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  1. Im more of in between if that counts. Not a good move but also not bad so idk what move that is. I think thats the usual price they go to because some if not most of the warframes you can buy with platinum reach a max of 375 Plat.
  2. Get home safe, Tenno. The necramechs lying around are Bonewidow's with Mausolin (I think its a mix of Bonewidow's & Voidrigs) So if you don't have a Necramech then you got those to use, Oh & they are all level 30 mechs but obviously no mods attached
  3. Oh okay, good to know it wasn't rude. Hope you have fun. I am having a blast with it.
  4. sorry if this comes off rude but i feel like your being sarcastic. I genuinely don't know.
  5. Warning: This is an opinion & my experience is different from others. So I'm loving the new event. Rewards are meh honestly but that's just me. I have yet to have a problem with the update. No new bugs that i've encountered no glitches etc. I do like its just straight to the point & I'm actually having fun playing the new event instead of doing chores on Warframe, there's no grind feel to getting the event currency to me & I don't have to rely on coop to participate in the event. I think this is an improvement for DE, I love the game & want to see it improve & I'm
  6. How about actually making working content thats not rushed & fixing the bugs in the game.
  7. Didn't DE state before kuva lichs were in the game that the player could toss them to the side once a week for a new lich?
  8. I would be all for it but knowing DE, if they decide to make it, it'll be unfinished, Buggy af & half-baked then after all that, forgotten to never be touched again like Archwing,Lich's & railjack (only recently Lich's are being updated even then, im not liking their "voices")
  9. well a great portion of those dislikes are coming from people who played in the test cluster of warframe & according to them, DE didn't listen to them when the majority said the Arcana update needed work. Keep in mind there's like a limit of 1k or so players available for said test cluster. I believe the 1k dislikes are from those testers but the 500 is from whatever, if that is the case with a suspicious dislike button.
  10. actually, with how youtube works sadly. if he can get ad revenue, he would be the luckiest person in the world as for clickbait? when I watch his videos, they aren't click bait. The titles may seem click bait but he doesn't click bait from what I watched.
  11. Not to mention someone in DE's "Warframe: Arcana Teaser" video on youtube said when they get back from vacation (I think they're on right now until January) that they'll make an apology & start fixing bugs just like last year & in 2018.
  12. Agreed. I love the game with a passion but at this point, i've pretty much done everything the game has to offer. All I do now is login for the daily & then logout.
  13. Mogamu never hopped on the "hate warframe" march. He was criticizing the game heavily for what was happening before the railjack update & in response white knights decided to bombard him telling him he's negative, he's just a hater etc. etc. etc. not thinking once of the problems of warframe. Only now part of the warframe community are starting to slowly realize whats going on. As for the content creators like you said, are you including all content creators or some that actual do stir drama? Mogamu isn't starting drama & LifeOfRio is more of a joking satire channel but will speak the
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