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  1. well i just got it. twitch drops 2.0 are garbage.
  2. red message saying "Error Occurred: Drop was not claimed."
  3. I did not get my umbra forma in the inbox Edit: red message saying "Error Occurred: Drop was not claimed."
  4. Zoero

    Aura mod bug

    Whenever I try to modify my Vauban, as soon as I open the upgrade screen, I get the "Aura mod can only fit on aura mod slot" alert. After clicking okay, I try to install any mod (aura mods and non aura mods), and it gives me the same error without letting me install it. Update This issue is happening on config slot 1 and 3. config slot 2 does not have this issue. Further information on this: I had infused with helminth on slot 1, later I swapped slots 1 and 2 to try a new setup. After a while I swapped 2 for 1 again and this is when the issue/bug started. May be related to s
  5. the sensitivity of the community certainly has changed. Someone turned it to the max
  6. still no update on the epic store syandana. cmon DE, i gotta delete the epic store from my pc, its hurting. im hurting.
  7. im still waiting on my synkra syandana so i can uninstal epic store.
  8. when we getting the dojo QOL update huh!?
  9. how about a "contribute all" function so we can make all the decorations at the same time.
  10. BoneWidow is a hot mess right now. the exalted weapon barely works, 50% of the time it does the animation for pulling out the sword but the sword never appears and you can't attack. Sometimes it pulls out the sword but just refuses to attack. Feels like most of the time it doesnt even work. The first ability does barely any damage even on lower levels and it takes like 20 tries to hit a target.
  11. Can anyone confirm or deny that melee necramech mods like necramech pressure point, etc, work with the exalted weapon?. IE pressure point adding damage on top of arch-mele mods installed on the melee weapon.
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