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  1. I understand this point all too well. I've fought the Wolf as a few warframes so far, Nyx Prime, Nezha, Garuda, Octavia and Ember Prime. Of that selection, Ember Prime, Nyx Prime and Octavia all got destroyed by him, and it was only by panic jumping and spamming health restores that I didn't die (although my Nyx Prime did die one time, but that's because he had me stuck in a corner and I couldn't get round his hitbox to maneuver). Nezha's Warding Halo scaling made him a really good tank for Wolf, and Garuda's Blood Altar working on his fellow fugitives makes her able to take all the wolf sledge swings in the world and come out with nary a scratch. Weaponry on the other hand... nothing really seems to work well enough. I'm not going to suffer running around with sniper rifles or things of that sort because that'll make life a misery, so I resort to calling in my archgun and melting him with that. This poses an entirely new problem however. I have the gun to kill him with, but I'm limited on what frames I dare go in to missions with, because if I choose a glass cannon one designed for rapid enemy removal, it won't work on the Wolf's tankyness, and won't survive an encounter with him, which as a result will be a lost opportunity to acquire a potential weapon part and/or wolf mask from him. I'm stuck using frames like Garuda at least until I've gained all of his drops (because after that I won't care if he shows up or not).
  2. Thanks for the fixes. Any chance you could fix Nezha's Pyroclastic Flow augment? The ability works when used, but the visual effect is invisible making it impossible to know the size and range of it.
  3. Well I hate to be a daisy downer but I wouldn't get my hopes up on DE listening to feedback or improving the system. If events over the last few months is anything to go by, DE have stopped caring or listening to their communities feedback and just throw things in regardless of if it disrupts, upsets or ruins parts of the game, nor are they willing to explain why they've done those things. Secondary energy colours being incredibly disruptive to fashionframe, Melee 2.9 completely ruining the flow of melee combat with many pages of feedback asking for some kind of response from them and getting nothing, numerous bugs with various frames and their augments, ignoring players asking why Atlas deluxe got a sparring weapon skin instead of a fist weapon skin to go with his signature weapon, very negative reception to Garuda's, Nidus's and Khora's augments with no response as to why they were done that way... the list goes on quite a lot. It's extremely concerning, considering that before this year, DE were always REALLY good at communicating with their community, but so far this year it's just like they have their fingers in their ears and don't care anymore. Still, here's to hoping something changes, both with the future Nightwave targets, and with DE's current attitude towards their players.
  4. So I just had him spawn a THIRD time on Europa, this time when I was playing as Garuda, and he dropped a sledge part! So for those trying to hunt him down, from my experience at least, he has a very good chance of spawning on the Baal mission node on Europa (Corpus exterminate). I know it's 'supposedly' RNG if he spawns or not but to have him show up 3 times on the same day on the same node when he has appeared literally nowhere else for 4 entire days speaks to me like there are only particular nodes he genuinely can spawn on, and this is one of them.
  5. New addition: He spawned again only two fissure missions later. Pre-emptively I had remodded my Archgun to Radiation damage, just in case the stars should align and I were lucky enough to see him again before the end of the event. This time he only required 3 Imperator Vandal clips to kill. He still dropped nothing.
  6. Day 4: The Wolf FINALLY spawns during an exterminate fissure on Europa. Due to me levelling weaponry at the time, I have nothing practical to take him out with, so I call in my Archgun to take care of him. After pumping his level 28 face full of 5 entire Imperator Vandal clips (1500 bullets inflicting approx 600 damage each before resistances), he finally dies and drops.... absolutely nothing. Four days waiting, nothing to show for it. This is not how fun works DE.
  7. Perhaps a better system for this would be something like...: Saturn Six Fugitives drop a special item each time once is captured. When enough of those are collected, the player can choose to use them on a particular mission node to 100% guarantee the Wolf will show up in that mission. Fugitives are fairly common, and can be farmed to some extent on Orb Vallis where they seem to spawn often, so this system would mitigate the issue entirely by offering players a means to force the spawn instead of just hoping that the 1% spawn chance actually happens. It would also give the fugitives more usefulness outside of gaining poultry amounts of reputation, and would probably make more sense lore-wise as I imagine the Wolf wouldn't be too happy that you keep recapturing his brothers-in-arms. It would technically be like using beacons, but they would be beacons we could get purely from playing the game, instead of waiting for Baro to show up or having to craft or purchase them.
