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  1. Thanks for the goodies. Can we hope for an Ember rework after Vaubhan is done? Of all the frames in the game, she's in the worst state and desperately needs improvements.
  2. Have you removed the self-damage from Cyanex? If so, could you put it back please? It was useful as a means to proc Ember's passive (y'know, the passive everyone thinks is trash, because without the Cyanex being able to proc it, it IS trash). Without it, the weapon is just MR fodder.
  3. I just ended up having to repolarise the stance for my Hirudo, because let's be honest, the 'break dancing' style of Brutal Tide absolutely sucks, gets frames locked in prolonged animations, has a terrible hitbox that very often fails to connect attacks on enemies and just looks downright dumb. The Grim Fury stance is far better, with managable punches and kicks that actually work. This got me thinking of another solution to this problem: Until the stance changes have been introduced, make all stance polarities universal. Being forced to use stances was a bad idea from the beginning, because a lot of stances weapons will commonly have as their polarity are absolutely atrocious, and having to spend forma repolarising those and re-levelling them just to make our melee weapons usable again is a, excuse the french, total d**k move. If they were universal polarities, we wouldn't need to waste forma which we may then have to use again once the stance changes come in to switch back to another. Obviously this would just be temporary, so once the changes to stances and combos are introduced it would be taken away, but at least until that happens we'd be able to use stances that aren't complete tripe which would make our melee weapons usable again.
  4. Well I have a solution for you. Your idea inspired it, but fundamentally your idea is bad, because it's stinks of grudges and favouritism. If that were implimented, people would start asking why [x] ability was nerfed with increase energy usage but [y] ability wasn't etc. It may solve your problem and the minority that want these nerfs introduced, but it would cause a bigger one, the ire and anger of the majority of the community. How do we solve this problem then? Easy. We nerf universally by design, instead of specifically by force. The primary reason for your problem is that these frames can spam these abilities as much as they want, and as I mentioned, if you nerf them, people will turn to other frames. To prevent that from happening and affect all frames across the board, we nerf power efficiency. At the moment, power efficiency mods work 1-1, so 1% power efficiency decreases the cost of an ability by 1 energy. If we cut that in half, so it would require 2% efficiency to decrease an ability by 1 energy. We also remove the power efficiency cap of 175% so that it can go up to 300% like all other power stats. Now this would mean that Fleeting Expertise would only decrease the cost of abilities by 30 energy, Streamline would only decrease it by 15 energy, so combined they can drop their 4th ability cost to 65 energy. Now this is still pretty low for casting an ability, but the difference is that that player is now having to use two mod slots to achieve it, instead of using just Fleeting Expertise to drop it to 40 energy cost. Additionally if they really wanted to be able to spam as much as before, they'd likely need to use Flow or Primed Flow so their energy pool would make up the difference that was lost, and that would also need them to collect more energy orbs in order to fill their pool. As a result, nuke frames will have to decide whether to sacrifice efficiency and not be able to spam-nuke everything, or lose range, strength or duration, reducing their nuke effectiveness. Then, if they decide to lose efficiency, they'll need frames like Trinity in order to continue doing what they do right now. Also in theory this wouldn't necessarily interfere with any frames build, as the only things that would go up is the energy cost of their abilities by whatever margin their efficiency is while still keeping the effectiveness of those abilities the same. The negative of this obviously would be that channelling abilities would suffer through this change. Razorwing, World On Fire, Maim & Mend, Desecrate etc. would all become somewhat more energy hungry, but I don't think it'd be enough to severely hurt those kinds of builds (unless of course the efficiency change didn't affect energy drain on channelling abilities, so 160% power efficiency still offered it's highest value), but everything else 'should' work pretty much as it was before, as none-dps heavy frames rarely spam their abilities and usually leave an excess of energy orbs in their wake with all the corpses. So there you go, problem solved without pointing fingers at specific frames or waving blame around. It also opens the opportunity for DE to create new efficiency mods which, again, would mean players would have to decide whether to ignore those mods or sacrifice duration, range or strength in order to make their abilities slightly more spammy.
