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  1. Bonjour, @FOEHTv2 tu es deja dans un clan : impossible de t'inviter. @Shad0wGaming_PvP Invitation envoyée. Bienvenue parmi nous :) !
  2. Pensez à profiter de notre event du Père Joël ! Il devrait durer jusqu'au 25 Décembre. http://www.clan-warframe.fr/le-pere-joel/
  3. Bonjour @Archichaud et @Angelwing13 , vos invitations sont envoyées. Bienvenue parmi nous :) !
  4. @(NSW)warrock2506Désolé , nous sommes un clan PC uniquement. Le recrutement pour les consoles c'est là : https://forums.warframe.com/forum/290-ps4-xb1-nintendo-switch-recrutement-de-clans-trouver-une-alliance/
  5. ModTradFR a été mis à jour avec les nouveautés de Deimos Arcana (U29.5) Derniers ajouts : – 4 mods d’augment (Merci à [DE]Kev d’avoir donné les noms à l’avance) – 4 mods 'Necramech' – 3 mods de Set ‘Mitoside’ – 2 mods pour Vulpaphyla et Prédasite – 2 mods pour arme de jet – 4 arcanes ‘Résiduel’ – 3 arcanes ‘Théorème’ Les images viendront par la suite.
  6. Exactly ! We all lift together ! That is why i would like to give back the right to recruit to most of my clan ... so that we can lift the weight of recruitment together ! But there is a troll jumping on it instead of lifting. So i need the tool to push him away so that he can bother someone else's clan.
  7. @GraavargTrolls exist ... you can't deny it ! We need the tools to keep them away.... it is as simple as that. You can't let trolls run free and do whatever they want for the 1 in a million case where a warlord may ban a good person. Players who give ressources in a dojo are told by the game that it is irreversible ... if you lost ressources that way ... accept your loss and move on ! Find a good clan led by good people and have fun playing Warframe !
  8. Of course safeguards already exist against bad warlords ... DE support does act when given evidence. I know of a particular case where a warlord received an ingame message telling them to cease their bad behavior or see their account suspended.
  9. I changed my game language to check : What i called 'ban' ... the game calls 'expel from clan' What you called 'ban' ... seems to be 'Account suspension' You are right : players should not be able to suspend accounts. That's not what i meant.
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