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  1. Putting this here and I'll post it in a Nezha rework feedback thread if one is made. This rework is in my opinion the best you've ever done AND comes with fantastic cosmetics to boot. The skin is highly detailed in texture/materials, energy effects, and shape. I won't even put a syandana on because it covers up the beautiful ring and dragon. Incredibly impressive work from the modelers/artists involved. Nezha's stat tweaks are excellent. He has very low shields but buffed health, enforcing his health-centered playstyle. Warding Halo allowing damage through is an EXCELLENT change as it gives Nezha synergy with on-damage arcanes, healing sources, Health Conversion, Equilibrium, and Rage/Hunter Adrenaline mods. This opens a LOT of build diversity according to player preference. I also love his cast animation now because I can appreciate it now that it doesn't impede gameplay: it's nice to look at, quick, and we still get invulnerability during his little dance. Making Nezha's first ability duration-based both eases his modding requirements and gives him a stronger identity: he's a fast, casting-intense durable Warframe. By keeping Fire Walker always on, Nezha is instantly recognizable. Chakram is HUGELY useful now. You can easily mod it up to 3x damage vulnerability on affected targets and, with Reaping Chakram augment, drop LOADS of health orbs and deal very high damage...But it's heat damage, meaning it's armor mitigated. That's fine because it's so much damage. Gaining multiple chakrams when combined with Divine spears is excellent. Divine Spears is faster to cast and, with easier modding, able to keep enemies suspended in the air for long periods of time, opening them to concentrated weapon damage from the team, Blazing Chakram for big heat damage, or ground finishers to finish a kill. Please continue to give Warframe's attention of this caliber. I can't stop singing the praises of this rework and I'll take Nezha with me anywhere.
  2. How will the Safeguard augment works? If the "50% effectiveness" means the Halo only absorbs 45% of damage for the player, that'll be a HUGE nerf (90% absorb lets the player take 10x as many hits; 45% absorb lets the player take almost 2x as many hits). Please either make it 90% absorption with half the health pool on the Halo for allies, or 80% Absorption with full health pool on the Halo. Either will be 50% effectiveness.
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