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  1. I want to start by saying a big "Thank you, I love you" to Eornheit. This design is just simply perfect, and offers so much possibility to hang on to the lore of the game, and to imagine its abilities. Many thanks also to DE for this kind of opportunity, directly involving the community. There are really too few developers like you ^ ^ So.. For this vision of the Broken warframe, I would call him Trey, (a thing having three of something, in particular) but honestly, I don't think it would make a good name, someone else will find a much better name ^ ^. I will also consider it's a male warframe. I know, there are pieces of female warframe, but the general look seems male to me, and also his posture. Plus, Nova, the precedent community made warframe, is female, so, time for a male 😛 Sorry if there are strange english mistakes, it's not my language ^ ^' Trey: "Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy". “ held together by Void energy ” I would like to think that this means that this warframe would have a strong relationship with the operator. I will therefore suggest powers having a direct link with the operator, and the void energy. “Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War” It is clear for me, that the body of this warframe is composed of pieces from 3 warframes. The red one, a fairly classic, technological warframe. The blue one, a light, stealthy warframe. And the white one, a strong, resistant warframe. Therefore, this warframe could have varied abilities, attached to these styles. Each new warframe, is supposed to bring something new to the game. It is not necessarily in the powers, but there must be at least one new element recognizable. This warframe being on a rather original theme, we must go to the end, and dare to do something really exotic. The most exotic element here is undoubtedly this set of void energy cables. We have never seen them used in this way. This is the perfect opportunity to attribute to them, or to define more clearly, what they are capable of. It is because of their presence that I suggest an important link with the operator. Their appearance suggests a certain elasticity, but it does not seem to me sufficient to envisage powers of projection of tentacle of long range. However, we have already seen these cables move, so it would not be impossible that they could at least catch certain things close to them. All the values indicated are simply there as an example, and to symbolize the way I see things, but obviously, they can all be changed, I am sure that the warframe will keep its resourcefulness. Passive: Void’s Regeneration When health drops to 0, the Tenno exits the warframe. Enemies killed near the warframe, within 20 sec, will be catched and absorbed by the cables, to regenerate the physical integrity of the warframe. When team members are present, the tenno does not come out automatically, but this is still possible manually. Since this passive only works if we have advanced in the scenario, I suggest another part of passive, almost without prerequisites. Permanent energy regeneration: 1.5 / sec +0.3 / sec for each unlocked focus school. Stat: Health: 100 Shield: 100 Armor: 100 Energy: 300 Speed: 1.2 Pretty fragile isn't it ? Don't worry, he has the means to improve this initial state... 300 energy, this is not new, look at Wisp. And Trey will consume a lot more energy than Wisp ^ ^' I ) War's awakening: Trey uses his right hand to generate a ray of explosive energy. (Think Iron man ^ ^, his right hand seems made for that.) The 1st shot opens a combo window, each consecutive shot will cost a little more energy, for more damage. You can go mad with just this power, and consume all your energy, but the damage will not disappoint you if you do so. If the button is held, he uses his left foot to take support, in order to charge forward, and slice enemies with the edge of his left hand. If he was in the air, he will trample the target area and consume no energy to charge immediately afterwards. Stat: Cost: 25. Combo window: 1 sec Additional cost: +??% Damage: +++ Fire, ++ Explosive Charge cost: 35 Trampling damage: +++ Impact, +Effect: briefly hang enemies in the air, like a strong melee slam Range (Radius): 3m II ) Stealth's awakening: Trey uses his energy to awaken the abilities of the stealth pieces of which he is composed. He can then make himself invisible when he is crouching or wall latching, and generate small ethereal platforms under his feet to take support in the air, so that he can again: jump, double/bullet jump, roll in the air, aim glide. It is when he is supposed to no longer be able to jump in the air, that the jump button will provide the support platforms to allow him to continue. Stat: Cost: 35 + 2.5/sec III ) Guardian's awakening: Trey channels his energy to summon an energy spear from the elongated outgrowth of his left thigh. This spear is an exalted melee weapon, but is not moddable. Its