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  1. What sub forum is the right place to ask for a dojo decorator? I am currently looking for more information in this subject (plat costs, time, etc).
  2. there's been like 5 people that mentioned it in this thread alone you genius
  3. the fact some of you had to enter the game to CONFIRM that the news console had that announcement puts into question the effectiveness of the news console. An announcement like this should have been sent to the in-game mail.
  4. Y'all complaining about people not reading an announcement ON THE FORUMS like everyone lives in the boards. That kind of announcement should be IN GAME.
  5. considering both reb and meg said to relink during the stream without mentioning that "IF YOU HAVE DONE THIS IN X PERIOD OF TIME DON'T DO IT" seems like it could have been handled better.
  6. game even crashed. jfc just make an alert with rewards.
  7. www.warframe.com/user wont even load. genius.
  8. so we're really not gonna tweak holo keys huh?
  9. you're implying the holo key drop from the sister would replace the weapon which is not what I meant. Dropping from sisters would just be an additional passive income of keys just like they do for kuva on the grineer counterpart.
  10. yeah this whole holokey deal is absolute garbage. imagine that you need to do 21 on average (1/3 droprate and you need 7 drops on veil) for a weapon lel
  11. I don't think keys should drop from sisters, or at the very least if they do it should be 1-2 and a small chance, say 25-30%. But definitely the drop rate from veil void storms should be 100% for 2 keys rather than 6 keys on a 30~% drop chance. this is just absurd.
  12. Biggest issue, Primaries are already struggling to kill enemies, and you tie the arcane to a kill?!!
  13. after taking her hp down on the proxima region where it spawned, it kneels down and I can't interact with her. nothing happens. it just sits there
  14. after unlocking all 3 mods in sequence I did the mercy in mission and she escapes to the railjack mission as intended. this consumed a charge of each of my parazon mods. when I enter the railjack mission I down her but I don't get an option to mercy kill her.
  15. i cant skip dialogues and its making me furious
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