  8. I made that joke last week with Nidus using Redirection, 220% to 0 shields is still 0. For some reason someone didn't understand that. Anyways, at the moment I'm trying using different frames for missions to see if Wolf spawns. I figured he was scared of Garuda since nothing at all spawned when I was using her, but it seems to be the same for all my other frames too. The only way to seemingly guarantee something will spawn is to forma a warframe, reducing it's rank to 0. They always seem to spawn when you're weakened and not able to fight back effectively (the coward Stalker syndrome seems to carry to Wolf it would appear).
  9. Come to think of it, his complete lack of spawns happened at around the same time the hotfix was introduced that stopped him from spawning when extracting from a mission. @[DE]Rebecca Could you check with whoever coded that in to make sure it hasn't broken the Wolf's spawn rate or stopped him from spawning altogether? It really does seem that since that was introduced, his spawn rate has dropped significantly compared to what it was before.
  10. At the very least perhaps on the final week of this nightwave season, make all parts of the Wolf Sledge available for Wolf Creds, that way those of us that have been completely boned by this atrocious spawn rate and complete travesty of RNG crap can at least get the thing they've been forcefully denied. Making something both heavily reliant on extremely low RNG chance AND only available for a limited time is a complete d**k move.
  11. It's been 3 days since I last saw the Wolf. I've been running completely random missions ranging from sabotage, exterminate, spy, even some rescue missions, and haven't seen him in forever. Earlier today I ran Dione (Spy) on Saturn about 10-15 and not only did I see no Wolf, I also saw no fugitives, no death marks, no syndicates, absolutely nothing at all. It doesn't just seem like the Wolf's spawn rate has tanked, it seems like they all have! These spawns shouldn't just be a base percentage with each mission, it should be made cumulative, so every mission they don't spawn in increases the chance for each successive mission. That way it is guaranteed that they will defenitely spawn eventually. At the moment trying to farm Wolf feels like waiting for the apocalypse, it could be tomorrow, it may not be for a few thousand years, who knows?
  12. So today I finished building the brand new sparring weapon, the Koruddo. I figured levelling it up wouldn't be a big deal and I'd have some fun doing it. However, I'd forgotten that we now have this new (and terrible) melee system in place which made what should have been a fun and enjoyable experience in to a very time consuming and extremely frustrating chore. The reason why is because previously when we had quick melee, you could level sparring weapons by simply spamming E while you had a primary or secondary equipped to swing a 1-2 punch that also allowed you to run around freely. Our new system however forces the weapon stance on us, so each time I pressed E, i lunged forward 10 metres. If I continued to press E then I became locked in a very drawn out combat animation that could not be cancelled. The act of actually levelling the weapon became to Press E, wait for the lunge to finish, possibly panic press jump and aimglide to get myself back on solid ground because the lunge has thrown me clear off the side of a platform, then correct my aim, press E again, rinse and repeat over and over. It took half an hour to complete an exterminate mission that I should have easily been able to clear in 10 minutes, all because I had to keep stopping and correcting my 'lunge trajectory' after each press of the melee attack button. On top of that, on numerous occassions during some of these missions I jumped from a platform so i could drop down near an enemy only to find that, because that enemy was shooting at me, I was locked in to an autoblocking aimglide I could not cancel or control, forcing me to either adjust my direction to land significantly further away from the enemy than I should have done, or use ground slam to reach the floor and then put up with all nearby enemies flying through the air and having to chase after each one of them to attack them. There is simply no control in this new melee system, it does not advance or improve on what we had, it only makes it worse in every regard.
  13. Bumping up as this is still an issue. There is no visible trail when utilising Pyroclastic Flow.
  14. 35 pages in and still no response from DE despite the feedback being almost universally negative regarding this. You keep pretending we aren't here DE, don't worry, I'm sure some youtuber like Jim Sterling or YongYea will pick this up, and then all that good reputation you built up as a 'shining example of a developer that listens to it's community and acts on their feedback' will all get destroyed once it's let out that you've completely ignored all the negative feedback your community has given you about a change to a major system in the game that has completely ruined their fun and their gameplay style. I mean, all it will take is for one of you to just say something in this thread so we know our voices are being heard. The outrage and hate you're generating by not spending a few minutes to say "Hi, we've seen your feedback, we're working on fixing this for you." or something along this lines can be satiated by just letting us know what is going on right now. Saying nothing is only hurting your reputation and the faith you've developed with your community. You should know better than this.
  15. Tusk Thumpers will walk around and perform actions in mid-air if one of it's leg vents are destroyed while it is jumping.
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