power depends on the advancement of the operator. It can also be launched like a javelin, for a potentially devastating effect. (Hold the key for that) The guardian's awakening is also an opportunity for Trey to see the abilities of his most resistant parts activated. For each enemy killed by the spear, a value increases, call it “life force”. Reuse the skill key, and Trey will plant the spear into the hole above his right shoulder pad, in order to transfer the accumulated life force into his system. His armor, his health, and his shield, starting rather weak, are then greatly improved. The spear is normally absorbed at this time, but if the key is immediately reused during the transfer animation, it will not disappear and the skill will continue. Trey will also generate a protective aura at close range. Depending on the life force value currently in the spear, the aura will provide armor and health regeneration to nearby allies, but not to himself. The radius of its influence also depends on the stored life force. Stat: Cost: 50 + 2.5/sec Spear: Puncture: ++ Slash: + Void: +++ and ??? Additional damage for each focus school unlocked. Crit chance: 10% + 10% / focus school unlocked Crit mult: x3 + 0.2 / focus school unlocked Status: 20% + 10% / focus school unlocked Speed: 1.0 + 0.2 / focus school unlocked Aura: Range: 5m + 1m /10% energy invested in Void Awakening. Heal: 20/sec Armor: 100 + 40 / 10% energy invested in Void Awakening. Stat gain by transfer: Life force by kill: 100 Health: 50 / ?? life force. Max: + 400 Armor: 10 / ?? life force. Max: + 400 Shield: 50 / ?? life force. Max: + 400 These stats are injected into base stats, so actual values can be recalculated by mods. IV ) Void's awakening Trey awakens the Void energy in his cables, these are covered with discreet ethereal flames. The flames annihilate most of the projectiles, and cause significant void damage within a radius of half a meter. A very short trail of void flame is left on the ground behind Trey. In this state, Void damage will be added to all of Trey's signature equipment, as well as to his offensive powers. These bonuses will depend on the progress of the operator. If the operator exits Trey while this power is active, he will be protected by the flames of the void, a protection of some value, his damage will be improved, and the energy cost of his powers will be reduced. This effect has only a short range, but it also applies to the other operators present. ( cumulative effect with several Trey ? ) The effect persists 10 seconds after the operator has moved too far from Trey. This ability can also be used by holding the key. In this case, Trey will channel his energy as much as he wants. The more energy he consumes to awaken his power, the more the effects will be amplified, both in their strength and in their duration. If Trey has channeled most of his max energy into the Void awakening, then he can brutally release this energy, in the form of a small Void Storm. Stat: Cost: 100 Channeled cost: 100 + 25/sec Duration: 20 sec + ( 1 / 10% energy invested ) Reduction of incoming projectiles: 5% / 10% max energy invested. Void damage bonus: 100 / focus school unlocked + 40% / 10% max energy invested. Range (operator buff): 10m Operator protection: 500 + 100 / 25 % energy max invested Operator damage multiplier: x2 Reduction of operator's powers cost: 10% / 10% energy max invested Void Storm: % of Energy required: 80% Radius: 10m Duration: 30 sec Damage: Void +++ Probability of completely annihilating a randomly chosen enemy in the area: 10% / sec Comment: It is obvious that this warframe is fragile when he arrives on a mission. His most effective means of protection is the Void's awakening, which will only allow a few projectiles to pass. Enemies in close combat will be interrupted by the flames. But it’s an expensive power, so we don’t necessarily use it at the start of the mission. To make himself less fragile, at a lower cost, Trey can use the Guardian's awakening. Taking life force from the first few enemies should be fairly quick to accomplish. Once a good defense has been established, it will be difficult to stop him. Vertical escape and the invisibility of Stealth awakening will also be good assets to take cover in the event of a too great danger. The counter attack could then very well come from a distance, with the War awakening. So, here is a warframe whose power evolves at the same time as our operator unlocks his potential. This is particular, I know, I have already collected opinions, and they are honestly mixed, but generally interested. New warframe always brings something new, but it also sometimes brings the opportunity to rework something, even if only slightly and later. ( Shield gate and Hildryn for example ^^ ) Clearly the future of Warframe has some surprises in store for the operator, I'm just taking the lead in trusting the future of the game in its ability to make the operator more accessible and interesting to play.
