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  1. Hey guys, Ive noticed a bug in the Orb Vallis which is making the "perfect tranq" nightwave mission a bit of an issue. Several times with multiple different types, (sawgaw,kubrodon,Pobbers etc) the tranq gun registers what type it is then the name dissapears and the tranq shot goes right through the animal. Ive tested this for a solid hour and it is quite a consistant problem. Ive left and come back but the bug still happens. Ive also noticed that sometimes even when you interact with a pile of doo doo to start the tracking, that ihe foot prints dont even show up and it bugs out. (Ive seen this happen on the Plains of Eidilon as well.) Id be grateful if this were fixed please as its very difficult to collect floofs when tranq shots Matrix their way through Animals. Cheers
  2. Heyyo guys, Currently my clan is having several issues with our dojo. Some items when we place them to craft, we cannot pick them up and move them around after they have been placed and we had to delete the item and replace it. Also, we have had an issje goong on for a week where it says "Contribution Failed" when any of us attempt to donate decorations or donate anything to the dojo vault. These two things have been uber irritating because we are in the process of remolding the dojo and if you guys could try and fix these issues, thatd would be fabulous.
  3. So why is it that we cannot save songs to play later on the Shawzin? I feel like this feature is needed tbh. 😕 Not a fan of having to rerecord stuff everytime I want to play something other than the "preset" options.
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