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  1. I just came back to archwings since there was an update with new control mechanics and I was wondering why some melees are not auto aiming and teleporting to targets. So weird... Thanks for proofing me that I'm not crazy.
  2. I can't even remember what are those but I have a feeling that it should not open just after this hot fix.
  3. Nice! My ship will shine now! Other than that I would like to see more changes to archwings. The new camera does not really suit me so I would be nice to switch back the old style. However new controls feel awesome! Also the fact that you still can't use archwing weapons in archwing while in open world area is horrendous. With new blink for every archwing I would really love to use different archwings in open world more but I would also like to equip the archgun for extra fun. It's also weird to me that we can bring an archgun to the surface but not while in archwing. New ability for Itzal doesn't feel right since it just makes me hit every single surface I attach myself to. Maybe we should be able to cancel is at will and have better base range on it? The blink ability itself also has a cool down that is too long and range on it is so big that it's also hard to use. I would propose to lower the CD to 1 second or less and lower the range as well for better control.
  4. lol what? XD Sorry, i don't understand. There are nuke warframes that do their jobs really well and have plenty of extra options even with the same build. Just look at Saryn for the beginning.
  5. To be honest if you look at the warframes as they are now, there are plenty of them that can only do one job really well and also only use up to 2 of their abilities.
  6. I agree that it would be a QoL change, however it could be tricky due to energy cost. I would say it can't get lowered when those would be merged and then it could look like a nerf actually since the upkeep costs are already really high and hard to deal with without extra help. However if the energy cost would be lowered, then chroma might become too easy to upkeep. It's already really powerful with little risk. Comparing this to mirage damage buff, she only gets one buff at the time, even if they are more powerful and cost less they still require great deal of positioning. Chroma can get both but his upkeep cost is extremely high. Seems like a balance decision to me.
  7. Something like changing into an actual dragon and burning everyone with a much more powerful breath weapon than his current 1 ability? Then we could get rid of this 1 ability and have a slot for new ability, something much more useful.
  8. I'm using toxin for better reload, also helps the team a little.
  9. Even if I'm basically always using both at the same time, the option to use less energy and upkeep only one of those abilities is good. Due to nature of chroma I would say we don't need those abilities to merge and especially not if it would meant a higher cost. What I would propose is buffing his 4 and remaking his 1 completely. Ability 1 and 4 are almost completely useless in my opinion so if you want more active abilities we first need to fix the two he already has.
  10. Ok, thanks for that. I hope they'll allow in the future to kill your own converted lich for a weapon.
  11. I presume you did see the lich trading room already. Do you know if it's possible to maybe get your own converted lich and kill it yourself for the weapon and emphemera with this new dojo feature?
  12. I would really appreciate some positive rep. 🙂 Well, I see the fact that I was right as an achievement but not the way I presented myself back then. I still feel that people avoid my post a little due to negative rep so I really wouldn't mind to go green. My presence really derailed this thread, didn't it? XD
  13. An incident of having a different opinion combined with being young and frustrated about 6 years ago. I left the forums and game after that. I can say that my opinion turned into an actual patch for warframe and so i'm back. Next time you can ask in private message.
  14. No, there isn't really any option for what to do with kuva weapons you don't want that have bad roll. Maybe converted kuva lich trading system will find it's use for those situations? Right now we don't know much what's DE planning to do.
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