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  1. Litterally the same bug. Friendly fire for everyone inside the bubble. Also maybe it should ignore Tenno fire at all since as it is now it is more a protection for the enemies absorbing all the player damage, while the hound is going into melee range to the enemies.
  2. Wow, the one thing this update wanted to accomplish is more varity in high level gameplay - and by nature DE made the one enemy you need to hunt there factually immune to at least 2/3 of the weaponry. I think thats the essence of DEs erratic search for an enjoyable gameplay experience.
  3. By the time you shoot the second granade with the Tenet Tetra you could have shot 2 with the Kuva Tonkor already with the third just leaving the launcher, while still having 7 times the ammo in your pool... And for at least 6 Month not even a riven can safe the Tetra thanks to the start at 0.5 policy.
  4. I got the Tetra (43%), the Cycron (58%), the Detron (40%) and the Spirex (28%). They all perform so underwhelming, I think I allready am putting the Sisters loop aside. If it wasn't for the hounds I hadn't even gone for the spirex. All of these weapons are outperformed by Kuva stuff, some even by standard weapons. Id rather use the Kuva Tonkor than the Tenet Tetra (its primary fire is and was always a joke). The Tenet Cycron is just a Kuva Nukor garbage edition. Well Nukor is still OP, but who ever called for a Kuva Nukor -5? Tenet Detron got some minor buffs an a gimmik that got old a week after the Pandero release. The Spirex has an abysmal reloadtime witha a "every third shot grants you a normal reloadtime" ability... Why not go for the Lex Prime anyways when you are try harding Secondary Headshoting?
  5. Tenet weapons seem to be underwhelming compared to Kuva stuff by design. Could have to do something with the name.
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