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  1. Scanning the specters for the junctions does not add them to the codex. Ive scanned ember specter 3 times, still missing in codex. (shows model grayed out)
  2. cant wait for the heat of the real world melt this snowflake
  3. afaik only 3 enemy crewships may be active at any given time.
  4. Yea well the game is already dying. Been dipping off top10 steam on and off, massive player drops, out of my friend list only 2-3 ever log on any more and it's not even daily.
  5. Considering DE is partly owned by a chinese company, I can see this happening... Each day WF strays further from the light.
  6. guess you'll have to play. Easy for me to say with my 10101010 intrinsics and spare 300 sitting around but yeah. besides, if you complete the mission you get more intrinsics. even solo,do the galeon with stealth multiplier, kill fighters asap, leave as many cewships alive as possible (3) and then stealth kill everything inside the cs. rinse and repeat. with booster and the right operator skills each captain gives 30k+ affinity
  7. I have the best equipment at the moment, only missing 2 battle avionics. I was content farming intrinsics for when command was released but now that's not an option anymore. I don't see myself even touching RJ until then. Hell not even for sentient ship as the chance of getting the ephemera is so stupid low.
  8. Range has remained the same, damage is HALF of what it used to be. HALF. its garbage. I was at least one shotting on critical hits before patch, now it takes 2-3. RIP cryophon you will be missed, 2019-2020 Edit: tested on gian point.
  9. Double chance just means 4% which is still horrendous for a 10-30 minute mission. I won't farm for it either way as I have a 93 reactor and spending that much effort for just 7 more is silly...
  10. So, those of us that already have 10101010 what are we now supposed to do railjack for? There's already lack of people doing railjack. Most of my clan is not even bothering with it. With this, fewer people are going to be flying. I see people in the original hotfix thread commenting pro and against this change. It would only be fair if we allowed to get more intrinsics, but to reach a middle ground - i would be okay with only getting 50% intrinsics once all trees are maxed (until command is released)
  11. Well. now I have no reason to do RJ 😕
  12. Backstory for context: I was in a clan and built my railjack, left and started my own clan. When I got around to creating the drydock I already had my railjack and so did some of the people that joined with us so we never had the option to do the cephalon cy research and we completely forgot about it. Now a new member is trying to do the cephalon research and it shows for him, presumably because he didnt have a railjack unlike we did at the time of creating the drydock, so he has to put in all of the resources to research it when it should let us all do it. As clan leader it doesnt even appear for me so it's clearly unintended.
  13. Zoero

    Issues with Railjack

    Never in my original pots did I mention ability avionics as underwhelming or useless, I strictly mentioned the guns themselves. Secondly, I have played with many people with both my railjack and theirs and archwing still outruns and outmaneuvers the railjack 100%. Lastly, gunners still have to stop what they are doing to man the tunguska cannon, boarders have to stop what they are doing to man the cannon. As I mentioned in the original post, a third viable option of dealing with the crewships that is not optimal yet possible is all I mentioned. Killing the ships with guns/turrets should be possible at the expense of it taking much longer time than the currently available options. You clearly saw criticism towards DE and promptly jumped into defense mode as if they paid your bills without reading the original post carefully.
  14. Zoero

    Issues with Railjack

    I have MK3 carcinox 28% weapon bonus, MK3 cryophon 45% bonus, Milati MK3, Vidar engine mk3 +47.5 kmph, Vidar reactor MK3 +93 avionics. Void Hole, zekti bulkhead, hullweave, section density, hyperstrike, polar coil, winged storm and vidar warhead. 9999 Intrinsics. Archwing still manages to outrun the railjack with blink, is more maneuverable, and DPS wise a well modded cygnas can kill any target in 1-2 seconds whereas any railjack weapon has to sit on the enemy in order to do damage without the maneuverability of the archwing. My argument stands, archwings are more useful too. To kill a crewship you have to stop what you are doing and either A) man the tunguska cannon that still requires 2-3 shots at high levels, or B) stop what you are doing, leave the railjack, board the crewship and so on. I have been farming intrinsics solo in veil and I manage to finish missions faster by parking the RJ far away and just using archwing. 20 minute tops per mission. I've seen full groups take more than that per mission, and I am doing this solo. Railjack is just under-powered, gimped and pales next to archwing.
  15. As it stands now, archwings are faster than railjack, stronger than railjack and overall more useful. In order for the railjack to be an enjoyable experience the following needs to happen: -Lower heat accretion overall by 50% -Increase range for all Railjack weapons by 100% at the minimum. Vidar Carcinox has a 4k range and that should have been the default range for all weapons, these weapons already have travel time, and a steep one. -Increase RJ speed. Archwing shouldn't be faster than the railjack. -RJ damage may seem OK at times but it can sometimes take 2-3 vidar cryophon shots and that is with a 44% bonus. -Increase vacuum range significantly -reduce enemy ship death animation or remove entirely. at the very least, enemies should drop their loot as soon as they are killed instead of spreading it miles away from the ship -allow crewships to be actually killed with weapons. Maybe increase their EHP so it's not easily killed with archguns or sideguns but certainly allow these to be killed normally. Currently only tunguska cannon can kill these and in veil they require 2-3 shots. Other than this, destroying the reactor which also takes them 20 additional seconds to die. -Allow for more avionics capacity through forma or by reducing avionic costs on upgraded grid slots. For reference, these suggestions are made while having a fully upgraded railjack. Everything is as close BiS as possible and mk3.
  16. During devstream Steve mentioned that they are working on allowing clients to activate the navigation in the Railjack. This is great but there needs to be an option to leave party after mission so no one is stucked in endless back to back missions with groups that wont let the RJ dock. I personally dock after every mission to save rewards because the crashes and bugs are way too constant, but even without these issues, docking just allows those that want to leave to go do their thing.
  17. This decoration seemingly disappears at the slightest chance. I've placed a bunch of them and they are just vanished. This is happening in every room where I've placed them.
  18. oui, faites défiler vers le bas et changez la langue
  19. Tactical intrinsics rank 6 (Reduces Flux Energy consumption by 25%) is not working as intended. Seeker Volley ability has a base cost of 100 flux energy and even with this talent unlocked, it still consumes 100 flux energy. This should make the cost 75 energy but it still costs 100 every time I tried it, tested it several times and its not changing. Notes: tested solo and in team. As host both times of course.
  20. 3: 3:43 pm (next day) (WAR-2613234)
  21. Bug report code provided by a popup after crash: WAR-2611290 This has been happening constantly since yesterday. Everything is fine but when I jump on railjack as host, the game freezes for a second or two then crashes. A popup to submit the error gives me the code above. Edit: Log of times it happened, different codes. 1: 1:00am aprox (WAR-2611290) 2: 2:15am (WAR-2611206)
  22. yeah 15k titanium is a joke in very poor taste. Im hoping for a hotfix before i fix anything else honestly.
  23. yea, those are rumors. im looking for confirmation.
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