  5. Well obviously you cannot see the error of your request, so let's try it another way. How would you, personally, nerf frames like Saryn or Equinox so that they couldn't nuke entire rooms and you got to take part in the fight without ruining or completely altering their ability kit? Bare in mind each frame has it's own design and altering that design stops them being who they are, so you need to come up with a way to make Spores or Maim less of a nuke factor without changing it's function. If you truly think nerfs are the answer to your problem, then provide suggestions on how to solve that problem, instead of just shouting "NERF THIS" without contributing to your own arguement. You mentioned irony in a previous post though, and how's this for irony... while I've been argueing towards not nerfing these frames, I actually very rarely ever play nuke frames, and when I do, I don't build them for nuking. I've been powering up a Saryn this whole time for the purpose of fighting in melee combat using a combination of Toxic Lash, Molt and various self-heal mods while wielding a Mios (remember blade & whip weapons? ) so that she can be used as an effective melee frame that only resorts to using Spores in dire circumstances. Equally my Equinox is built to act as a support frame, CC'ing enemies, buffing the ability strength of other players, generating huge overshields and healing when necessary. My current Ember Prime build in fact is built around using Flash Accelerant to buff the power of a Braton Prime of all things! Nuking is not my way of playing, it is not where I find my fun, but I won't tell anyone else they're playing it wrong or ruining the experience for me if I go in to a public matchmaking and have to try and compete against a nuke frame to gain kills. I'm not so naive as to think that they should be nerfed just so I can get a few swings of my weapon at an enemy, because I know that if I wanted to, I could switch to one of those frames and do what they're doing, which I have done in the past, and occassionally still do when farming for relics with my clan, but not with Saryn or Equinox, oh no no no no, I use Mirage of all frames for my room nuking frame, and not with Hall Of Mirrors and an Amprex or an Ignis Wraith, but with a spammy Prism build (nobody uses Prism Mirages anymore ). My point being, even if you came up with a legitimate way to nerf Saryn and Equinox, people would turn to frames like Mirage and Mesa more often for room nuking. If they got nerfed, it would be a Discharge Volt, if he got nerfed it'd be a Reckoning Oberon, if he got nerfed it'd be a Blade Storm Ash, or a Divine Spears Nezha, or a Mallet Octavia, or a Soundquake Banshee, or any other frame that has an ability that can damage enemies in a wide radius. People only use frames like Saryn and Equinox for nuking because they're the easiest and most efficient ones that can do it, but a large majority of frames in the game have the same capability and people would use them if their original choice was put out of commission.
