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  1. I know about the areas for the foxes and doggoa in the cambion drift. Im mostly talking about how dead the place felt after the most recent patch on xbox. It felt way more alive before.
  2. So when the Cambion Drift came out, it was dope as hell. Those dragon fly like rideable bugs could be found not everywhere but in most places. There were spawns galore and that made the new open world feel alive. Now after the latest "patch" the cambion drift feels dead. I combed the entire place and found one velocipod. ONE. Therea never any spawns unless you are doing a mission, otherwise it feels dead as hell. What happened DE? :( The new open world was really cool and felt alive when I went to go mining/fishing etc. Now it feels bleh :(
  3. One word my friend Octavia For real though she is my absolute favorite for soloing isolation vaults and really made the necramechs a crapton easier to deal with.
  4. Itd be nice of you got one of each and once you have all of the cards then get random dupes. Ive gotten 5 cards so far. All of the same one 😞
  5. Ive been watching since 6am this morning and Ive only gotten 5 cards 🤔🤔🤔 Its 9:30pm and I havent gotten any card drops soooo What is going on?
  6. So we have some ship decorations like the Christmas one, the chinese new year stuff, prime etc. I wish that it was throughout the ship and not just the front cockpit area. I for one would love to have the lanterns and wooden bits throughout the ship especially hanging across the ceiling, the christmas snow and wreaths etc. I just wish it wasnt just a small area that it affected. Heck, even give us an option to select which area of the ship to have them.
  7. Maybe, but it was called Infested Kavat so it leads me to believe that it is not just a placeholder.
  8. Yeah it looks cool but I thought that Kavats were immune to the infestation or atleast extremely resistant. I legit facepalmed at its announcement.
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