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  1. I honestly want to be able to move dojo rooms around without having to destroy the entire dojo everytime the clan is looking to remodel. The dojo room system is incredibly frustrating to deal with sometimes and I swear sometimes, it needs an overhaul of some kind.
  2. Looking to buy any Mausolon riven for 250p Any roll,polarity etc. If interested,message me on xbox at Vladolak Ill be online all day :)
  3. The new operation out in Deimos I believe also has many of the same Scarlet Spear rewards. :D
  4. My favorite is Rending Crane (For heavy blades) I like the overall feel and movement of it :) Definitely my favorite stance. Second is Final Harbinger because hot darn the entire moveset is insanely fun but its number two considering the drop chance is pretty bad from Tyl Regor.
  5. Best method I have is going out during "night time" Find Vulpa poop (shows up when you select their particular sound maker on map) Dont use any essence because I found Cresents dont spawn. At this point rinse and repeat till a cresent spawns and tranq it Now I was able to get an infested to follow me over to the tranqed Vulpa and it attacked it changing its name to "Weakened Cresent Vulpaphyla) Then you can collect it and youll have one to have as your own cuddly pet :)
  6. I like this idea. For me, I am blind in one of my eyes and focusing on trade chat is very difficult since it goes by so fast some times and I feel like being able to have a shop where we set the prices is a cool idea.
  7. Making it so the necramechs dont target/take damage from Octavias Mallet killed the fun of running Isolation Vaults. Please revert it :(
  8. Just noticed after most recent update that the Necramechs in the isolation vaults wont target Octavias Mallet and if they do its only if the roller is attached to move the thing and even then they take no damage. Please find a fix DE. Please ❤️
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