  6. One issue with your arguement can be made here. you mentioned you were using an unkillable Nekros, and that there is part of your problem. Nekros is not a nuke frame, he isn't even a DPS frame, he barely even constitutes as a CC frame. Nekros's role exists purely as means to acquire additional loot and distract the enemy. His only real attack ability is Soul Punch, which is underused due to it's weak effect and is usually useless when using a Shadows or a Desecrate build. If you're going in to a nuke-friendly mission type with Nekros then the expectations from the randoms you'll get grouped with is that you're only there to get resources, mods etc. Not to try and murder everything in sight. Try to look at frames as part of the holy trinity in MMOs, or rather, a holy quadrilogy in this case. You have tank frames like Inaros, Nidus etc. that are designed to eat bullets and spit out defiance. You have DPS frames like Saryn, Equinox, Mirage etc. that are designed to sit behind the tank frames and line the walls with the enemies insides. You have healing frames like Trinity and Night-form Equinox who hide in a corner and stop anyone from dieing. And you have support frames like Vaubhan, Nyx, Nekros etc. that offer benefits to making surviving and killing easier for the rest of the team. Obviously with the power creep we've had with mods, weapons and reworks, some frames have become a little redundant, like Trinity, who isn't really used or needed nowadays thanks to Vazarin providing energy regen and mods for weapons and companions making healing and surviving easy. As a side effect of these things, DPS frames have become king of the hill, because they don't need healers, tanks or supports in order to fulfill their role anymore, they can easily DPS without dieing. Nerfing these frames however does not rectify the problem. The problem comes from mods like Adaptation, Healing Return, Medi-Ray, and abilities like Vazarin's energy regen. Even if a DPS frame had it's power nerfed or had line of sight applied to their abilities, it would not stop them from doing what they can do unless their entire ability kit was reworked to remove those abilities altogether, and then that would cause total anarchy across the community. At the same time however, DE can't really remove the mods and abilities that help DPS frames do their thing, because people have reworked builds, used up forma and endo, took ages farming focus to power up particular operator abilities, and spent a lot of time levelling their frames/.weapons/companions to fit those mods, and removing them because of a few upset Nekros players would cause an uproar the likes of which have never been seen in the Warframe community. In short, there isn't really any way to apply the nerfs you're asking for, because no matter how it is done, it's going to make a lot of people a lot more angry than DPS frames make you.
  7. Let me put it this way. If you had previously been on the receiving end of one of the nerfs you're currently asking for, you would defenitely not be asking for any nerfs at all. Using the Ember example I gave in my previous post, let me put it like this. Do you think I enjoy having a 7+ forma Ember Prime in my inventory who currently is all but useless in any mission above level 30? Do you think I enjoy having my most favourite frame sitting on the shelf gathering dust while I'm forced to use other frames because people cried that Ember players ruined everyone's fun? I can't use my Ember Prime, my very first frame that I ever earned in this game so many years ago, anymore, not even in solo play, because people complained that she did what Saryns and Equinoxes and other frames can now do. she was nerfed for the same reasons you are giving for Saryns and Equinoxes, and she is now useless to everybody, whether they're playing co-operatively or in solo mode. Consider the repurcussions of what you're asking. you want Saryn and Equinox to be nerfed so that other players can have more participation in public matchmaking. By extension, you are saying that all solo mode players must suffer because you're getting those particular people in multiplayer. As for why nukers are playing in public matchmaking, who knows really? Some people see it as a way of helping others. If everything is instantly dieing, you're receiving affinity for it, you're gaining resources for it, and you don't have to lift a finger to gain that, you don't have to worry about being killed, you don't have to panic when you turn a corner and get splattered across the walls by a Bombard or a Napalm. You're getting an easy victory, and you're complaining about that? If you don't want to have an easy time, use recruitment chat, find friends to do these missions with, ask around in your clan for people to run with, or switch on solo mode, but don't go ruining other people's fun or other people's attempted goodwill to strangers just because it doesn't fulfill your requirements for what is or isn't fun.
  8. As an addition to what I said, here's something to think about. Once upon a time, people kept complaining about Ember's World On Fire nuking through missions and denying other players the opportunity to participate. This went on for a long time, until eventually DE nerfed World On Fire. Nowadays,how many Embers do you meet in public matchmaking? Maybe 1 or 2 a week at best? That's because nowadays, Ember is utterly useless, because her nerf dropped her below the bar that other frames have set. You can't take Ember in to an Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, Arbitration or high level sortie mission because she'll offer practically nothing to the team's efficiency and she's so paper thin that she'll likely be dead before she's even managed to build her World On Fire to 100%. The progressive power creep this game has had over recent years has left a lot of frames on the shelf, and what would be better than crying for nerfs to vastly used warframes now that basically set the bar for how powerful a warframe should be, you instead want them to be nerfed to bring them down to the levels of frames nobody uses nowadays. If your frame is not performing to the level you see others doing, it isn't because that players frame is too powerful, it's because your frame needs to be buffed. It was mentioned in the last devstream that DE acknowledges that the power creep has caused some frames to be impractical or unusable in the current state of things. Vaubhan is getting another rework because of this, Ember also needs (yet another) rework, and so do a few others. Once these are done (if they're done), it'll resolve some of the problem, because older frames will be dragged up to modern standards and be able to participate in high level missions again without having to worry about Saryns or Equinoxes murdering everything in the blink of an eye, because you'll also be able to do it, and then we can all share in the glory.
