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  1. It's still possible to get stuck in Danse Macabre use, when we activate it at the same time (or just before) we fall on a edge. ( it's a little tricky to explain and test ) I thought that was solved since a certain hotfix, but no ^^'
  2. These days I feel like talking to forums only on posts that ask a change on Revenant or Limbo .. Can you leave my darlings alone please <. < ? There is no problem with Revenant. No problem that makes it a priority. At any level, on any type of mission, I finish the game with the best score of the team, most often without taking any damage. I really don't know how you do to complain about Revenant, really .. it gets sad u.u
  3. <.< it's me and my Revenant. I'm usually a very serious user of the forum, but there, I'm sorry, I have to laugh, without argument !! ( And proud of it xD )
  4. Squad link is impressive, but i'm afraid of one thing.. Trolls '-' Imagine a ground team, that accepts the mission, but does nothing '-' Maybe we need a way to change our "fish team", with a vote of course. I known, the ground mission is not necessary for the space mission to succeed, but it would be nice to have a little addition on the ui. Since the connexion between squads seems very "strong", (I think of the immediate mission result on both side), I think some stats could be share on the UI. Imagine, for space team, to see the ongoing objective on the ground. I mean, health and shield of ground team members, to see that they are fighting, and if it's a timer objective, or a multi little steps mission, display that on the ui. ( doesn't have to take lot a space on the screen ) I just realise one thing... The demo showed us fish team helping space team, but.. what about the opposite ? Why not mission on ground, with spaceship in orbit, bombarding the area we supposed to go, and a space team could help about that ^^ ?
  5. He can place his bubble very far. ( plains or orb vallis ) A 40-50m bubble with time stopped can be very handy to save teamates in trouble ^^ That's what I call dynamic. Without being there yet, he can prepare things.
  6. Woh.. I tried my best to imagine how it could be to play with this limbo.. In all objectivity, it's.. horrible °-° sincerely, sorry ._. Limbo is perfect as it is now. '-' Your rework completely removes the bubble xD Making him very very static, with no dynamism, and overcomplicated..
  7. Yes to all of this '-' But don't forget : Komi board. Playable against Ordis ( with new voice lines), and players we invite in our orbiter.
  8. - Overall rework of the physics of the clothes, concerning all the outfits of operators, to avoid the clipping. Equip manduka suit and test others outfits parts with it, you will see.. - More control of our combat pose. Right now we are forced to equip scanner to take a non-combative pose, and it doesn't correspond with our focus animation set anyway. - More tutorials about developing our operator. Too many players do Chains of Harrow with a "very noob" operator, even without the first amp.. It's an horrible moment.. and I don't even talk about the sacrifice.. The game need a new mission type, of "training" for the operator. To earn daily focus, and nothing else, with specific ways, corresponding to the theme of each focus school. It's illogical having to fight teralyst with a weak operator, or having to earn ridiculous focus amount with our first free lens. Ordis, Simaris, Teshin, even Onkko, one of them could be a good teacher for that. Even wally could teach us some "dark secrets"..
  9. As a Revenant main since its release I would not appreciate this rework ^^' Horde cap increase ? why not, maybe 10. The horde is usefull when you play solo, or to defend an objective, like in interception, of mobile defense. But when the team is sufficient to handle the situation, it does not matter that the thralls are killed, on the contrary, we spread pillars everywhere, and it contributes to the management of the situation. Mesmer skin is good as it is. The only change I can think for it: only protect health with a simple cast, protect health and shield with a charged cast. This way Revenant's passive will function better, without losing the ability to build a big overshield. And Adaptation could function as well. Reave only need a faster start, and not to be affected by gravity. The only additions I can think of is that it could enthrall ennemies if one of our thrall has been touched first. That could also be an augment mod. And, regain some energy by touching ennemies, like nidus 1. ( but only for the simple cast, not when using Danse macabre ) Danse macabre is perfect has it is. I really don't understand people saying it cost too much energy, I never had problem with that.. I don't know what to say.. The only issue I think it's that it destroys pillars immediately. I suggest it amplifies pillars, forcing them to produce more projectiles, and set them to explode 2-3 sec after. The canalised version would explode them immediatly with larger radius.
