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  1. DE can barely do that because they keep trying to put 5 new content they are going to add on their plate and do 1-2 bug fix waves so in the long run the games gonna be the buggiest it can be in the end to the point it'll turn into Fallout 76. They need to stop adding content (ik grab the pitchforks) and start fixing the game up until there's barely any bugs because with every update there always seem to be a plethora of bugs arriving.
  2. The reason I say Cosmetics aren't endgame is because you can get cosmetics right off the bat as soon as you make an account, plus cosmetics don't give you a performance boost while mods,rivens,weapons and warframes can give you a performance boost. Sure there are people looking forward to getting those cosmetics but not EVERYONE is wanting cosmetics for endgame. So I stick by my opinion.
  3. While I am happy to get these rewards their pretty much useless to player who are MR 14+ because we already have an arsenal of weapons,warframes,sentinels and etc. we also have rivens that could change up endgame I don't know why DE is scared to give us rewarding rewards 😐 Syandana and armor cosmetics aren't endgame btw just saying.
  4. Your timer is on the bottem right of the screen and hovers above the ability you used.
  5. Blaudari


    So I was gonna log into warframe when I noticed I lost the entire jovian update and if you're wondering that I just needed to update the game because I haven't logged on in a while, I was playing the event and killing the New Boss yesterday so I don't know why I have to Re-Update my warframe game with an update I already received a week ago. This is what I was showing my friends in my discord yesterday so we can all keep track of the timer and let those who didn't do the Event a heads up. This is whats going on now, I have to wait for this to be done because supposedly I never updated my warframe. Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing this 😞
  6. I agree I saw this and was like "Wait what?!" and I was about to trade in 10 of my pax bolt arcanes for 1k ducats just to find out nothing so this is either a bug that was never meant to happen (I mean that arcanes are never meant to be traded) or an incoming feature that they are thinking about adding to the game that slipped through the cracks and now is exposed to the whole community.
  7. Can you please fix the color "Favoritism" please as every time I login all the colors I favorited are gone and I have to favorite them again and again each time.
  8. with all these hotfixes I am gratefully happy but it makes me worried that all of you at DE is rushing content out just to find out its buggy and broken please don't follow the horrible trend most Triple A companies are doing 😞 I love and care about this game and I know all of you are working your butts off and we do appreciate it but if it takes another month to polish and get the content as less buggy as possible then I can wait I'd rather have polish barely buggy content then this, I will let this slide as you guys continue to work to fix these and make awesome content but try to avoid this please.
  9. I'm enjoying the game, the melee system is a lot better then before also the game is entertaining to me while you may not be enjoying the game or whatever your problem is, this does not mean majority of the community agree's with you, maybe some do maybe some don't but you can't really speak for everyone. As for their "Jobs" they do a lot more then what EA and ActivisionBlizzard can do. Lastly, if the player they lost is you, i'm pretty sure losing 1 player won't actually do anything, instead of throwing a hissy fit maybe give some suggestions or ideas that DE could use to improve your problems or whatever it is, they do encourage feedback to improve the Overall Warframe Experience.
  10. I would rather you guys change Rift Haven then keep it around as it does promote trolling while the rest of the limbo mains out here who are trying to be helpful gets endless disrespect for being a limbo player please make it useful because right now it isn't useful at all 😐
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