  2. Broken warframe.. I was not expecting this theme ^ ^' And I was pretty sceptical about it for 1h.. but then, I started to imagine a kit of abilities.. I'm ready for the idea submission phase, and eager to see the design by Eornheit ^ ^ Personnaly, I'm not a fan of "bug as a feature", so I interpreted the theme "broken" to do a warframe that brokes things, and is himself a little bit broken by his own power. A warframe who messes up reality itself, by the wild power of the void.. A warframe who seems to.. cheat with the rules ^ ^ A warframe allowed to do some pretty cheated things because he also risks his own life in the process. There is, a lot of randomness in his powers (fun and surprise), fragmentation of his body (I have hopes for some metalic/nearly Sentient removable parts of his body), reality aberrations, and raw power.
  3. Theme: Arachnoid. (more keywords below) Why ? Because arachnoid theme can be associated with stealth, assassination, predation, traps ( crowd control ). Arachnoid theme only exists in warframe through the Fortuna arachnoids, and it's a little sad, there is more to do with it ^^. But, I will not just say "Arachnoid" and let the chance do the rest. Turns out that I've already developed a concept of warframe on this theme, and this contest is maybe its only chance to be noticed, even if it doesn't win. So here, I introduce you, Arann, the predator. But as I understood the rules of the contest, you only want the idea of the theme, do you? So, I will summarize Arann's idea in a series of key words: Arachnoid, ninja, stealth, crowd control, brawler, strips armor, fun, skills based light tank, predator, organic. Short story / reasoning behind the idea: I'm not particularly a fan of arachnoid, in general, irl, but when I saw the art on twitter, I simply felt the obligation of trying to bring this piece to DE, to give it a chance. So, I asked the permission to the author, and take 4 days to imagine his gameplay. The importants things I thought about during his creation was that I didn't want a warframe that wipe entire map, like Saryn does for example. I wanted a warframe which comes back to the source of the game, the "ninja" aspect. Of course, there is already Ash, but he's old, and a little less organic than Arann. He uses shurikens and smoke bombs, so he's closer of Batman than Spiderman. I wanted a warframe to enjoy the game, having fun playing with the ennemies, play to accomplish the mission objective, like a professional Tenno agent, with efficiency, but without forgetting to be powerful. The spider theme, and the art piece, allowed me to think about an more organic gameplay than Ash. See the hole on his forearms ? This can contain a giant needle. And easily, Arann can take a little inspiration in another monster of Sci-fi, Wraiths, of Stargate atlantis. The strip armor idea, comes because of me seeing DE introducing strip armor in Vauban rework, fire status, and talking about future armor rework. Well, sorry if I have done way too much for a simple idea submission, but it's such a unique opportunity to show Arann that I couldn't let pass this ^^'.
  4. I'm globally very happy with this update, and here is my feedback about the one thing that bothers me. Lich's random weapon . '-' Yes, we can see what will be the weapon of the lich, and therefore choose to ignore it if we do not want it. I'm happy about that, but.. Result ? 1-Launch a short mission 2-Rush 3- Attract and defeat a larvling 4-Verification.. 5-hm .. not the right one, end or abandon mission ° - ° There are 16 Kuva weapons, currently .. ( And I hope always more in the future ^^ ) I let you contemplate the extent of the repetition of this procedure when looking for a particular weapon, this is simply not viable. So, I suggest 2 things: First: For each Lich defeated or converted, we receive a "token" item. This token can be used with an npc, probably Palladino. The effect: The next larvling attracted will carry the weapon of our choice. But beware, only the weapons already obtained, and mastered, can be chosen. These weapons have 40 lvl. And need 5 forma to be at their max. This is 6 sessions of exp. The players wanting to max out a kuva weapon are therefore already in grind session, this is really not the time to have them go through a repeat mission loop. Secondly: Each mastered weapon has a 50% less chance of appearing after ignoring a larvling that offered it. These odds are reset at the time of the daily connection reward. This should help quickly find a new weapon, with less frustration of seeing weapons already mastered that we do not want to see again for the moment. Even with these 2 suggestions here is the summary of the RNG elements in lich system: - Random weapon. - Random damage bonus %. - Characteristics of the Lich. - Lich encounter. - Requiem mods in relics. - Ephemera So, even if my 2 suggestions may seem to be "too much" to facilitate the acquisition of the desired kuva weapons, there is really no need to worry, there is still enough Rng in the system to ensure its replayability. This is essentially what Rng is for isn't it? ^^ '
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