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  1. Going into this mission right now.. will post an update if you can use the kuva harvest tower in about one Hour. wish me luck 😄
  2. One thing im asking myself everytime: why are you guys so fast in fixing bugs/exploits that have near to no real impact on gameplay but offer an significant amount of "fun" yeah that exists. But at the same time you need obnoxious amount of time to fix real gamebreaking things (random teleporting eidolon as example but there are many..many more) I do not want to criticize you... this game is awesome, i have spend countless hours (and many € too) in it cause its one of the best games i ever played. Im seriously disappointed about your attitude regarding "fixing Fun" and holding back the player. just saw this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbc3whtZrnA&ab_channel=Zanagoth i actually thought plains could be fun again with this "gamebreaking" bug or the ceiling that was more than 100 meter... well.. back to foundry simulator and onslaught (if i get an affinity booster.) also: please PLEASE keep the 4 dragon key solo vaultruns alive.
  3. lets see how long it holds this time :D thanks
  4. A very wild Riven... we will see..
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