  9. I can understand your arguement, I've had situations where I've wanted to kill things and been denied because of things like a Saryn or an Equinox nuking entire rooms before I get chance to fire a shot. It's not uncommon to see that happen, and I won't pretend like it isn't a little bit annoying at times. The thing is, Warframe is a power fantasy game, it puts abilities in your hand that can decimate entire battalions of enemies at the touch of a button. How each person enacts their power fantasy depends on their preferences and personality. Some enjoy being able to spread a virus across everything in the room and then melting them in to goo, some like to charge around with a flamethrower burning everything to a crisp, some even like spinning around in circles endlessly at the speed of a supercar while flailing a whip around to mangle their opponents. To each their own. Would you deny someone their fun because it isn't fun for you? I don't like the sports car my dad owns, but I'm not about to go ripping the tyres off it because I don't like it. He spent time and effort earning the money to purchase that car, so I have no right to determine if he should have bought it in the first place, or what he does with it. Warframe is the same. People take time and effort perfecting their builds, getting mods, applying forma, constantly levelling up, tweaking setups and changing loadouts to make something that wields godlike power, and now you're saying that because you don't get to kill anything in a mission featuring one of those powers, everyone should suffer nerfs to their favourite frames. I do get where you're coming from, but requesting something as serious as what you're suggesting is being a little bit too selfish.
  10. A new thing I noticed today. For some reason, some weapons can block hooks, and some can't. Whenever I use my Dual Keres and have an Ancient or Scorpion fire a hook at me, I'll block it the same as I'll block any incoming fire, but today I decided to power up a Mios and that seems completely incapable of blocking hooks. Every time one was fired at me, no matter if I was already auto-blocking incoming fire or just not pressing any keys at all, and facing towards the enemy every time one was fired, I'd always end up falling on my ass and being dragged to whoever fired the hook. If we had manual blocking, this wouldn't be an issue, because I'd always be holding block, but since I can't control my block, and auto-block is so utterly janky and unreliable, I now can't use the benefits of melee while I'm using melee. The more I experiment with this new melee system, the worse and worse it gets. I wouldn't go so far as to call this 'Melee 2.9', it's more like 'Melee 0.5'. It's a beta, untested, has no polish and doesn't function correctly at all compared to 'Melee 2.0'.
  11. So I just gave Arbitration a go. It's really bad. I've only tried it two times before, mostly because there is nothing actually worth buying from it, no rewards that really stand out and make me go "Wow I totally want that!", it just looked like a pointless chore... a bit like Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, but at least ESO has the Braton Vandal and Lato Vandal to tempt people to play it. Anyways, my experience. Things were going okish, it was kind of boring for the first 5 minutes, then two players suddenly died at the same time for reasons unknown, and then enemies came pouring out of the woodwork. Me and the other alive player continued smashing everything down, then I picked up what I'm guessing was meant to be one of the Resurgeance Burdens, I don't really know, all I saw was that all of my shields had suddenly dissappeared and the screen filtered itself as if I was running around in space... then the other alive player quit the mission, and he was the host, and instead of migrating the game to another host, we just instantly got a mission failed and got booted back to the orbiter with no explaination, no rewards, nothing at all. I saw little point to playing Arbitrations when it was first introduced, but with these changes, I see even less reason, in fact, I see no reason whatsoever. Why go to the hassle of grinding through missions that are 'supposed' to be difficult for the sake of being difficult (I say 'supposed to' because let's be honest, people that have been playing this game for 2+ years can do crap like this in their sleep) and receive little to no reward for doing so? It's a pointless game mode that doesn't really have any reason to exist other than to put in a few cosmetics and a single special item, all of which could have been allocated somewhere else that would likely have been more fun. Arbitrations aren't fun. They're just an endless mode sortie mission that outstays it's welcome and offers practically nothing of value for players to work towards.
