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  1. They had a perfect way to distribute Orphix rewards- it was called Operation Orphix Venom. They had items that dropped that were used as currency to purchase Arcanes and such from Father. I wonder why they didn't just let that be a thing for the foreseeable future??
  2. If the K-drive was a specially tweaked version with better handling (and you could mod it) I feel like a lot of her flaws would just go away. Line-Of-Sight on her 4 though... a very, very clearly bugged mechanic used to nerf abilities... get that out of my face. Might as well add a flat 50% chance not to pull enemies and it would objectively perform better on any ability. Also, I'm of the opinion that elements should be retread if it's with a new twist on things. You can't have a monopoly on water or fire forever, at some point you're gonna have to retread and put another spin on it. Like Nezha and Ember, they have very distinct playstyles despite using the same element. And of course, I know Magical Girls is not a palatable aesthetic to everyone, (personally i love it) but the beauty of a game with so many frames is that you can just ignore them if you don't like em.
  3. It's running a lot slower than it's supposed to. On an irregular/random basis, a second can take 1.5 seconds instead, lengthening mission and rotation time significantly.
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