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  1. really? I thought all of Plague star items would be in naberus. i'll have to look up in the wiki for those to see which then.
  2. I'll help Players: "Aren't you, Plague star?" Plague Star: Yup. Players: And this is your Forma. Plague Star: Yup. Players: I found this forma in the Plague Star Wares shop. And if that's the case, this must be your Wares shop. Plague Star: That Makes sense to me. Players: Then take it. Plague Star: It's not my shop. Idk what you would have done as an edit but 🤷‍♂️
  3. Essentially feels like that. I get they wanted to get Naberus in but I genuinely don't see why they would cancel Plague Star. You could have both as Plague Star doesn't reprisent halloween.
  4. Yeah I agree. Idk, i felt like if we didn't get plague star to end off the year, I assumed Naberus would have it but again, idk why I thought that.
  5. Yeah, I kinda of figured. It is my fault for assuming but I'm not salty about it, i'm more confused if anything.
  6. I mean, Forma is highly popular with Plague star, I never said that Naberus was plague star. I don't understand where you got that I said that. Also spamming like that can possibly make you look childish.
  7. Just a TL;DR from DE according to them, Grind,Farming & Buggy updates are content. Thats how I see this Naberus stuff :|
  8. I felt like it should've been added, maybe. At the very least add the blueprint because I'd love to stock up on it but nope, Naberus doesn't have forma. Just cosmetics & the plague weapon blueprints. Remember, Grind, Farming & buggy updates is content.
  9. Actually no that's not what i was saying. Idk where you got that from. I'm saying it should end by next month because its taking too long for the next chapter/season. I couldn't give a damn about the repetitive grind for the most unrewarding glass creds. It's getting close to another intermission 2 + when i'm trying to do Spy missions or Stealth Extermination missions, Glassed enemies ruin it for me triggering the spy mission alarm or ruining my stealth kill streak to quick level my warframes/weapons. I will agree that the grind on warframe is disgustingly stupid. Everyone knows Grind & Fa
  10. Fair Enough. True. I know the feeling too *also cries in stealth farming* I understand & am very glad you got everything from the Nightwave season. Everyone should have a chane at doing glassmaker nightwave. Damn, Nice one :D glad you capped at least just means you got got all 30 tiers for this season. I never said it revolved around me however if DE was consistent with keeping track of their content that they made, we'd probably have at least 4 Nightwave Seasons & about to enter Intermission 3. It's been going
  11. As stated in the title, its going on far too long, possibly longer then intermission 2 (idk as I don't like nightwave). It's getting really bad with the enemies & players are hitting the cap. Are the players hitting the cap tier still getting Glass creds after reaching 10k standing with nightwave? if not then thats a lot worse as Nightwave is no longer rewarding players doing the challenges. If I actually put effort into the nightwave challenges, i could probably hit the cap by the end of next week.
  12. well a DE staff has merged this post with another so DE has to be aware of it now.
  13. Sadly the files are corrupted & thats whats causing the download to stop, as for a fix? I don't think there is 1. Also, I'm having the same issue. I think your best bet is to send a support ticket letting the devs know you can't play their game due to the launcher.
  14. Probably, I haven't really payed attention to the lore of the game in the sense of reading descriptions of some items. I pay attention to lore for stuff you have to search for like Cephalon fragments or the hidden lore for Vox Solaris/Solaris United.
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