  10. The beginning of the game will be remastered soon this year I think if I remember correctly what was said in some devstream and interview.. ( and replayable.. ) ( watch tennocon on july 6 to discover this 😄 ( I hope *-* ) Hope it will help.. In the meantime, other players are your best way to learn the game.. Warframe community is known to be helpfull in any situation ^^ Personally I only help those I meet on my way in game, but it's clear in the region chat, that all questions are always answered. Aside that I help newbies that I find on twitch ^^ That way I can answer questions of more people at the same time 😃 And I know I'm far to be the only one who do that ^^' We all know the game can have a succession of bad experiences sometimes, but it's so vast.. it's..normal, because aside that, it have plenty of good experiences ^^ just need to find the right track..
  11. I've heard about the possibility of k-drive for operator, and the worry about violent fall off, ragdoll, etc.. But why not consider rollers ? They exist for some corpus units, futuristic rollers.. I can understand that rollers will not fit on every warframe, but on the operator, it should be easier, isn't it ? Plus, it could be a serious addition to their cool kid attitude, and to their mobility. With no energy to dash, operator are slow, even with maxed passive, at least compared with a warframe. And because it's not a plank, it's doesn't restrict their movements, this could lead to very fluid combo movements with their void's dash. And if they violently fall off, they go back into their warframe, without letting a k-drive behind ^^ Awaiting reactions ^^
  12. Wow, many of us are thinking about ephemera right now ^^
  13. Perfectly agree with all this :D And don't forget primary weapons.. I would love to be able to adjust the position of the Scourge..
  14. Fae Path Ephemera does particles while walking, wich rise up quickly at the height of the body.. but not when we stand still, so it's a step ephemera. But I see the potential issue.. maybe some combinations will have overlap problem.. ( Fae particles blending with smoking body trace.. ) hm.. Maybe tag some ephemera to be incompatible to others, like when we equip syndical sigil, if we have one on the front, we can't have one on the back. Or maybe this will not be a problem at all ^^'
  15. hm... already suggested 3 days ago '-' I think everyone want that, I can't see why people wouldn't. there is only to wait for DE to realize it.
  16. I spend my time helping new players on twitch, so I have a rather good idea of what the beginning of the game offers to newcomers. - Simple old mission type - Cetus ( Gara quest ) - Fortuna ( Vox solaris Quest ) 40% fail by lack of power. - A little farming for the essential mods on excavation mission - New attempt on Fortuna ^^ - Progression through the junctions. - Archwing quest - Questions about clan .. - Slow down, on the way to Saturn, because of an objective of the junction that requires crafting. Same towards Uranus. - Little exploration of the Void, to find rare mods. - Natah Quest That, is what I call, the beginning of the game.. It's.. 3-4-5 days I think..for a player who seriously jump into the game universe. Then, the player encounter Second dream, and this quest, is essential to show what Warframe really is. At this time, the player may be rank 5-6. We could introduce the railjack at this moment, with the condition of be member of a clan.. but I think at this time, it's a little to early. Maybe we could just visit the railjack of a clan, but not using it. In War within, there is a mission in archwing mode. If the tenno were in possession of a Railjack at this moment of his adventure, why would he came in archwing ? '-' Hm.. I know, the very secured "corridor".. But, to take no risk, piloting the railjack should be just after War within. If we should wait until the tenno obtain more independence, then Railjack should logically be put after "prologue apostasie". But that is very far from the beginning.. I mean Railjack will massively attract people, but if it's this far, they will need to be satisfied, all along the journey to railjack, without be hurted by the idea "oh this is a grindy game, why I do no damage, I don't understand this mod system" I hope the remastering of the beginning will be glorious, cause it will be necessary for that. Well.. So I hope it will be gloriously integrated into the remaster of the beginning. Personally, I have no problem if Railjack is accessible from the beginning. I don't see how it could hurt "endgame content" of it. The minimum is just after Archwing quest, and acces to a clan. And if it's tied in someway with the two openworlds ( because of the atmospheric transition ), maybe the intro quest of each would be requiered.
