee ones. Optionnal idea: The cursed ennemies, killed but not converted because the cap has been reached, feed the clones to reset or increase their duration and increase their damage and resistance. Each clone can be fed a certain number of time, maybe affected by strength. The strength of tornado produced by sacrificing clone during sandstorm could depend on the strength of the sacrified clone. 2nd optionnal idea: Clones could be sacrified by right click during Inaros bleedout state to help him revive. Say for example he needs 3 clones lvl 0 (not fed), he could be revived by sacrificing 1 clone lvl 3 (a clone fed 3 time). Here is which should raise Inaros to the level of scourge corresponding to his theme. No more stopping for an unnecessary skill that wastes time, and no more ridiculous air flow. Cursed army, and mummy plague, that's what we want, that's what he deserves. Currently he is only "the character who resists everything", and it's just sad that he is just that for people.. u.u Edit: Augment mods: Desiccation's Curse: 75% chance of summoning a Sand Shadow with a finisher on blinded enemy. The chance to summon a Sand Shadow is not affected by Ability Strength. There can be a maximum of 3 Sand Shadows at a time. The Sand Shadows last 15 seconds and they are not affected by Ability Duration. What is this horror.. <.< 75% ? not affected by strength. It's just.. sad. 3 max ? Why ? Afraid that 5 or 7 unit with no damage output makes Inaros a god ? °-° 15 sec ? Not affected by duration.. This is the most ridiculous demonstration of mummy anger one can imagine. 3 ephemeral sandmen.. their existence is just impossible to perceive. I suggest: 100% chance. The base cap is at 3, but it's affected by strength. The base duration at 15sec, affected by duration. True augment mod, that can deserves to take a slot °-° Elemental Sandstorm: 50% chance of inflincting status.. It take 200% power strength to up it to 100%... No one, build Inaros with 200 strength.. And if someone does, then he had sacrified a lot, for quite nothing.. '-' I suggest: 75% chance, affected by strength. And maybe 100% when using the amplified sandstorm I suggested in the rework. True augment mod, that can deserves to build Inaros with strength °-° ( better if the rest of the rework is applied ^^ ) Negation Swarm: Perfect '-'
  14. I haven't seen a fix for that yet, so I'm reporting it: Try to look at the reactor fitted on the railjack, just look at the list, not even need to equip another. Then go see your avionics. Most are unequipped. But this is a UI bug I think, because when you exit the console and return, they are equipped. '-'
  15. If that's it, it's the most deceitful thing I've ever seen xD I will try it in a few hours .. when the 4 corridors will be destroyed .. thank you for hope ..
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