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  1. that's also #*!%ing stupid.
  2. well thats #*!%ing stupid
  3. Subsumed pillage costs 75 energy on top of the shields it costs. Tested with titania bot in normal and ult form. Both forms have an energy drain of 75 energy.
  4. I got called toxic for being the clan leader of {Reported and Muted}, a clan for toxic dummies with a sense of humor. Who woulda thunk
  5. real scummy of DE to add a rush for 50p on the subsume for helminth but not fix the massive amount of bugs plaguing isolation vaults.
  6. Can anyone confirm the necramech gives affinity? If it does, it doesnt show anything in profile
  7. I don't see any fix towards enemy necramechs activating the shield back to back without ending.
  8. you can bypass this by uninstalling the mods that come with it. on death it will bleed out like any other pet and you can revive
  9. This does not include known issues such as the experience gained suddenly disappearing, etc. These are additional notes after playing with the system. Summarized as bullet points: After installing forma, you cannot select a secondary energy color, unlike every other single thing in the game Unlike every other item, you cannot equip ephemeras on necramechs Necramech customization feels underwhelming, no armor, aforementioned ephemeras, etc Necramechs have no enemy radar or vacum despite having a pet that has animal sense, fetch or vacum Necramechs cannot pick
  10. Zoero

    Carrion Drone

    Make it buyable with plat, what the hell DE
  11. Since this update launched, nekros desecrate doesnt work on necramechs anymore. It is not listed in the changes/fixes so i want to believe this is a bug and not intentional.
  12. After the latest hotfix (aug 28), nekros desecrate no longer works on Necramechs. Skimmed over the hotfix notes and it doesnt mention anywhere that this was changed. The 10% drop chance for mods is disgusting and now this?
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