  17. hm.. I thought about that, but I think it makes no sense.. It seem more appropriate to consider that ephemera effect is a production by the warframe energy, rather than just a cosmetic we can put on anything.. I mean, if operator ephemera should be a thing, I would prefer it to be exclusive ephemera, like special little aura with different texture.. And most importantly, it must has a Void style aspect. Thanks for all the appreciations for the idea guys :D
  18. O_O WHAT ?! i'm rank 27 without knowing that ?! I'm ashamed.. T.T well.. this is great, but.. I would prefer it with a little addition: a text field somewhere, to enter a number, like "10" and the middle click will select the stack minus 10. It will be perfect +.+
  19. Hi '-' I didn't find the idea anywhere, so I suggest it myself.. What do you think about the possibility of equipping a "step ephemera", and a "body ephemera", at the same time '-' ? I've just acquired Eidolon ephemera, perfect for Revenant, but.. I'm sad of abandonning smoking body.. The two effect at the same time would be nice I think.. And I don't see any reason of conflit between them.. Maybe one day there will be an ice body ephemera, and Frost main will want it in combination with freezing step.. Same for Volt, Oberon, Ember/Nezha.. Maybe somebody will think that 2 ephemera is too much to ask.. To counter that I suggest that it will only be possible on formated warframe, like the 2 energy color.
  20. Yep '-' °-° what ? no, please xD hm.. why not.. I main Revenant since its release and I'm perfectly fine with it '-' But.. I agree I will be happy to see some tweak.. I don't like when I hear that something is useless, but his current passive is. The only way it could be usefull, is by tweaking Mesmer skin, to only protect health. And, maybe the damage of the passive, should depend on the quantity of shield lost in the last 10-20 seconds, that could make some use of the overshield building mecanic. And don't forget the range <.< Reave definitively needs a much faster start, and also, not be affected by gravity. You've tried using reave after using all the duration of aim glide, when you are hight in the sky, on fortuna for exemple ? You simply fall.. One little suggestion: why not, enthrall ennemies, with Reave, if one of our thrall has been touched by reave just before in the process ? The thing I can't understand about Rev, is why his 4 destroy the pillars ? For cleaning ? for performance ? It could be better if the 4 force the spawning of new stronger projectiles from the pillars, and set them to explode 3-5sec later. ( Even if these pillars have already launched some projectiles ) And, the channeled version, immediately destroy the pillars, but each one release massive amount of projectiles and maybe a wider explosion. no ? It's true that without natural talent, Enthrall is realy "meh".. So, to counter that, I suggest an addition to the ability, charge it ( like nezha 2), to affect entire group of ennemies, in a rectangular zone..( nidus 1 ) For mesmer skin, I'm 100% for the suggestion of protecting only the health, but, I think this could hurt the overshield building mecanic.. So, I suggest that mesmer skin only protect health, but, with a charged cast, with bigger energy cost, it will protect the shield like it actualy does. This way, we take our time to build our overshield, and when charged are depleted, or when we want, we simply cast to protect our health, and we have a big "eidolon" shield than can do correct damage with the tweaked passive I suggested, or be usefull if the passive is changed for "adaptation".
