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  1. I have 64 liches killed/converted, only because i want the ephemeras. it feels unrewarding as hell considering out of those 64, only 1 had an ephemera. 0/10 from me really
  2. 60 liches here, 1 ephemera. now you tell me...
  3. Any idea what happens to your railjack if you are kicked from clan or leave said clan? It would be insane to lose all progress, can someone confirm? asking for a friend
  4. Currently the only way to see what liches you have for trade are a) go to the codex and check 1 by 1 or b)go to the crimson branch and trade with someone to see which are active. It would be a huge QoL improvement to be able to view currently converted liches that are tradeable in your codex, be it a new tab or by searching for "trade" etc. More on search later. For someone with a few liches this is a non-issue but for those, like me, who have over 30 liches (currently I have fought 41) this can be a tedious task making it effectively easier to just go on the dojo and see which ones are tradeable. To further improve this feature/UI, it would be greatly beneficial to everyone if we could see the weapon and bonus% on the liches without having to click one by one. Furthermore, it would be ideal if we could see what percentage we have on our kuva weapons. Currently you can see the name of your weapon and look for that lich to see the bonus% but this has a few issues. First, the search function does not work when typing the name of the lich (it doesn't work regardless of what you search for either) and with a higher number of liches, this can take more time. Second, if you do a valence upgrade on your weapon, the name of the first lich remains on the weapon so searching for this name is pointless if you have upgraded your weapon. I understand this is still a work in progress, and this is a feature that I know will proof useful to anyone who hunts liches regularly. As for the search option in the codex, it would be ideal if say for example you searched for "kohm", it showed all the liches with this weapon. Additionally, if you search for "radiation", it showed all the liches made with this element.
  5. Currently you can go to your codex>universe screen and see a list of your liches to see if they were vanquished, converted or if it's active. This screen has a search bar yet no matter what you look for it doesn't show any results. It would be great if you could filter/search liches by weapon for example. Say my new lich got a kuva kohm with 38% bonus and I want to know if my previous kohm had higher or lower bonus. Now I'd have to go lich by lich to find out which one has a kohm. With a search feature, say you look for kohm, it will show all kohm users and you can easily identify if the bonus is better or worse.
  6. The ephemeras from Exploiter orb have a 10% drop chance, same as liches now, BUT you have to consider the time investment. An exploiter orb run takes roughly 10 minutes worst case scenario whereas a lich hunt can take anywhere between 2-4 hours. Getting the ephemeras from other bosses/sources is proportionally easier/faster. Liches, due to their layers of RNG should have much higher drop chances on ephemeras, roughly in the 30's% if not higher. Currently I am on my 32nd lich and I have yet to receive a single ephemera (or the kuva stubba for that matter) This is just one of the many issues that revolve this new system. I understand this is a new system and there are always going to be issues, but currently it feels entirely unrewarding.
  7. as someone with 30 lich kills and 0 ephemeras so far, id say delete them so no one can have them >:/
  8. farming lich weapons has already run its course. I am at 29 liches without a single ephemera and still no kuva stubba in sight. we NEED a way to combine weapons to upgrade weapon A with weapon B whose stats is lower than A.
  9. First of all, some background. I am currently at 30 liches give or take, and I have yet to receive a single ephemera or the stubba and I have to say this is ruining the game for me and many others I have talked with, surely there are some that are OK with the current system but a lot of players are voicing their disgust and dislike for this system for a reason. With the latest Dev Workshop DE mentioned that in order to trade a lich you must have converted said lich, this is a 3 hour grind on average. You still have to go through the entire process in order to get rid of a duplicate or unwanted weapon/lich. For this reason I propose the following: When fighting a kuva lich that has a weapon you have already mastered, (that means, you have already used 5 forma on said weapon) you get to use your parazon and instead of instantly dying you are presented with an option screen (similar to the convert/vanquish event) where you can destroy or "void" the lich with whatever requiem mods you have currently equiped. This still removes one charge from each of the mods, so you are still enticed to farm requiem mods and you still have to anger your lich enough to make him/her spawn. This proposed system still makes you progress through your lich, so it is not a simple "swipe left" on your lich. You do not get the weapon or ephemeras on said lich, which is why you are presented with an option to do this. Say you got a repeat weapon but it has an ephemera, in order to get the ephemera you still have to go through the entire process of hunting your lich and unlocking the requiem mods through murmur. Any stolen loot is lost with the lich, this way there is a trade-off. You are only presented with the option of "voiding" your lich on the first encounter, this way you don't have to go through this cutscene/event every single fight. With this proposed system we are still going through content such as: Farming relics/mods to use said mods on the lich, given they still lose a charge. Enraging the lich, going through the controlled territory for at least 4-6 missions on average. By implementing this system, or one that is alike, the grief and dislike that currently surround the lich system will be greatly alleviated, ensuring that this type of content is sought after without the negativity that it currently has. If you get, for example, a weapon that has a higher bonus % and you want this weapon to upgrade your current weapon, you still need to go through the entire lich hunt process. I feel this system would negate some, if not all, of the strain the current system places on the playerbase while remaining fairly balanced as "voiding" your lich still comes at a cost (loss of requiem mod charges, all stolen loot is lost with the lich and you don't get a converted lich or their weapon/ephemeras). Please comment with your opinions and let's hope that @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan @[DE]Steve and the rest of the group sees this.
  10. DE just confirmed that you need to convert a lich to trade it so there goes all hope. god i hate this game now
  11. I have over 25 liches killed. I only need kuva stubba. no ephemeras so far. honestly this RNG over RNG over RNG over RNG is disheartening. I am trying to get my kuva stubba so I can take a 3month break from this stupid game. its hurting its playerbase, as can be seen by warframe being knocked down off the top 10 games in steam. The new dev workshop only made me feel worse. 0/10 really. ive never been so disgusted with this game. But of course, DE won't listen.
  12. Still no way to upgrade existing weapons with new ones in order to achieve that max 60%. 0/10 DE. Edit: comment from a discussion in reddit which is relevant:
  13. I've made several comments and threads with similar suggestions, even on the official patch notes with something very similar to this, if not identical. I am only posting so that this stays at the top and DE proves me wrong by implementing this. Otherwise, my stance remains the same: DE is deliberately trying to make their game bad, the people that make the game don't play their game & this patch is the reason warframe is oscillating in and out of steam's top 10.
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