  12. I almost always get that same issue with Garuda's Dread Mirror, normally when I recast it while it's still active. It is a huge nuisance not knowing when my frontal shield is going to disappear.
  13. It would take a long time to explain the many many MANY problems phase 1 of the melee rework has created, but if you're really that interested in it, here's a link to the thread: A quick rundown of some of the issues however would be losing control when jumping with a melee weapon due to autoblocking, autoblocking interfering with glaive weapons, autoblocking interfering with or making some mods and/or weapon passives unusable due to it's clunky and uncertain activation, exalted weapons like Valkyr's Talons switching on and off due to instant weapon switching, forced stance use when meleeing making some weapons unreliable due to some stances featuring large lunge and charge attacks that can be extremely problematic when it comes to areas with death drops, nullifiers, eximus enemies or heavy enemies with slam attacks etc. resulting in the choice of either not using that weapon or using a forma to change the stance to get rid of it, melee combos that use RMB being interrupted due to RMB now only working as gun aim instead of manual blocking, channelling now being difficult to maintain for the same reason (RMB will de-activate channelling because it switches to gun), slam attacks propelling enemies large distances making it difficult/nigh impossible to do ground finishers on them, movement flow being interrupted every time you want to switch to melee because you HAVE to perform a melee attack in order to switch to them to allow auto-blocking which nearly always results in your warframe coming to a complete stop and swinging their weapon at thin-air... shall I go on? The communities suggestion to fixing all of these problems: Add a Legacy Melee toggle in the options so we can choose to use melee 2.9 or use the old melee method, much like DE did with the Archwing flight controls after that was negatively received. DE's response to all of this: Complete silence.
  14. The Arbitration changes also weren't listening to feedback. There are several dozens pages in the melee 2.9 feedback thread from several dozen people expressing their reasons for hating the new system, and offering alterations, changes and options that could improve it or at least reduce the problems it causes (auto-blocking, melee aimgliding, interfering with exalted weapons to name a few of the many issues). Am I biased? Yes I am, I'm biased against DE's current silence to it's community compared to what it used to be. As an example, a couple of years ago DE 'fixed' the Sonicor so that blast damage would no longer propel enemies in to space, but due to very negative reaction from the community, they 'unfixed' it within a matter of hours. That's just one example of many that could be made, because that's what DE used to do, listen to community feedback and give the players what they wanted, and Warframe is the fun and exciting game it is because of that. Recently however, they've been doing the opposite of that, they've been acting like Triple A publishers like EA, Activision, Ubisoft etc. and just ignoring all of this feedback, and the game, and it's players, are suffering because of it.
  15. I think a better message would be: Please listen to feedback in general. All the feedback the community has been giving since January has been completely ignored. Melee 2.9 is a broken system that makes melee combat significantly worse. There are dozens of broken skins, some broken augments, serious bugs with enemies and spawns, the entire mess that is this arbitration rework, and numerous other issues that people are talking about, but if you look at the latest staff replies, there has been absolutely nothing at all from DE regarding any of these issues at all. All they've been doing is posting hotfix notes and 'special offers', and that's it. They're no longer communicating with us, they're no longer listening to us, all of our outcries about the many problems this game has at the moment are falling on deaf ears. The DE we knew and loved, that listened to their community, that took on board our feedback, responded to our feedback, and built such a terrific game because of us, is gone for the moment. They've stopped caring that we, the players, the people who put money in to the game and keep it running, are having some serious issues with the latest changes and are being turned away from the game because of it.
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