  21. Hi '-' I would like to talk about the personal quarters. More particularly, optionals details of it, that could be enhanced.. But first of all, has some of you ever play Eve online ? At the time when we had our personal quarter, with our avatar in his room..? Personal quarter in our orbiter remind me of it, and so this little idea of enhancement came to me.. See the couch back to the aquarium, in front of the table with the somaccord ? Well, this couch, for me, is an incarnation of frustration °-° Why can't we sit on sit, with a proper animation, as warframe or tenno ? My idea is as following: - Deplacable somaccord - Sit on the couch (more liberty for the camera) - On the table: an holographic projector, for a interactive screen, only usable when we sitting. We have to hit "use", for the camera to focus on it. - This screen could contain some menus, like Profile, Communication, Nighwave, and why not a video player, twitch or youtube integration ^^ ? The reasons of this idea: Our orbiter is a 3D menu. Foundry, mod console, navigation, arsenal, market, codex, and other things, all is physicaly present, but also accessible by the menu. So, where is the physical manifestation of communication / clan / profile ? Secondly, the unlocking of personal quarter, is a step in our progression. At this stage, our tenno begin to became more independant, the real fun of the game begin, this room is our first real motivation to decorate our orbiter, to take care of the "out of the core game fun of warframe", so a video player could be fun, and impressive ^^ ( this will be a reality in Hytale, and has already happenned in moded minecraft ) I know this could be lot of work for a such optionnal thing ^^' But warframe has a tendance to keep adding things, to stay in the "actual generation game group", that this could be one of those little things. If this idea of interactive screen on the table is too much, at least, think of the couch. So many little things are so close to not be frustrating.. Free the camera when we use emote to sit or dance, even if it's requires new keybind. So many furniture of the dojo could be used to sit, but we are unable to.. Forced to create fake chairs, and sit with the emote.. This is too primitive ^^' Railjack will bring so many player to their dojo, this needs to be ready.. Dojo creators already make miracle with the editor.. Imagine what they could do if the editor was less clunky, glitchy, tricky, and more intuitive, pratical..and if there were more interactive objects in it, where is the komi board °^° ? That's it for me.. Awaiting for reactions ^^
  22. Hi '-' So.. I've very few experience with wukong, his visual design never pleased me..but, his deluxe skin will be a real reason for me to play him ^^ GG to the artist His abilities.. Hm.. I think this intented rework has the good ideas, and the good logical reasoning behind. But, I agree with some tenno I've read, there are some little details to add or tweak, or we will have some "meh" abilities, not in term of render, he will be heroic, but in term of result, of efficiency in combat. So, the more obvious I see, the damage of his new Defy. I think if he only use the damage of the ennemies, and send them back he will be ridiculous against hight level ennemies, with armour.. A multiplier would be the minimum, but, I think we all hope, a conversion of the damage into the right type that can attack the type of armor of the ennemies we are facing. I know it's maybe a little too "magic", or Revenant's style, but it's necessary.. Oh and please, these damage should be capable of damaging a zero bubble. The abilty itself feels good, it's more skilled based, it will feel more heroic to play wukong, like a tiny "dark soul" vibe. But please, take care of the efficiency in combat. I want to see a wukong jumping toward mass of ennemies, to save a teamate in danger, cast defy, and deploy his primal fury right after, all in fluidity °-° That's it for me ^^ Take care of wukong, he's the kind of warframe that I want to love playing. Heroic, ninja, martial art, inspired by real legend, he's in the core of warframe idea, he should be glorified ^^ Don't be afraid of making him "too op", his abilities can't wipe map ( <.< saryn ), he is in "local combat" ( I invent expressions xD ).
  23. Hi '-' This is a small QoL suggestion for our beloved fashion frame. Add a fourth tab after A B C, called Preview. The function of this tab would be to test changes, without messing up our A B or C preset, until we are sure we want to override one of them with what we done in this tab. I personaly have A B C presets for my favorites frames, and when I have a new idea that I want to try, I found myself incapable of destroying A B or C.. T.T So, a preview tab, only usefull for that purpose of testing without saving, would be a great tool to decide wether or not, this new idea deserve to erase A B or C preset. - This preview tab would also exist for Operator appearance. - What we do in this preview tab would not be save if we leave the arsenal. If we stay on this tab, and leave, then we have our A preset. - In Captura mode however, we could exit the arsenal with the preview preset active. But it will reset when we leave captura. - An "apply" button somewhere would serve to choose wich preset we want to override. - Oh and, What do you think about ? °^°
  24. Thanks ^^ Still waiting fixes for : I hope it will not wait for an opportunity like a rework or his prime version... but I understand the priority on Jovian concord things.. ^^'
  25. Thanks for all these fix 😄 Could you check out these issues please *-* ? I have the impression that they have not been noticed, yet everything is very well explained and obvious.
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