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  1. I got my MK3 Plating from Veil Proxima, running Lavan Plating with Lavan Reactor, makes me run 11k hp with 5k armor. Takes the enemy a million years to take my ship down, its insane. I could actually go idle for 15minutes or so then come back to see my ship being well defended with my gunner, Engineer & Defender. (engineer that repairs the ship.) Edit: The combo i have with both the reactor & plating is that the reactor buffs my shields by 20% if i have them both as Lavan type so i am running 5k shields with the mods i have installed.
  2. Damn, i remember that. I was also scared of the infested especially with how the music was back then.
  3. Ah okay. Always wondered what happen, thank you.
  4. now that you went into detail about abilities being mods, yeah, forgot that was a thing. Whatever happen to Deception?
  5. Never knew that, looking at warframe now, damn.....things have changed.
  6. Omg, i forgot about that *facedesk* ugh, the horror....
  7. Was chatting in the warframe region chat & somehow arrived at how old Warframe is. Decided to check my account creation finding out i made it in 2013 & its 2021 now....... Back around 2013 - 2014, in order to use Warframe abilities, we had to "MOD" their abilities into our warframe. We couldn't have the builds we have now not to mention the max capacity for mod slots were 6 & not 8. there was also no Aura mod slots so there was barely anything to do. Warframes also had a stamina bar & fluid running animation when wallrunning. it was so cool but as DE Said, they had to rem
  8. oh well thats #*!%ing stupid. so that completely negates the thing i said. wow....
  9. I saw someone say this before but i think a quick fix to this is launching to "Free Flight" in railjack then invite whoever or choose a mission you want in public to allow yourself to be the leader.
  10. I know that everyones experience the game differently this includes spawns but i find that weird because as soon as my railjack gets ramsleded or i get into an enemy ship, about 3 - 5 different void fissure spawns pop up flooding my railjack with corrupted enemies getting me to 10 void reactants within a minute or 2. Edit: It is very random as ik your not the only one experiencing this.
  11. I'll start counting hotfixes to see how broken this update is, while im not hoping it, I have a slight feeling this is going to be another Lich/Railjack update situation.
  12. the way i modded the Halikar Wraith, its actually a powerful throwing weapon imo.
  13. With this many hotfixes, this is getting ridiculous. This is starting to get as bad as the Railjack/Lich update. Maybe its getting worse but come on DE. Your quick to fix cosmetic glitches even if it doesn't do anything to gameplay or the game itself to make sure you get your money's worth but your lacking in testing the game & fixing the game itself. I love Warframe but stuff like this will possibly drive newer players (or players checking the game out) away.
  14. Sad but true. I still take clem clones onto railjack missions.
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