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  1. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    yep, in my oppinion it was the most fun grind in the entire game, a bit tedious... but compared to focus...
  2. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    yep you understand it right. "grindy" was something that happened every time (if you wanted to continue the combo) but it was only nerfed (30%) for people that lowjump doing 1-2 tricks and then repeated the same over and over. if you were doing multiple tricks in the air you wont notice it... much. but i gotta say.. its way more fun to do lowjumps, grind at high speed, and do your thing with the momentum. at least if you are a "pearlgrinder".
  3. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    like i said jump,frontflip,copter,frontflip,copter still works as long as you let the frontflip animation play till the end. i discovered that if you copter too soon you wont get any multyplayer from the frontflip
  4. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    mostly hit x30 before accumulated 50-60 points. well for this tactic basicly nothing changes, but lowjump,grind,flip,copter,grind got nerfed for about 30% efficiency.
  5. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    got around x14 multiplyer while doing so, but gets annoying fast... really fast. max power jump and while flying as much tricks as possible will be the fastest way now to stack multi. just make sure you hit the damn rail to skip the next
  6. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    personally i jumped, skipped the next rail, and packed as much flip/copter in between as possible @ the perl so this wasnt nerfed much, but if you grind,jump,copter,flip,grind basicly 1/3 of your multiplyer gain got removed.
  7. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    Jazz calm down your grammar gets worse and worse 😄 but @Ayures your method still works but got slowed down cause the step of grinding between the flip - Copter got removed.
  8. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    well.. if they at least doubled the grind magnetism, so that you dont need to 100% hit the rail it wouldnt be such an problem, but pressing one direction button can send you flying in the whole other direction while doing tricks.
  9. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    27k here. well gonna pass on the ventkids for a while. back to focus grind.. oh boy the fun. bb k-drive hello AW
  10. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    This is possible the first time i see a /rant post and can 100% agree.. thats some heavy bullS#&$..
  11. Azrayle

    K-Drive Nerf??

    Ok just tested the "grindy" issue and yes they removed the seperate trick multiplyer. Means: jump,grind,frontflip,grind,frontflip,grind will only give the +2 multiplyer from the first frontflip, wich is a really really hard nerf for grinding standing Edit: every other frontflip, grind will count as "copykavat" and nets you no multiplyer
  12. Azrayle

    Lose of melee momentum in the Chimera update

    /push Momentum still broken it annoys the hell out of me while facing Infested. You basicly need prime sure footed or handspring to do anything if you wanna play with Melee. And hell no! im not using Handspring to counter something that should protect me from aimbot hooks while i combo my way through the hordes!
  13. Azrayle

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    One thing im asking myself everytime: why are you guys so fast in fixing bugs/exploits that have near to no real impact on gameplay but offer an significant amount of "fun" yeah that exists. But at the same time you need obnoxious amount of time to fix real gamebreaking things (random teleporting eidolon as example but there are many..many more) I do not want to criticize you... this game is awesome, i have spend countless hours (and many € too) in it cause its one of the best games i ever played. Im seriously disappointed about your attitude regarding "fixing Fun" and holding back the player. just saw this video: i actually thought plains could be fun again with this "gamebreaking" bug or the ceiling that was more than 100 meter... well.. back to foundry simulator and onslaught (if i get an affinity booster.) also: please PLEASE keep the 4 dragon key solo vaultruns alive.
  14. Azrayle

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.9.1

    lets see how long it holds this time :D thanks
  15. Azrayle

    Tonight: Prime Time #213!

    A very wild Riven... we will see..